Monday, October 10, 2011

Dogs n Kisses and Poop On A Stick

Jenna and the kids came home with me last week and when I came home from work on Tuesday all of the kids had been out in the rain and were a little muddy.  I asked how Gunnar got so muddy and Jenna said he fell in the mud.  When I asked why he fell she said because Bailey was chasing everyone with dog poop on a stick.  So you have Bailey...a princess and a tom boy rolled into one.  Brinley would look at me smack her little lips and hunt Sadie down for a kiss.  I won't swear she never kissed her on the butt, just hope not.  It was a good week for the kids.  They played hard all day long and fell into bed exhausted every night.  Brinley is such a cutie - she wanted to sit at the bar in the barstools like the big kids and then would demand something to eat or drink while she was there, generally not wanting what you wanted to give her.  Jenna said she thought Brinley gained five pounds last week. 

Weston came up on Friday.  Their original plan was to camp out over the weekend but the weather on Friday made them think otherwise.  They took the kids fishing on Saturday morning - Bailey is the only one that caught a fish.

We blessed Ryker on Sunday and it was an amazing day.  I wasn't prepared for the spirit that I felt on Sunday.  His grandpa Clarence gave him a nice blessing and was assisted by Weston, Matt Hatch, Dwight Geisler, and Wade Allred.  Grandma Mary bore her testimony for the first time in many many years.  It was a special day for my kids and her kids. 

We went to Tad and Chelsea's for lunch and it was nice.  Matt cooked Lasagna and I made a salad.  There were 18 (maybe more) kids ranging in age from 3 months to 16 years there.  At one time all of them were out on the trampoline at once except Amy, Tristan and Ryker. 

Jenna baby sat one morning for Tad and Chelsea then I baby sat on Friday Morning and Saturday morning.  Cache had a good time playing with the kids.  Ryker is getting to be such a cutie...he's filling out and has such a sweet smile.  He seems startled when he laughs out loud, like "who did that?"...

I told Linda at work last week that the best part of being a mother was being a grandmother.  I feel such a responsibility for not being a very good mother for my kids and so truly blessed for the opportunity to be a grandmother and get to know these little spirits that have blessed my life.  I truly love them so much it hurts. 

Here's the little cutie - he turned 3 months old on Friday.  Where does the time go?

I am supposed to be cleaning house and getting ready for the week, but instead I am guess I better get going or I will regret it after while!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Am Blessed

Don't know if I worked too hard or what but I didn't sleep good last night and woke up late this morning and ended up ditching church. So here I sit updating my blog like that is really important but if I count this as journaling does that kind of keep the Sabbath day? (Somebody tell me yes)I am not the first to say it and it really is a strange phenomenon but the Wallow Fire kicked my butt and I feel like I have lost a whole month somewhere. I am so far behind that I will never catch up.

Speaking of the Wallow Fire, it has been one of the most emotional times of my life. The mountains that I have grown up on and raised my kids on will never be the same in my lifetime, my kids lifetime and probably my grandkids lifetime. I am truly saddened and heart broken by this realization. I am humbled and grateful with Heavenly Father's answer to prayers that no serious injuries happened; no "only homes" were burned (they were all second homes and as bad as that is, no one is homeless); our towns were protected as much as they could be with the winds and conditions firefighters were dealing with; and I add my loud THANK YOU to all of the fire personnel who put their very lives on the line to protect us. My neice Kresta and nephew Tim were on the lines and some of the things they reported brought me to tears more than once. I was truly afraid for their safety more than once. I am grateful to Jenna and Weston for opening their home to my band of gypsies...90 year old Uncle Leo "Son"; 88 year old Uncle Richard; 87 year old Aunt Virginia; 78 year old Dad; 74 year old Mom; me, Troy, Maggie, Kamryn and Trentin and three dogs. One of Jenna's neighbors said it looked like a nursing home...we had oxygen machines; walkers, canes, and old people everywhere. None of them could hear worth a damn and they would have the tv cranked up past 50 (how they managed that I don't know) and then try to talk to each other. I'm sure that any neighbors out for a walk thought that there was a family feud going on inside. I know I said "talk" but they were really yelling just to be heard over the tv. That was an experience for the journal.We got back home and nothing seems normal...gardening, yard work, you name it is all behind. Most of us are doing deep cleaning (not that we wanted to) and then the 4th of July came. Because the forest is closed it was couldn't go for a drive or go fishing or anything.

