Monday, November 18, 2013

Datil Just About Do It...

I started cooking for Van Hale's Trophy Outfitters last September when they needed a fill in cook at the Josh Ranch for an Arizona Elk Hunt.  Tad called and wanted to know if I would consider it.  Being me, I couldn't say no, but you have to know I was as nervous as a cat.  I can cook, but for total strangers?  What do they eat?  Marsha Ziegler who is the Head Cook told me to make up a menu for the week, go to the store and cook.  Tad's hunters were a father and son from the Valley - Bruce and Rex Neely.  Brad Hale's hunter was Ron Smith, a dr. from North Carolina and his wife, Jill who came along for the trip.  It was quite enjoyable and they all complimented the food and when all was said and done, I got $600 in tips!  Now that was a blessing in itself, bought my pellets for the winter.  Fast forward to August 2013 - I get a call that they need a cook for Josh Ranch for two hunts, one in September and one in October - both small hunts...well again I can't say no.  I had two hunts back to back in September and two hunts back to back in October.  It was a lot of hard work but fun.  I thought about my great grandmother, Nary, who was a lumber camp cook for many years.  She fed lots of hungry men three meals a day without the luxuries I cook with.  I had a nice new kitchen to cook in with a six burner gas cook top, double ovens, two refrigerators, a warming drawer, two dishwashers and a microwave; all things she never even dreamed of.  There were times when I thought of her I felt her "Sister, you can do it."  Nary always called me "sister" and I loved her so much and I KNEW she loved me.  Well, Tad said that Van told him the hunters were very complimentary so that was good, huh?  I got a call on the 10th of November...they needed me to cook in Datil.  Datil?  are you sure?  Well on Thursday I came out and cooked for Shane Sass, Jeremy Walker and their hunters, Chris Curtain and his son, Grant.  Jeremy and Chris are hunting on the AZ/NM border and staying here in Datil a 90 minute drive!  Shane and Grant are basically hunting on the other side of Hwy 12 - a 5 minute drive.  Day one, nothing.  Day two, nothing.  Day three - Grant has a kill!  Yay!  He's a nice 5 by 6 and Grant is very happy.  I'm cooking chicken fried steak for his celebration dinner along with Tad's blueberry cobbler.  Sounds like a winner.  Shane has loved my cooking, don't know if that goes back to him being at my house 24/7 as a kid or if it's like Tad says.."you name the day and we can tell you what we're having to eat".

Tad says I might even cook in December - I don't mind AFTER after my Vegas trip.  Gunnar has been invited back to Vegas for wrestling and I'm going.  Last year was priceless.  When he won his final match, his coaches, Jerry and Scott were jumping up and down and "high fiving" each other.  That is a sight I will never forget.  Last year I got to cook for Tad and his hunters at Josh Ranch - this year he's in Datil when I'm at Josh or home when I'm in Datil.  He has Ryker today.  I guess Ryker had a melt down when he thought he was going to my house and Tad went to Larry & Nola's instead.  They had to call me so Ryker could talk to me.  I love that little toot. 

Jenna called and said she finally got her car back - I guess when Brinley saw it she said "Yes! Our black car! can we watch a movie?"  Well the suburban is white and that is Brinley.  I love her kooky personality.  I love that she has to have her make up on before she leaves the house.  I love that she is obsessed by mermaids - she is one, you know.  I LOVE being MOMO SADIE to 9 of the cutest little people on the planet.  Life is good and I am blessed.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Finally Fall

The summer was beautiful and wetter than I have seen it in years.  We had almost 24 inches of rain from July 4th through the end of September. I was so grateful for the help with my new lawn.  It looked great!  Summer was busy and ended with me being busy 24/7 getting ready for the 10th annual ATV Jamboree.  I looked forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  I was humbled and honored by being selected as the Bill Stinson Volunteer of the year.  I didn't expect that and truly was surprised.  Rick Carey, Kevin Kness & Bev Parker were here for the first time in two years.  I was happy to see old friends. 

Van asked if I would be interested in cooking for Elk Camp the 13th through the 27th...I did it.  It was hard work but I earned thirteen hundred dollars to catch up on.  I was worried about being able to buy my pellets for the winter but the Lord does provide.  I am blessed in spite of myself and I do recognize Heavenly Father's hand in all things.

Jenna called a few weeks ago...she is expecting baby number 5.  She found out on the 28th that they are having another little girl.  Poor little Gunnar took the news kind of hard, he really wanted a baby brother.  Maggie also called a few weeks ago and she is pregnant with baby number 4.  Tanner is going to be a big brother and he is such a peanut.  Both girls are pregnant together for the third time and due probably within 6 weeks of each other.  I am excited that we have two new babies coming.  I feel so blessed to be a mother and grandmother.

Tad and Brianne split up and I can't say that I'm sorry.  I am sorry for the emotional hell she put him through and the games.  I truly believe she is borderline nuts and certainly puts new meaning in the word "crazy".  After faking a pregnancy that we all doubted for over 5 months she conveniently miscarried during the jamboree but never told Tad or me.  She couldn't tell either one of us because we would know for sure there was never a pregnancy.  Cuckoo...

Conference weekend is such a special time.  I enjoy listening to conference and pondering the talks.  I always hear something that was directed to me.  Again, Heavenly Father knows me and what I need.

