Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Behinder I Get...

Well here it is March, 2016 where in the heck did the last 7 months go?  Well, let's see.  I did Jamboree #12 in September and as it turns out that will be the last one.  I am disappointed to see it go but the club members have changed over the years and they want to do more social stuff and less jamboree.  I started cooking for Van a few days after the jamboree was over and cooked all the way through December.  I enjoyed my time at Josh Ranch this year - didn't have to go to Datil - worked a little less but that was good too.

I went to Thatcher for Cade's first birthday in October - I guess he's going to be the last grand baby.  In a way I am sad but in another I look forward to them growing up and doing more things than baby things.  Cade is such a cutie - built like a tank.  Maggie said food is his friend.  Troy and Maggie are doing well in Thatcher and I am so grateful for her ward for the way they took she and the kids in and have made them feel so much at home.

Jenna, Weston and the kids and I all went to Troy & Maggie's for Thanksgiving because Troy had to work.  On Friday morning we got up and drove to my house for the rest of the weekend so Jenna and Weston could get their tree and play in the snow.  We had a good time - found enough snow on the 249 road that the kids could tube a little.  It was freezing cold and then home.  We had a good time and the kids loved playing in the snow.

I was invited to Jenna's and Maggie's for Christmas but chose to stay home.  I spent the day with Mom and Dad and went to Nola's for Christmas dinner.  Mom has dementia and is having harder times remembering and interacting in conversations.  It breaks my heart and I want to spend more time around them.  Maggie and the kids came up the day after Christmas and Tad & Troy came home just before New Years when they got off.

The kids threw a birthday party for me here at the house.  We had good food spent with the kids and Jolene & Jay.  Tad had the kids use the crank ice cream maker out in the cold and made homemade ice cream for my birthday.  Stormy had never eaten homemade ice cream.  The kids were amazed!  I remember that we had both an electric and a crank freezer but always made our kids use the crank one.  They all remember that and so that is a good family memory.

Birthday season begins January 2nd through March 8th with Dorlene, Weston, Stormy, Bailey, Tad, Presley, Bubba, Gunnar, Tanner, Callie & Trentin having birthdays.  We skip April, have Kamryn in May, skip June, Ryker and Tatum are in July, Brinley in  August, Maggie in September, Cade in October, skip November except for remembering Don and have Troy, Jenna, Kolby and Cache in December.  Whew...blow out the candles on that one!

In October Maggie said she was taking temple prep classes and would be going through the temple by the end of the year.   I about choked, dusted my lazy butt off and got ready to go to the tempe too.  Her stake president said he wanted her to wait a little but signed her recommend in January and she and Troy went through the temple on Saturday, February 27, 2016.  They each received their own endowments but were not sealed together because they haven't been remarried for a year.  They can be sealed in September and have the kids sealed to them.

Bailey was baptized on Saturday, February 13, 2016, and I spoke on baptism.  She is a sweet little girl and it was a nice baptism.  Trenton can be baptized in March but they will have to schedule for when Troy is off.

I am headed to Gilbert on Friday for Callie's 2nd birthday.  She is a Bailey mini me.  Presley is a Jenna mini me.

I have been so blessed and I am so grateful for each and every little one of those kids. Each has a separate and distinct personality that amazes me.  I am sad Don didn't stick around for this - the best part of life.  I'm glad I get to be here and hope to be here for a long time!

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