We still managed to have a good time...Jenna and Weston bought a new Polaris Ranger and it is one sweet ride. It has a jammin' stereo system and most every trip to town was in ranger. They also brought their air up splash pool and the kids were in the water all weekend long. They had a great time. They rode with me in the parade and then we went to Nola's for a cookout. Jenna and Weston had to leave on the 4th and I was sad.

On the 6th, Chelsea was induced and Rose and I got to be there. It was a short night and long day...1 1/2 hours of sleep and Ryker Damar Allred arrived at 8:02 a.m. on Thursday, July 7, 2012. He weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces and was 21 inches long. He has lots of dark hair and is a beautiful baby. I had the honor of being in the room when he was born and saw my Tad when he saw his son. It still makes me weep with absolute joy to have been able to witness this truly spiritual moment.

I am humbled and grateful for Jenna, Tad and Maggie. I made so many mistakes as their mother and I hope that they know that I love them beyond words. I am grateful for Weston, Troy and Chelsea and the good people they are. I am humbled and grateful for Gunnar, Kamryn, Bailey, Trentin, Cache, Brinley and Ryker. They are my heart and soul. I am thankful for Loriel and Adam. Loriel has accomplished so much and she's done it on her own. I am blessed!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Catch Up

I'm a bad blogger. No one blogs anymore so I don't get on very often to see what's going on in the world around me and I miss that. I guess I was a blog stalker...but it was nice to know what was going on with family and friends. Now you read snippets on Facebook - the new way to keep in touch but I miss blogging.
Today is Kamryn's 5th birthday and as fun as it is, it is still kind of sad to me that she is growing up that fast; she and Gunnar will start Kindergarten this fall and that really causes discomfort. I want them to grow but I want them to stay small...
Kamryn was such a cling on when she was younger; it was Maggie, Troy or me and that was it. She found Ed and her life opened up some, but this is my favorite part (I'm still her favorite). She will play and watch tv and whatever but when it is time for bed, she comes and looks for me (Heart heart). She has been going to pre school and is starting to blossom some, not quite so shy and unsure of herself (that feels good) and did well in school.

Troy took Kamryn and Trentin to Sea World this morning. I wish I could have gone just to see how they react. They are at Jenna's right now playing on the water slides and then off to San Diego in the morning. I might head toward Buckhorn if Jenna and Weston don't come up. Tad has to work and who knows where Maggie will be.

Kamryn is sweet and tries to be brave and is a good big sister to Trentin. She has a sweet voice and a bubbly laugh. She has the memory of an elephant...she loves to read the Book of Mormon stories or watch the Book of Mormon video; loves to go to Primary and loves to go swimming. She loves to snuggle and is kind and compasionate but has a little snippy attitude once in a while too. She says, look "ahind" you mo mo; or we are doing this "wifrout" (without) Trentin... she absolutely loves Gunnar; she is intriqued by Brinley and has loved watching her change from a baby being mobil; She likes to play with Bailey (princess girls all the way). She is loving and knows that Weston loves her. She has known that forever and tells me he does. I was there when she was born and it was truly a blessing... who knew how many changes would come into her life and she handles most of them with courage. I am amazed with not only Kamryn but all of my precious grandkids. They truly make my life worth living. I am blessed beyond measure.