Gunnar and Trentin both participated in a wrestling tournament in Queen Creek a couple of weeks ago and both took first place.  I was so proud of them.  I saw Gunnar's video first and broke down and cried as I watched him totally dominate and win - then I watched Trentin's video and broke down again.  These two boys worked so hard and did such and awesome job.  I am so proud of them and love them beyond measure.

Jenna and the kids came up last Monday.  It was a horrible trip from the word go for her... the kids didn't feel good, the car broke down in Show Low, the kids got sick, and it kept getting worse day after day.  She finally loaded up and went home Friday morning at 4:00...I felt so bad for her. 

I am trying to finish up on the Trophy Elk Contest and then I'm going to the valley for a couple of days to visit - hopefully everyone will be well.  Yep it's been a busy summer and fall so far...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Prayers Answered

It is so dry in our State and during the Granite Mountain Fire Tragedy the news said that the last time there was "normal" rain and snow in the State was 1992 so that means we are in year 21 of a drought.  When we went to Tucson for Tim's wedding I was so surprised when the Gila River was bone dry as was every other creek, wash or pond that we saw.  When Tad was moving in June I had to take some diesel to him just across the New Mexico State line and and thought that there wasn't a hint of green grass anywhere except on the highway where any moisture at all will run to the edge of the pavement.  We got a rain on the 30th of June and everyone just new our monsoons would start the 4th of July.  They did to some rained a little a couple of days.  It was announced in church that there would be a community pray for rain day on the 10th at 10:00 a.m.  the rain came and it rained hard.  Prayers answered.  The next day the rain came and it rained hard and fast.  Prayers answered.  It has been pretty much raining everyday and last night it rained just about all night long.  There are puddles of water in my driveway and in Stephen's driveway across the street. It's still cloudy and looks like it could rain some more.
Early morning clouds

The puddles in the driveway
Prayers answered.  I am so grateful to know that Heavenly Father does hear and answer prayers. He knows our needs, our wants, our desires and blesses us with our needs and forgives us for our wants and desires.  I look out and see my new green grass and am so grateful for the prayers answered.

Front lawn 7/162013

Front lawn 5/26/2013

Side Yard 7/16/2013
Side Yard 5/26/2013
Side Yard 5/26/2013

Back Yard 7/16/2013

 I am grateful for the beauties that surround me, each and every one.  I love the smell of the air up here, I love the sound of cars going to and from work. I love the smell and sounds from the sawmill across the road. I love hearing the doves cooing in the front trees.  I love watching the birds fight for seed in the feeders.  I love where I live and I love the summers here.  I wouldn't trade them for anywhere else in the world.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Look Who's 2...

Ryker Damar Allred...a real heart breaker.  So cute, so sweet, so loving.  I am so happy he's one of mine!
He LOVES his Dad and his Dad loves him.  He was helping his dad irrigate and I went down and snapped some pics.  We will have a birthday party when he gets home.
Not so sure about the cold water...

A penny for your thoughts?

If Dad says it's ok, then it must be ok...

SOS...capsized boat

Yep, it is ok!
He looks so much like Tad did at that age.  Makes my heart smile when I see him.  He LOVES to talk and will talk your leg off.  Gets that from his dad, too.  Dr. said he communicates exceptionally well for his age (that was back in January or February).  He came to this world with something to say - that may be an Allred thing because Brinley is the same way.  Well heck, I bet its a Rogers thing!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July

The 4th was nice.  Started out early cooking for BBQ at Tad's in evening; Parade:  while getting ready to leave the house I had a call from Mel "Dorlene...there's a guy here in a boat looking for you..."  it was Timm Paul who was going to drive his jeep in the parade advertising the Trophy Elk Contest.  I was riding my quad in the parade with Kamryn and the ATV Club.  It made me laugh...Kresta came up to walk in the parade to honor the two local fire fighters killed in a car wreck last week and the 19 Granite Mountain Hot Shots.  That was the touching moment for me.  Came home and went to Nutrioso to get my tables at Aunt Virginia's and then dropped them off at Tad's and came home and finished my salads.  We all went to Tad and Brianne's for a bbq.  They did ribs and brisket.  We had pasta salads, potato salads, beans, deviled eggs, watermelon and there was tons of food.  It was fun for the kids to play and run wild.  After everyone left we went out by the 26- turn off to watch the fireworks.  They were really nice.  Kresta came in after going out and spent the night with me.  I am blessed to live here, am grateful for all who protect and serve and for those who have gone before that established this great country.  I am proud to be an American!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sad Day for Arizona

Yesterday, June 30, 2013 nineteen "hot shot" fire fighters the Granite Mountain Hot Shots from Prescott lost their lives when the wind changed and the fire rolled over them from behind.  It happened so quickly that they didn't stand a chance.  I saw a blippie on Facebook then turned on the news and I cried tears in sadness for these fallen heroes.  The news people's voices were own voice cracked when I called Tad to tell him.  I thought back two years ago and the tragedy of the Wallow Fire and in over 530,000 acres not a single life was lost.  This fire of 8,000 plus acres took out a hot shot team.  Each fire has a personality, each fire creates its own weather and with the wind blowing yesterday evening and the wind from the fire, the wind changed and trapped these guys.  I can't imagine the grief the other fire fighters are feeling.  These elite young men were engaged, newly married, new fathers, expectant fathers, sons, brothers, friends and HEROES.  I remember the worry two years ago for Kresta and Tim and all of the local people I knew PERSONALLY.  I remember the relief when it was over and they were all safe.  I feel for the local people that have served with the Granite Mountain Hot Shots, they have a special bond that the rest of us don't understand.  I saw Kresta's facebook post and she knew some of them.  It made me sad for her and so very selfishly grateful she is driving a haul truck this summer and not fighting fire.  Governor Brewer has ordered all flags to fly "half staff" until evening on July 3.  I saw an interview with Roy Hall (Bood) on Channel 12 and he mentioned the honor and respect for these young men.  I am so proud and grateful for the men and women who protect and serve every single day and who are willing to give their lives if necessary in that pursuit.  I am grateful that I was taught to be grateful.  My heart is sad for those dealing with this tragedy and my prayers join the many others on their behalf.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm So Tired...

