Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Think She Broke My Freakin' Nose...

Well last month Kamryn gave me a black eye. The night before last she was sleeping with me, plopped her head backwards and hit my nose dead on. Before I can sit up blood is GUSHING from both nostrils. I can't breathe and I hit the bathroom on a dead run. Blood is running everywhere, I get the water on in the sink and after a few minutes I finally get the bleeding to slow then stop. I look in the mirror and I have a cut on the outside of my nose (bridge) and I swear I thought my nose looked crooked. I still can't breathe out the right nostril and Kamryn is nowhere to be found. I think when I yelled SHIT< SHIT...she hid out. It hurt like a son-of-a gun and yes, I was pretty vocal about the hurt. I clean up all of the blood and start a load of towels and bath rugs and find Kamryn hiding in the floor of my room. We crawl into bed and she is careful to stay away from me and falls asleep. Before I fall asleep, I think, "how am I gonna explain another black eye from the same kid?" Hopefully it won't turn black but who knows. Kamryn tells her mother this morning, "you're gonna be so happy... I didn't hurt your mother last night". Ok...Elder abuse is alive and well here in my house. Hopefully not in yours.

Damned wind is blowing and I am just about half cranky - others are in full swing. I'm holding back some till tomorrow when the snow flies AGAIN. Typical Round Valley Spring. Sunshine, wind, snow, calm and that's just in fifteen minutes!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

I can't believe that next weekend will be Easter. Where is the time going? My life has been so crazy since January. I'm hardly ever home and I miss being home. I'm more comfortable being a "barista" because the drinks don't freak me out quite so much. At first I wasn't sure I had what it took to work at Starbucks.

The kids are all busy with their lives. Loriel is in school in Tucson, Adam works in California. Weston and Jenna are raising their little family in Gilbert and he works so hard to provide for his family. I am so proud of him. Tad is living and working in Morenci - the mine is getting ready to crank up the 1st of April. He was home last weekend to get his mine stuff, his fishing gear and his golf clubs. I guess he's prepared for anything.

Troy got a job with MM Sundt in St. Johns and they are back in their house. He too, works hard to provide for his family and I am proud of him.

I love being a grandma and love to see and hear what the kids are up to. They absolutely melt my heart. Being "grandma", "momo sadie" or "mamaw" is the thrill of my life.

I have the day off and I should be accomplishing stuff but the *#&$( wind is blowing (you know the Round Valley springs) and I just want to sit in my chair and watch a good movie and you know what? That's just what I might do!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Black Eye

Well the other day Kamryn wanted me to lay down by her and watch a movie. She got up for something then when she laid back down she just plopped her head back and hit me on the brow bone...OUCH! I saw white lights and got a huge knot. In a few days the knot went down and left this colorful reminder of our little bump. I'm sure a few people have wondered what happened, but none have asked.
I'm doing the Census making Job #4. I work part-time at Starbucks, Census, helping with the newspaper for the Jamboree and Elections. I should really be rolling in the dough LOL, but alas I think all I'm doing is getting too pooped to pop.
Bailey had her 2nd birthday in January during the big storm so I didn't venture out. Maggie and I took the kids and went down for Gunnar's birthday in February. The kids had a ball playing together. The weather was perfect and they played outside from morning till dark.
I am getting a new car soon, so I will be making the trip again and I can hardly wait. Miss those babies.
Other than being tired, I really don't have a clue what is happening around town - hope all is well. Love Mo Mo Sadie

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