Friday, April 15, 2011


While in the valley for 2 1/2 weeks with foot surgery we watched "Tangled" more than once :o) and it is so fun to watch the kids watch that movie. Bailey now belts and I mean BELTS "mother knows best"...while we were at Down East Basics she and Jenna were in the dressing room and all of a sudden the whole store is in smiles when they hear her rendition of "mother knows best". The smiles get bigger when she crawls under the door of the dressing room and they actually see this little toot. A comment during the week..."mom when we get our next baby and if it's a girl we can name her "Punzel"...Jenna said "yah, that would be a good name." A later conversation was from Gunnar who said that if they get another baby and it's a boy, his name could be "Flynn Rider"...there ya go. No problem naming another baby, the kids have given it a lot of thought and have come up with two acceptable names. (By the way, Jenna is not pregnant, this was the kids view of life). Bailey was such a good little nurse when I got home from surgery. Weston had taken CNA courses and his (what the heck are those things called that listen to your heart?) anyway those things are there and Bailey plays with them. Jenna told her that she needed Bailey to help take care of MoMo Sadie when she got home and I guess she found the "heart" things and was ready to take charge. I'm sad Jenna didn't get a picture. On Saturday I had packed and was headed home when Ed called and said the weather is nasty, stay another day. Jenna, Bailey and I had gone back to Down East Basics to exchange something and pick up the girls their wedding outfits for Dustin's (Weston's brother) wedding. Michelle and Dustin's colors are purple and green and Jenna found a couple of cute matching purple dresses for Bailey and Brinley. Bailey left the house that morning in purple leggings and her "Punzel" dress (She now has all of the Disney princess dresses but one and wears them ALL of the time). People everywhere were smiling at her and little girls were telling their moms "look...she has a Tangled dress on". Bailey was impressive! One mother of a little girl told Jenna that she would give anything if her little girl would dress like that...her little girl is into trucks. You know, I don't think I would have ever been the mom to let my little girl leave the house in a princess dress and I am so PROUD of the mother that Jenna is. Bailey was happy and she made others happy in her outfit and that was fun to see. Gunnar is doing so well in school. Can't believe he and Kamryn will be in Kindergarten this fall. Where did the time go? Gunnar is so smart and he loves to tease. He is kind and compasionate and I love my little buddy. I love it that Gunnar LOVES me! Brinley is changing EVERY DAY! While I was there she went from army crawing to all fours, to slumping over when she sat to straight sitting and then to pulling up and standing up. She was also exposed to forbidden things like real people food (THANK YOU MoMo Sadie) and LOVED it. If she saw me hobble through with food or drink she was hot on my trail. She is a good, happy baby. I think she's gonna be a talker like Bailey. Brinley is always making noise. Weston made a wonderful Sunday dinner on Conference Sunday. Jenna made homemade rolls, cinnamon rolls and an apple pie... none of which lasted too long. Towards the end of the cinnamon rolls, Jenna and I were having one one evening and out of the blue here comes Bailey to have a bite. There is not a thing that is eaten in that house that she doesn't have a bite and it is so funny. Jenna was a good nurse to me THANK YOU and THANK YOU, Weston for putting up with me. He is such a hard worker for their little family. I missed Kamryn and Trentin. Why can't all of the grandkids live close? The kids truly love each other and that is good to hear and see. Kamryn and Trentin spent the night with me when I got home Sunday. It felt good to have them with me and for the first time in a long time, they didn't crowd me out of a king bed to go to another bed. They were concerned and caring about my foot...Kamryn is caring and sweet in that way. Trentin is sweet and laid back. I love his "right, Mo Mo Sadie, right"? when he says something and wants to confirm it is right. I am truly blessed with wonderful children, and 6 1/2 of the truly cutest and most amazing grandkids on the planet. Tad considers little Cache as his own and I do too. While he is Dusty and Rose's grandson, I couldn't treat him as if he weren't mine, too. He is excited for his baby brother to get here and we are too! "Mother knows best"....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