I went to the Valley the first part of June and stayed at Jenna's for a few days then she and the kids brought me home and stayed the rest of the week until Weston came and they went home on Sunday.  A combined time of 12 days.  For the first 5 we had Jenna's four plus Trentin (he stayed to go to a wrestling camp) then Troy and Maggie came down and spent the weekend and went home on Sunday.  It was non-stop busy down in the Valley.  Gunnar's first week of no school was spent at wrestling camp so the kids were excited to come to Momo Sadie's house and play and play they did!  We went to Bailey and Brinley's dance recital on Saturday and it was so fun and nice.  They both did well and I am so proud of them.  We had Jenna's kids, Maggie's kids and Brianne's boys plus a couple of neighbor kids 24/7.  My house was tracked full of dirt and mud, the tubs were gross, but the kids had a ball.  They played in the ditch.  They played at the Park.  They played flashlight tag.  They camped out in Tad's travel trailer.  They ate.  They drank.  They played all day.  They slept a little and watched maybe 1 hour of tv total!  I went to bed tired.  I got up tired.  I cooked.  I washed dishes.  I washed clothes.  I swept a time or two. I even mopped once.  I gave up.  The kids had more freedom than they have ever had and I loved looking out and seeing them up and down the ditch.  I loved seeing those muddy little creatures come in at night.  They were tired but they had fun and that is what it is all about!

On Saturday Tad smoked/grilled brisket and it was to die for and so was his homemade peach/apple cobbler.  He is getting to be quite the grill master.  I will miss him when he moves this weekend.  Tad has been good company in the evening when he is through with work.  I will miss just watching Longmire with him.  He said he is only taking what he can fit in a duffle bag...we will see.

On Father's Day we had Grandpa and Grandma over for hamburgers.  Brianne grilled hamburgers and shrimp and made deviled eggs.  I made a potato salad and we opened a can of steak beans.  It was a good meal but honestly I was so tired I'm not sure I tasted much of it.  I was so tired that I was in bed and asleep before 10:00...

This is how we all felt on Sunday night.
It's Thursday.  I have swept, mopped, vacuumed, washed clothes, washed dishes and picked up the pieces and I miss those little guys like crazy.  I am tired today - have a lot to do but right now I am going to close my eyes for a minute.  I really am tired!  I was so pooped on Sunday, I couldn't spell poop - it came out popped.  So there you have it.  Summer and Father's Day - I love it!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers

Tim got married in Tucson on June 1.  Tad, Brianne, Mom, Dad and I went down in my car and we stayed with Jay and Lennia.  It was such a nice trip...Jay and Lennia made us feel so welcome.  Tim's wedding was beautiful.  He married Alia Christensen - they have dated since High School.  They had their wedding at Wild Horse Ranch and it was such a nice setting for their 6:00 p.m. wedding.  Alia's colors were beautiful, turquoise and coral.  The wedding party looked so nice.  Her aunt brought flowers from California and me being a florist at heart thought it was stunning.  Their cake was all white with their wedding vows printed on it in white icing and decorated simply with turquoise ribbon around the bottom of each layer.  They had a dinner reception and dancing after the wedding.  I took Grandpa and Grandma back to Jay's at 10:00 so they could go to bed.  Jay, Lennia, Tad and Brianne partied until 2:30...they weren't ready at 7:00 a.m. when Grandpa had his hat on and was ready to go!  It was a very nice trip, got to see Lynn's family and friends.  The judge that married them was Monica Stauffer from Greenlee County (she is married to Chris Stauffer a Maloy family dear friend that I met many years ago).  Small world sometimes...Congratulations Tim and Alia - love both of you!  Her wedding photographer did an amazing job, too!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Last spring Grandma Mary called me and said she wanted to buy a headstone for Damara.  I was so grateful for her generosity and told her so.  She told me to go to Everlasting Monuments in Show Low and pick out whatever I wanted so on the way to the Valley one time last spring I stopped and ordered a very simple headstone that I thought I would like.  Several months later the lady from Everlasting called me and said it was in so on a trip to Show Low one time with Tad we stopped and picked it up.  I had hoped for a family time to set the headstone but it never seemed to happen.  Last week I had an email from Debbie saying they were setting a headstone for Aunt Betsy on Memorial Weekend Saturday and afterwards they were having a family get together and my kids and I were invited.  Sunday Homer called and said they were inviting everyone and asked me to bring some chili beans.  I talked to Tad and he didn't have plans for Saturday so we agreed that would be a good time for us to set Damara's headstone, too.  Brianne and Gage were over for the weekend and we headed to Nutrioso Saturday morning and I am so pleased with the headstone.  I was saddened to see Damara's original headstone so badly weather worn and it wouldn't have lasted much longer.
Weather Worn but holding together

As a matter of fact it started falling apart when Tad just touched it.  It was holding together for us to put the new one in.  I am so happy with her headstone...nothing fancy but so very pretty in my opinion.

