Thursday, May 26, 2011

Catch Up

I'm a bad blogger. No one blogs anymore so I don't get on very often to see what's going on in the world around me and I miss that. I guess I was a blog stalker...but it was nice to know what was going on with family and friends. Now you read snippets on Facebook - the new way to keep in touch but I miss blogging.
Today is Kamryn's 5th birthday and as fun as it is, it is still kind of sad to me that she is growing up that fast; she and Gunnar will start Kindergarten this fall and that really causes discomfort. I want them to grow but I want them to stay small...
Kamryn was such a cling on when she was younger; it was Maggie, Troy or me and that was it. She found Ed and her life opened up some, but this is my favorite part (I'm still her favorite). She will play and watch tv and whatever but when it is time for bed, she comes and looks for me (Heart heart). She has been going to pre school and is starting to blossom some, not quite so shy and unsure of herself (that feels good) and did well in school.

Troy took Kamryn and Trentin to Sea World this morning. I wish I could have gone just to see how they react. They are at Jenna's right now playing on the water slides and then off to San Diego in the morning. I might head toward Buckhorn if Jenna and Weston don't come up. Tad has to work and who knows where Maggie will be.

Kamryn is sweet and tries to be brave and is a good big sister to Trentin. She has a sweet voice and a bubbly laugh. She has the memory of an elephant...she loves to read the Book of Mormon stories or watch the Book of Mormon video; loves to go to Primary and loves to go swimming. She loves to snuggle and is kind and compasionate but has a little snippy attitude once in a while too. She says, look "ahind" you mo mo; or we are doing this "wifrout" (without) Trentin... she absolutely loves Gunnar; she is intriqued by Brinley and has loved watching her change from a baby being mobil; She likes to play with Bailey (princess girls all the way). She is loving and knows that Weston loves her. She has known that forever and tells me he does. I was there when she was born and it was truly a blessing... who knew how many changes would come into her life and she handles most of them with courage. I am amazed with not only Kamryn but all of my precious grandkids. They truly make my life worth living. I am blessed beyond measure.

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  • Erma Bombeck
  • Heaven & Hell - John Jakes
  • Love & War - John Jakes
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  • The Dwelling Place - Catherine Cookson

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