MoMo Sadie

When Gunnar was just starting to talk, they were coming up to my house and Jenna said something about going to see Grandma. Gunnar said to her "Mo Mo Sadie"...Jenna said what, he said see Mo Mo Sadie. He knew he was coming to my house and he knew Sadie, and somehow he put me with her and from that time I have been Mo Mo Sadie to the grandkids. Kamryn would call me "amma" ocassionally but most they all call me Mo Mo Sadie. If Bailey is mad, she just calls me Sadie. While they were in Eagar, Bailey and I took Kamryn to Maggie and when we got back to my house Sadie was out at the front fence. Bailey looks at her, looks at me and said, "hey, look there are two Sadies..." I said, "two Sadies?" Yes, she said, looking at Sadie, "a little Sadie" and looking at me, "a big Sadie". I told Jenna the kids will be surprised when I die to hear that my name isn't Sadie - Jenna said I need to legally change my name. Don't think I'll go that far, I LOVE being MoMo Sadie to these little chiggers. They ALL make my heart :o) Love to all from Mo Mo Sadie, Mom, Dorlene, Sis or Dor...don't care what you call me, just CALL me!

I Togot...

When Jenna and the kids were up we went through my Easter/spring decorations and Bailey had a ball. There were bunnies, and baskets and eggs and she was to the bottom of the box before you could say jack sprat...I have (had) a bunny that Susie Adams made years ago and when Bailey saw her she asked if I wanted her to take the bunny home with her and she would take good care of it. Who could resist and I had already decided I wanted her to have it. I had a couple of dresses that went with the bunny and when they left they forgot the dresses. When I came down last week for my dr. appt. I brought the dresses and when Bailey saw them she said "did you bring the bunny dresses because I togot them? Yes, sweetheart I brought them because you togot them and Bailey you are the funnest little thing ever! I love her quirky personality. Wait till we decorate for Easter. it will be fun all over again. I just didn't want to t0get Bailey and "togot"...her words, her world and they work!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Season is Over!

As of Saturday, birthday season is over until May! We start in August and go through March with one or two or even three a month. We have April off and then Kamryn's birthday will be in May. In March we celebrated Trentin's 3rd Birthday, Loriel's 32nd and my dad's 78th. Woo hoo!

Monday, March 14, 2011

And a Good Time Was Had by All

Jenna and the kids got here on Thursday at about noon. So excited for them to be here. We are planning on canning chicken and beans and scrapping and, and...big dreams for two crazy women with five kids five, four, two three year olds, and a seven month old. We are constantly feeding, bathing, refereeing. When bed time rolls around were dead. We talk every day about maybe watching a movie (ha ha). They have been to the park, to Troy's, to the park, to the park for Trentin's birthday party, to play, around the block and that was all before noon today. This afternoon we went to my mom and dads and they ran and played hard there, too. Gunnar was mad this evening when he reminded his mom that we haven't been to the park like she promised. Oh, did I say that Weston, David and Troy came up from the Valley to work on Saturday and we've been doing dinner for them every night, too. Holy Hannah!!

Saturday was Trentin's birthday party and we started out at the park. Nice all day until we get there and the dang wind came up so then we moved the party back to my house and grilled the hotdogs and burgers there. He had a fun day and was so excited about his birthday presents. He got a gun (his favorite), a blue razor scooter, a spider man car, a motorcycle, a race car and his mom and dad got him a batman cave (everyone's favorite). The kids have played non-stop twenty four/seven.

They make me tired and they make me laugh. I LOVE being Mo Mo Sadie to this bunch. What a blessing!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He's 3

Trentin turned three yesterday. He has been so excited to have a birthday since he was in the valley to celebrate Bailey and Gunnar's birthdays. He had an idea that birthday means presents and insisted that Santa would be bringing them and FUN! Finally it was two weeks then a week then two days before his birthday. On two days before I said , "guess who's having a birthday in two days?" - he got a grouchy look and tone and told me his birthday would be in "two weeks!!!" arguing only made him madder :o( On Monday I said, you have a birthday tomorrow and he seemed pretty excited. On Tuesday when I sang "happy birthday to you....and had the line you belong in a zoo" he smiled.