Tad making sure it is level
Her new headstone...I love it!
Damara's and Don's graves
After with flowers

After with flowers
The family BBQ Saturday evening was well-attended and a lot of fun.  
Uncles and Aunts
We had lots of good food and a good time visiting. 

Once again I am so grateful for my many blessings, the greatest of all being a mother.  I love my  kids to the moon and back and my grandkids make my heart hurt.  I know that one day I will have the opportunity to be with Damara again and get to know her as I know my other three kids.  I am so excited for that time to come!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Woops...again :o(

He is so tiny.
I got out of the blogging habit and posted my latest adventures and overlooked posting we have a new addition to our family...little and I mean little Tanner Jax Lewis was born on February 21, 2013 and weighed in at 5 pounds 6 ounces.  He was a little peanut but perfect in every way. 

Coming 4 and one half weeks early we weren't quite ready for his arrival, well at least I wasn't.  I had plans of making a couple of receiving blankets and a quilt and as usual, didn't have any of it done.  It snowed the night Troy and Maggie drove over to Show Low so I didn't drive over with the kids when Troy called and said he was here.  Later in the afternoon, Velda called and was going to Show Low so the kids and I rode over with her and they were so excited to see their new baby brother.

Trentin checking him out...
Kamryn getting her turn

The Lewis Family 2/21/2013
Maggie and Tanner
A few days old
Troy and Tanner
  Tanner has been a blessing to their family...Trentin just loves his baby brother.  He is growing but still a peanut.  He smiles a lot - there are times I think he looks like Gunnar.  Must be an Allred or Rogers look - anyway he is here safe and sound.

I am once again grateful for the blessing of being a grandmother...Tanner makes number 9!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break

Well it's been a few years since I've done Spring Break.  This year I went to the Valley on the 8th of March to baby sit the girls so Jenna and Weston could go to Prescott with Gunnar for the Rocky Mountain Nationals Wrestling Tournament.  I had all three girls and I think Jenna was a little nervous leaving them with me but we did fine.  Best news was that Gunnar came home a national champion with a 1st place trophy taller that came past his shoulders!  On Sunday we got up and loaded up and headed to California...staying in Carlsbad about 30 miles north of San Diego and 60 miles south of Anaheim and 10 minutes from the beach it was perfect.  Monday was beach day number 1- a little cool but the kids loved it.  They played in the sand and water for hours.  Tuesday we got up and headed north to Disneyland and it was a long day - 9:00 a.m. until closing 10:00 p.m. Our first place to go was to take Brinley and Bailey to see the princesses.  They both put on their princess dresses as we entered the castle but up to that point there were three little girls with tears and snotty noses.  Didn't look like they were that happy to be there they just aren't good waiters.  From there on it was hit and run, hit and run.  The kids had a great time but I'm not going to lie, I'm older than I think and by the end of the day I was as tired as Brinley and Presley.  Wednesday morning we chilled a little and went to the beach again.  It was colder and cloudier and Presley wasn't feeling so great (neither was I) so we ended up hanging around the pool and room for the day.  We hit Kmart and the kids got a few toys to keep them busy.  Thursday we were up and going again this time south to Sea World.  It was a beautiful day and the kids enjoyed it so much.  There aren't as many people at Sea World so the kids could get on rides easily without long lines.  They loved the Shamu show until Shamu soaked them.  Presley and Brinley broke into tears and the rest of us just laughed.  Gunnar was asking if we were going to get wet when all of a sudden we were soaked - twice! Friday was beach day number three and we had a great time again.  The kids loved the sand and water and it is so peaceful by the ocean.  Too bad the kids needed watching  because it is a great place to nap. Saturday we got up loaded up and headed back home.  Got a call that Trentin was in his first wrestling tournament in Show Low and he ended up taking 2nd place.  We were so proud of him.  The kids were glad to be home on Saturday night.  Sunday Weston had to work, I was sick and so Jenna took the kids to Stake Conference by herself.  She came home a little early, guess the girls gave her fits.  We loaded up on Monday and came to Eagar for the week.  The kids played non-stop every day.  We had Kamryn and Trentin around a lot and Ryker a little, too.  On Saturday Gunnar and Trentin wrestled in St. Johns and it was fun to yell for both of them.  Gunnar took 1st place; Trentin lost first place by one point!  He was so fun to watch.  We got home after noon and rested a little and then went to Boogas for a birthday party for my dad.  He turned 80 on the 19th.  My Aunt Myrtle died on the 19th and her funeral was on Saturday.  I couldn't be in 2 places at once so I chose the wrestling tournament.  It was a busy fun two weeks and I really miss all of the kids.  They are a joy and I love them so.  Little Tanner turned 1 month old on the 21st time is just flying by.  This weekend is Easter and if past years is any indicators the chances are better than not we will have a crappy weekend.  Troy and Maggie went to the Valley so they will be with Jenna this weekend.  I still have my cold/alergies and didn't feel like going.  It will be quiet but it will be more fun to go when I feel better. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Little Catching Up

