Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Season is Over!

As of Saturday, birthday season is over until May! We start in August and go through March with one or two or even three a month. We have April off and then Kamryn's birthday will be in May. In March we celebrated Trentin's 3rd Birthday, Loriel's 32nd and my dad's 78th. Woo hoo!

Monday, March 14, 2011

And a Good Time Was Had by All

Jenna and the kids got here on Thursday at about noon. So excited for them to be here. We are planning on canning chicken and beans and scrapping and, and...big dreams for two crazy women with five kids five, four, two three year olds, and a seven month old. We are constantly feeding, bathing, refereeing. When bed time rolls around were dead. We talk every day about maybe watching a movie (ha ha). They have been to the park, to Troy's, to the park, to the park for Trentin's birthday party, to play, around the block and that was all before noon today. This afternoon we went to my mom and dads and they ran and played hard there, too. Gunnar was mad this evening when he reminded his mom that we haven't been to the park like she promised. Oh, did I say that Weston, David and Troy came up from the Valley to work on Saturday and we've been doing dinner for them every night, too. Holy Hannah!!

Saturday was Trentin's birthday party and we started out at the park. Nice all day until we get there and the dang wind came up so then we moved the party back to my house and grilled the hotdogs and burgers there. He had a fun day and was so excited about his birthday presents. He got a gun (his favorite), a blue razor scooter, a spider man car, a motorcycle, a race car and his mom and dad got him a batman cave (everyone's favorite). The kids have played non-stop twenty four/seven.

They make me tired and they make me laugh. I LOVE being Mo Mo Sadie to this bunch. What a blessing!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He's 3

Trentin turned three yesterday. He has been so excited to have a birthday since he was in the valley to celebrate Bailey and Gunnar's birthdays. He had an idea that birthday means presents and insisted that Santa would be bringing them and FUN! Finally it was two weeks then a week then two days before his birthday. On two days before I said , "guess who's having a birthday in two days?" - he got a grouchy look and tone and told me his birthday would be in "two weeks!!!" arguing only made him madder :o( On Monday I said, you have a birthday tomorrow and he seemed pretty excited. On Tuesday when I sang "happy birthday to you....and had the line you belong in a zoo" he smiled.

Trentin is so sweet. He is super shy and pretty laid back. If he's in the mood, he will terrorize Kamryn until there are tears (usually ends up with both of them in tears). He loves ANIMALS. I watch him talk to Ali and I've caught him more than once petting and talking to her and then giving her a kiss, yes a kiss and yes, on the lips! He calls himself Trentin dooey and it melts my heart when he says his prayers and blesses Trentin dooey. He loves his mama and his daddy and Kamryn. He loves his Aunt Jenna and Uncle Weston. He's an outside kid and is pretty stubborn about potty training. He's so close and yet so far. He is dead-serious when he is telling you something. He gets his feelings hurt and he is stubborn about admitting he did something he shouldn't. He is cuddly and he tickles me when he says something and then quickly adds, "right, Mo Mo Sadie, right?" He was doing good in Nursery then he missed a few times and now I can't get him to stay. He comes to my class or stays at home with his dad. He is smart, he is kind, he is shy, he is loving, he is a joy and a blessing. I am once again humbled at the blessing of being a grandmother and on his special day, his grandma, his "Mo Mo Sadie" - I don't know where the time went but he was born, one, two and now three. I close my eyes and he's grown.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bailey again :o)

Talking to Jenna Thursday morning she said that on Wednesday evening she and Chelsea went for pedicures and took Bailey with them. The time that Jenna and I took Bailey and Kamryn with us Bailey WOULD NOT let them close to her to even polish her nails. This time, however, while waiting in the chair next to Jenna, Bailey demanded they put water in her chair, too. Well this spunky 3 year old just had her first mani/pedi spa time with her mother. (Jenna was not so happy about the $20 price tag for this particular mommy/daughter date). Bailey got her nails painted purple (her favorite color) and as she left, told the girls that she would see them tomorrow. I asked Jenna today if they have been back for their "touch up" and she quickly told me "NO"... she said that Bailey has a chip in her polish and wants to go see "the girls" again.

You NEVER know what Bailey Boo will say or do and that makes my heart :o)

Love you Bailey.

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