Trentin is so sweet. He is super shy and pretty laid back. If he's in the mood, he will terrorize Kamryn until there are tears (usually ends up with both of them in tears). He loves ANIMALS. I watch him talk to Ali and I've caught him more than once petting and talking to her and then giving her a kiss, yes a kiss and yes, on the lips! He calls himself Trentin dooey and it melts my heart when he says his prayers and blesses Trentin dooey. He loves his mama and his daddy and Kamryn. He loves his Aunt Jenna and Uncle Weston. He's an outside kid and is pretty stubborn about potty training. He's so close and yet so far. He is dead-serious when he is telling you something. He gets his feelings hurt and he is stubborn about admitting he did something he shouldn't. He is cuddly and he tickles me when he says something and then quickly adds, "right, Mo Mo Sadie, right?" He was doing good in Nursery then he missed a few times and now I can't get him to stay. He comes to my class or stays at home with his dad. He is smart, he is kind, he is shy, he is loving, he is a joy and a blessing. I am once again humbled at the blessing of being a grandmother and on his special day, his grandma, his "Mo Mo Sadie" - I don't know where the time went but he was born, one, two and now three. I close my eyes and he's grown.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bailey again :o)

Talking to Jenna Thursday morning she said that on Wednesday evening she and Chelsea went for pedicures and took Bailey with them. The time that Jenna and I took Bailey and Kamryn with us Bailey WOULD NOT let them close to her to even polish her nails. This time, however, while waiting in the chair next to Jenna, Bailey demanded they put water in her chair, too. Well this spunky 3 year old just had her first mani/pedi spa time with her mother. (Jenna was not so happy about the $20 price tag for this particular mommy/daughter date). Bailey got her nails painted purple (her favorite color) and as she left, told the girls that she would see them tomorrow. I asked Jenna today if they have been back for their "touch up" and she quickly told me "NO"... she said that Bailey has a chip in her polish and wants to go see "the girls" again.

You NEVER know what Bailey Boo will say or do and that makes my heart :o)

Love you Bailey.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


She's three. Bailey is the quirkiest, funniest, most adorable little thing ever. You never know what she's going to say or going to do, just be prepared and enjoy the ride. Some of the stuff she comes up with absolutely makes me laugh so hard. This morning she had her mother making "old milk" for breakfast. Translated, Jenna was actually making oatmeal. She loves ice cream, princesses, the color purple the color pink, her brother and her baby sister. Her daddio is the man in her life and she LOVES food. Her blue eyes and blond hair are gonna cause some trouble down the way. Right now Weston is pretty laid back, but I see some changes coming when she gets a little older :o) I LOVE how she has started liking me. She wasn't willing to share her princess power bed with me for awhile but now she's ok with it. She gets mad and just calls me Sadie. She has melt downs that leave you speachless. She owns the rights to "drama queen". She's a girly girl and a tomboy when she has to be but mostly a girly girl. She LOVES dress up and bling. She's bossy and in charge. She painted my toenails once and was quite bossy about where to put my feet and what I was to be doing or not while she was at work. Love her and love her personality because she truly makes me laugh.


He's five. I told him on this birthday that the day he was born I fell in love. I truly did. I had no idea you could love a grandbaby this much and when the next one came it happened all over again. I love Gunnar. He has been my buddy since he was big enough to know me. He named me Mo Mo Sadie. He loves to have me sleep with him in his room. He is sweet and kind and bright and I could go on forever. This is his last year of being totally protected. Once he starts kindergarten his world will grow some more and I personally am worried I might not stay on his favorite list and that bothers me. I am selfish and readily admit it. I LOVE it when Gunnar is excited to see me. I LOVE it that I created the "ice cream and french fries" from In & Out as our place to go. I LOVE it that he loves his family and he loves his cousins. I LOVE it that he LOVES others. I LOVE it that I have been blessed to be his grandmother. His BLUE eyes bring you in and hold you. His heart is soft and big and he is a tease and he is a pleaser and a trickster. He is Gunnar - he is LOVE.

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