I was sick from the middle of December through the first part of January so that part of life is a blur.  I went to the Valley the 18th of January to celebrate Bailey's 5th Birthday!  I can't believe she's that old already.  She was in such a hurry to get here (she wasn't supposed to come until February) and life has been on the fast track ever since. She is a beautiful little girl who finally decided she likes me like Gunnar did and now when I'm down there she sleeps with me.  We celebrated her birthday on ther 19th because I needed to go back home for a few days before coming back for the February birthdays.  She had a fun party.  Jenna's kids love having the bounce house at their birthdays and it worked out that I was able to take Kamryn and Trentin with me and then drove them to Globe on Monday to meet Troy and Maggie and go on home.      
the bounce house

Bailey at her party

Party Animals

 They also are a part of the birthday tradition at Jenna's house - they go every chance they get.  All of the cousins love to play together.  Came home for a few days and went back on the 2nd of February to celebrate Presley's 1st birthday.  Tad says he is chopped liver now because I don't celebrate his birthday anymore.  We celebrated Presley's birthday on Sunday the 3rd because Gunnar has wrestling on Mondays.  She is such a sweet baby.  Reminds me so much of Jenna.  She has Jenna's eyes and Jenna's hair.  She can walk, but mostly won't.  I guess she can cruise faster on her knees.  She is a joy to be around - a good baby and for the most part a very happy baby.  Jenna said it's cause she has to be.    

Her favorite gift a pink monkey
We had a few days off then on Saturday the 9th we celebrated Gunnar's 7th birthday.  Holy Cow!  First of all there's no way he's 7 and second of all there's too many birthdays in there...did I mention that Weston has a birthday on the 17th?  Poor guy must feel like chopped liver, too.  Gunnar invited kids from school, from wrestling and from church...he had a big party and there were lots of boys! Gunnar is such a sweet boy...genuinely good and quiet.  He is out numbered by the girls but they all love their big brother and he is so good with all of them.   Tad came to the valley and brought Kamryn and Trentin and they got in on the party, too.  I brought them home with me on Sunday.  Gunnar had a bounce house and even though it was a little chilly, the kids had a ball.

The old bounce house again
Making a wish

Kamryn told Jenna she is bringing her friends down for a swimming party for her birthday.  That would be so fun.  We came home on Sunday to have it snow on Monday.  It is to stinking cold that if I had the means and my parents were gone, I would be in the valley all winter and up here all summer.  I guess I finally figured out I want to be a snowbird when I grow up. 

It has taken forever to upload these photos I keep getting a message I've lost connection to the server - I think blogspot has issues today so with that I'm mad and going to quit.  So much is life... I love being a mom and a momo sadie. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Going to Do Better?

I didn't do real well on keeping up last year and have determined I will try to do better this year.  I got sick with cold/flu the middle of December and it literally kicked my butt.  December was a blur and I certainly did not enjoy the holidays.  Birthday season literally starts January 2nd and goes from there.  I turned 58 and that sounds old.  I know I'm getting older and it is a little alarming to sometimes realize that I feel my time is getting shorter.  There is so much I don't want to miss out on with my grandkids.  They would be fine without me but I don't think I would be fine without them.  These 8 little guys totally and absolutely hold my heart in their hands in a way I never imagined.  I am truly blessed beyond measure.  I share my birthday with a couple of friends, Elecia Henderson and Sophie Hetrick and a cousin, Jeanie McCall.  Weston's birthday comes on the 17th and that is Margaret's birthday, too.  I fiddled around and almost missed wishing them a happy birthday text.  That is one thing about technology if by accident you do forget something you can still make it the same day...that's good but it also makes me trashy because before emails and texting I would have had a nice card in the mail for their birthdays.  I'm gonna try to do better on that this year.  I am in the Valley for Bailey's 5th birthday TODAY!   Her party was on Saturday and I brought Kamryn and Trentin down for the weekend and drove them back to Globe to meet Troy & Maggie yesterday.  Bailey is a sweetheart.  Last night I was sitting on the couch watching her play games on my phone and she asked me to pick up my arm and put it around her.  She snuggled in real tight and I loved it. 

We had Ryker several days since Christmas and it is so fun.  He loves to have his picture taken and is quite the technology junkie.  He loves to push buttons on the phone, the fax machine, the remote control, anything and everything.  He loves his daddy and he loves music.  Tad plays the guitar and sings to him and Ryker will dance or try to play the guitar, too.  He is a sweet little guy and I still am so sad that he is growing up in a broken home.  It just isn't fair or what I want for any of my grandkids.  Cache is back in preschool and since Chelsea told him Tad isn't his dad he doesn't get to come as often as Ryker but I'll take him anytime I can get him.  He too is a sweet little boy.

Troy and Maggie have moved back into their house and trying to make a go of their marriage and I am so thankful to both of them for what they are trying to do for their family.  I pray that they will continue to work at it and make a happy home for their kids.  The new baby will be here before we know it and Kamryn and Trentin are getting excited to meet their new little brother. 

Weston and Jenna are working hard to make their business go and I am so proud of them.  They are helping me financially right now and I am so grateful and also how do I say so sorry to be a burden on them.  Hopefully my social security appeal will be approved and I can get back to normal, whatever normal is.  I am grateful that I can come and spend time with these grandkids who make my world go round.  Gunnar is so obedient and such a sweet little boy.  He is getting so tall and is going to be so handsome.  His blue eyes just melt my heart.  He is enjoying school and wrestling and his world is opening up...he enjoys some friends in the neighborhood now and at school and wrestling.  He will be turning 7 before long and it is so fun to watch him grow.

Bailey is a quirky little girl.  She likes what she likes, is sure about what she likes, sure about what she doesn't like even if she's never tried it before and is a girl after my own heart.  She likes to do "crap projects" and cook and paint and...  She will come out of a deep sleep for food and will wait up until midnight if necessary for ice cream.  She LOVES treats no matter the time of day or night. 

Brinley is our little kook.  She is so funny and sweet and kooky and crazy all in one.  You NEVER know what she is going to say or do or wear or how many times she will change clothes.  Jenna had her dressed in a cute outfit.  I took a 10 minute shower and looked down the hall and she was stripped down to her diaper.  She told her mother she wasn't getting dressed today.  Jenna finally convinced her to wear the "punzel" princess dress for the day otherwise it really could have been just a diaper.  

Presley will be 1 on the 4th of February.  She can walk, she just won't.  We all are so excited when she takes a few steps but that doesn't do a thing for her.  I guess she'll walk when she's ready and not before.  She is a sweet baby and a good baby.  She looks just like Jenna did and has Jenna's hair.  It is good to see that, to remember my own sweet baby. 

Kamryn is quiet and sometimes a little sassy.  She loves to come to Jenna's and hates to go home.  She truly loves her cousins and loves to play with Gunnar and Bailey.  She likes to help Brinley or Presley I think it makes her feel "older"...

Trentin is our football fanatic and such a sweet little boy.  He likes coming to Jenna's too, but it doesn't take him long to miss his mom or dad.  He like Gunnar just has a true sweet nature and it is sweet and pulls on my heartstrings at the same time.  Sweet little guys have tender feelings that get hurt too easily.

Cache is growing so fast and is so smart.  He loves to play with Kamryn and Trentin.  We don't get to see him as much as we used to but we still love having him every chance we get.  He is in preschool and is loving it.  Tad was thrilled when Chelsea told him she was putting him back in preschool - that means we hope, that she's sticking around for awhile.

Ryker is a sweet little boy who is the apple of his daddy's eye.  Tad loves him so much.  Ryker likes to just hang out and it has been so cold I haven't let him out of the house but he sure does chatter and want outside all of the time.  I think he will be like Tad and only come in when it's too dark to see.

Eight, that's all eight of them.  They make my world go round.  I truly loved being a mother and am so sad for the many mistakes I made with my kids.  I wish I could take it back and I wish I could  be the mother they need and want.  I am proud of them and am grateful for the good people they are and pray that they have all that they need. 

January is fast coming to an end and before we know it the February birthdays hit us...Tad, Presley, Gunnar and Grandpa and Grandma Rogers' 60th Wedding Anniversary.  Oh heck, maybe I better take a nap and get rested up :o)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

We have a new year...a new beginning.  I reflect on 2012 and feel humbled by my many blessings.  January begins with New Years, then MY birthday, woot woot!  Weston celebrates his birthday on the 17th along with my dear friend, Margaret.  On the 22nd our Bailey turned 4.  She has been such a joy.  She makes my heart smile.  Tad guided Willie Bloomquist from the Arizona Diamondbacks and Adam LaRoche from the Washington Nationals which was a lot of fun for him.  They hunted Unit 27 and the word was out that they were out and pretty soon there were a lot of people hunting the baseball players.  Willie mailed a bat and balls for Cache and Ryker.  LaRoche sent Tad a super nice rifle.  He has had many experiences in his career as a big game guide.  We wonder just when baby no. 4 is coming... Jenna signed Gunnar up for Wrestling and it is a ball.  He does so well.  He wrestles with "Level Change".

February comes and on the 4th little Presley Dawn makes her entrance...on Uncle Tad's 29th birthday.  Tad shares his birthday with Clancey McBride and Gage Wiltbank (Cord's little boy) and now "Pretzels".  She is a little doll and I get to spend a week helping Jenna.  On the 11th Gunnar turned 6 and had a birthday party and invited some of the little boys from his Kindergarten class.  Gunnar is such a good little boy and he melts my heart.  I love how when I am sitting on the couch he will find a time and come and snuggle with me.  He is so smart and so obedient.  Weston and David come up and install new windows in my house.  They are so nice and I can't believe how much warmer the house is and the window sills stay so clean.  They also had extra insulation blown into my attic.  Weston is just amazing.  He is a hard worker and a good husband and father.  I truly love and appreciate him.

March 8th is Trentin's birthday and he turned 4.  He got a new bike and was so happy. Trentin is such a sweet little boy and is so smart.  He is into sports (New York Giants)  and has quite an imagination.  Maggie and the kids were living in an apartment in Eagar.  Chelsea and the boys came to the party.  Tad is in Wyoming on a power plant outage and while he is there Chelsea tells him she no longer wants to be with him.  I was broken hearted for my son who was devistated.  I was broken hearted for Cache and Ryker who are so innocent.  Tad moves back in with me while he tries to figure out what to do.  He truly loves being a dad and for that to be taken away from his just kills me.  Weekend dad is something he never wanted to be.  My dad turns 79 on the 19th and I watch as my mom and dad are getting older and more feeble.  Daddy misses Uncle Richard so much.  Jenna and Weston celebrate wedding anniversary number 8 on the 26th along with Nola and Larry who celebrate #35.  Gunnar participated in his first Wrestling Tournament and took 2nd Place and are we proud.  It was awesome to watch.

April is birthday free for us.  Don and I would have been married 38 years on the 25th.  Wow! 

May comes and we start the remodel on my house.  Talk about a lot of hard work!  We ripped two walls out, the old fireplace was torn down and sealed off, the pellet stove moved, a built in wall entertainment center/book cases built, new flooring and paint.  Weston and Jenna were so good to help me get so much done.  Tad worked every weekend and many nights for 2 1/2 months.  There were days we didn't know if we would ever finish and we still aren't completely throught but it is beautiful.  I love my house!  I flew with Linda to Charlotte NC for a HUD Conference the first part of May.  I can now say that I have been on the east coast.  We flew into Atlanta then on the Charlotte.  We flew out to Detroit then to Phoenix.  I saw the great lakes which with cloudy skies really looked like the ocean.  Someone said that we could actually see Canada from the air - not sure on that one but it was a cool trip.  Charlotte is beautiful.  I would love to travel across the US and see different places but that will never happen.  Kamryn turns 6 on the 26th - she is a sweet little girl.  Kamryn spends a lot of time with me and we travel together quite a bit.  She finished Kindergarten and even though she is very smart she struggled.  I know a lot of it was her home life.  The kids bounce back and forth every other week between Maggie and Troy.  Maggie is messed up with drugs and it is killing me.  Kamryn and Trentin deserve so much more.  Gunnar is playing softball and Weston is one of his coaches.  Gunnar is good at softball, too.  Bailey is an awesome cheerleader and helper for Weston.  Loriel graduated from UofA and is moving to California with Adam.  They plan to marry in 2013, I think. 

Summer comes and we are so excited.  My whole house is now in the garage.  The wind blew like hell when we moved everything out into the back yard and there is dirt in everything I own.  After the flooring is installed the installer finds there is a problem with the carpet and we wait for word on what will be done so I only move minimal stuff back into the house.  I hate not having everything back where it belongs because you can't even walk in the garage and I feel so overwhelmed.  June is a blur because we were so busy.  I have a Social Security review and they tell me that I made too much money and I appeal their decision because when I asked about going back to work the guy I talke to told me it did not matter how much money I made as long as I did not work more than 80% of a 60 month period.  I give my resignation at work and on July 30th I begin my stay at home status.  I am excited because I really didn't want to work full time.  I told Hank I would help finish out the CDBG grants and I didn't like me when I work.  I was so tired and stressed out.  I was grouchy with Kamryn and Trentin.  I look forward to being less stressed and being grandma again.  I have agreed to be the ATV Jamboree Coordinator and it is stressful too.  Our new club officers drag their feet and talk everything to death.  I really hope we can pull it off.

Maggie decided in June that she wants to be with Troy and tells him that.  He is seeing someone in Morenci and isn't sure about Maggie.  Maggie and the kids move in with me.  We have a full house.  Maggie and the kids went to Jenna's the middle of June so her kids could take swimming lessons.  Weston and Jenna built a pool and it isn't ready on the 4th but a couple of days later.  The kids had a ball in the pool.  Maggie finds out she is pregnant and I am heartsick.  Not about pregnancy but about this baby.  My first thought is who's baby is it?  Troy's?  C.J.'s?   She tells Troy she is pregnant and it is his and we are dealing with that when all of a sudden Maggie said she realizes the baby is not Troy's but is CJ's.  This causes problems with Troy and Maggie but she remains steadfast in her efforts to rebuild her family.  I wish with every fiber of my being that this baby could be Troy's that would make life so much simpler but we will see.  I honestly feel that Troy can, if he wants to, raise this baby and they can get beyond all of this and put their family together again.  This will be an uphill fight but it is possible.  There is constant drama and it wears on me and on Maggie.  We fight all of the time.  She is pretty miserable and takes it out on anyone and everyone...mostly me.

For the first year in many I didn't ride in the 4th of July parade.  My quad battery was dead and there weren't any in town.   I watched the parade with Lynn and Laura and then went to mom and dad's for their cook out.  I really missed all of the kids on the 4th.  Chelsea is here with her boyfriend (the guy she left Tad for) so we don't get to see the boys.  Chelsea spends most of the summer in Utah with her boyfriend and we don't see much of the boys.  It is so hard on Tad and I really miss them too.
On June 26th Chelsea does a 1/2 birthday for Cache since his birthday is December 26th she thinks it will be easier to do it in June so he has a special day...On the 7th of July we celebrate Ryker's 1st birthday at the Eagar Park.  He is such a cutie and he loves his daddy.  He always knows me and I love that.  Chelsea's boyfriend is at the party but doesn't interact with any of us, not that I care, but if he is going to be in their lives he will have to deal with us for the rest of their lives, like it or not.

July and August are busy getting ready for the Jamboree.  I spent a week in the Valley for Brinley's 2nd birthday.  I used to think Bailey was the kook but maybe Brinley is the true kook.  She makes everyone laugh.  You never know what she is going to do or say.  Oh Brinee... I love you so.  We played in the pool and it was so much fun.  Presley is growing so fast...she and Brinley are 18 months to the day apart so Jenna has her hands full.  Jenna and Weston and the kids spend a lot of time at the lake in their boat.  The kids swim or ski all of the time and love it.  I  go home and hit the Jamboree hard.  I am questioned at every turn and it makes me uncomfortable.  I don't know what they expect or want but if they want to take the jamboree over, knock yourselves out!  Summer seems so short this year.  Gunnar started school again on the 22nd or 23rd of JULY!  School starts up here the 11th or 12th of August.  Kids don't have much of a summer any more.  Trentin starts head start and does very well.  He kind of has a speech impediment and I have to listen very close sometimes to understand him and when I can't figure it out Kamryn translates.

Jenna and Weston come for Labor Day and we have a good time.  The kids play 24 hours a day and I love that Jenna and Maggie's kids love each other.  I get ready for and we carry off the Jamboree starting the day after Labor day.  I am tired and don't know what the club thinks but by this time, I don't care.  It was successful and I guess we will go on with number 10.  Maggie turns 28 on the 18th.  Nola turns 53 on the 23rd.  I went out to Josh Ranch and cooked for Tad for a week the end of September.  It was fun and it was a lot of work but the hunters liked my food.  I got paid 700 which will pay for my pellets for the winter.  I also used a little of the money to go to the valley Social Security is reducing my monthly benefit by $400 and this will be critical for me.  I am sick and don't know what to do.   I approach Jenna about coming to the valley once a month and helping her for a week for $200 a month - she says they will pay me the 400.  I am humbled and grateful and so sorry I feel like I am a burden.  I haven't heard on my appeal yet, but I hope and pray that it will be approved.  I just don't want to be a burden to my kids.  Kamryn did the mini cheerleaders for the Pop Warner league.  She was really cute and seemed to like it.  Trentin is so into football and I really think he will do well as he grows.

For the first time in years, all of my kids are here for Thanksgiving.  We had a great meal - Tad grilled a ham and a turkey.  We had all of the fixins and the kids thought the best part was spending time together.  Cache and Ryker are in Wyoming.  We hope we get them for Christmas.  Gunnar is invited to Las Vegas for a wrestling tournament in December and I was invited to go.  Don would have turned 60 on the 1st of November.  I can't imagine him at 60.  My kids gave me an early Christmas present a Nikon D90 camera!  I am so excited and grateful and how do I say sorry they spent so much on me.  I will enjoy the camera and am excited to learn how to use it and get great photos.  Bailey and Brinley start dance in December and they are so excited, especially Brinley.  She is so into "princess" dance, fairies, etc.  You just never know who or what will interest them and it is so much fun for me to watch each of them grow and develop.

We went to Vegas the 14th of December and it was so fun.  The kids were so good and it was an awesome tournament.  Gunnar placed 3rd in his age/weight division and we are so proud of him.  His coaches, Coach Miller and Coach Garcia were so proud of him.  They were doing high fives...Gunnar has never not placed in a tournament and has only been wrestling 7 months.  His coaches are so proud of him.  I caught a cold that turned out to be a killer.  I was sick from the time we got home until after Christmas.  I feel like I missed December.  Troy turned 35 on the 3rd.  He works in Morenci and is doing well.  He and Maggie are working at their relationship.  When he comes home, they ALL stay here.  Jenna turned 32 on the 9th.  It doesn't seem possible.  She is such a good mother and wife.  She is so patient and kind.  I am so proud of her.  She is everything I am not and everything I always wanted to be.  I half-ass decorated my tree and that was it.  I didn't have the money to do much for Christmas.  I did another recipe album for the kids.  I want to do better next year.  I hope my kids know I love them.  They are all good people.  We had a nice Christmas dinner - Tad grilled a prime rib that was awesome.  We had a house full and that is good.  Cache and Ryker got to come and open presents and then had to go back home.  They have been sick, too so we didn't want to over do it.  Chelsea told Cache a few days before Christmas that Tad is not his dad and that he can't come over here any more.  I thought Tad was going to die.  He just bawled.  She got home the week before and the first night home we got the boys.  We were supposed to get them again on Thursday so on Wednesday she told Cache.  We got Ryker on Thursday but no Cache.  I was heart broken for Tad and Cache.  She said that Cache won't let Robin in his life so that's why she told him about Tad.  I know he needs to know but he is too young to understand.  She had to relax the not coming over, how could she do that to Cache.  He comes but isn't sure what to call Tad so he still calls him daddy.  That will be Cache's decision not hers. 

I asked if they could come over yesterday for my birthday and Chelsea said yes.  They had such a good time playing with Kamryn and Trentin.  I cooked lasagne, garlic bread and a salad.  I made my favorite cake, yellow with chocolate frosting.  I let the kids decorate the cake and they had a ball.  Ryker just ate frosting right out of the can and was a chocolate mess.  When I would say it was time for a bath he would have a fit.  He is a doll and melts my heart, too.  Cache turned 4 on the 26th of December and is a joy, too.   I had a good birthday.  Mary and my mom and dad came for dinner.  Mary is here with Velda for one of her is too stressful for Mary and I worry about her.  She doesn't handle the cold and it is super cold right now and it is hard for Mary to get in and out. 

I was blessed beyond my worthiness in 2012 and am so grateful.  I want to get my life back on track.  Maggie and Troy moved back into their house tonight.  The kids are so excited to go home.  That is where they all need to be.  Tad has some work options to decide on and who knows what the future holds?  Maggie's baby boy is due in March.  Troy says it doesn't matter who the father is he will raise him as his own. I am proud of Troy and grateful that he is thinking of his family.  Weston and Jenna continue to be an inspiration and example for all of us.  I am thankful for each of you!

2013 can be a good year.  It will take effort on my part and I look forward to watching all of these little grandkids grow and learn.  They are the most amazing people on this earth all 8 of them.  I am anxious to meet number 9...

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