Monday, October 10, 2011

Dogs n Kisses and Poop On A Stick

Jenna and the kids came home with me last week and when I came home from work on Tuesday all of the kids had been out in the rain and were a little muddy.  I asked how Gunnar got so muddy and Jenna said he fell in the mud.  When I asked why he fell she said because Bailey was chasing everyone with dog poop on a stick.  So you have Bailey...a princess and a tom boy rolled into one.  Brinley would look at me smack her little lips and hunt Sadie down for a kiss.  I won't swear she never kissed her on the butt, just hope not.  It was a good week for the kids.  They played hard all day long and fell into bed exhausted every night.  Brinley is such a cutie - she wanted to sit at the bar in the barstools like the big kids and then would demand something to eat or drink while she was there, generally not wanting what you wanted to give her.  Jenna said she thought Brinley gained five pounds last week. 

Weston came up on Friday.  Their original plan was to camp out over the weekend but the weather on Friday made them think otherwise.  They took the kids fishing on Saturday morning - Bailey is the only one that caught a fish.

We blessed Ryker on Sunday and it was an amazing day.  I wasn't prepared for the spirit that I felt on Sunday.  His grandpa Clarence gave him a nice blessing and was assisted by Weston, Matt Hatch, Dwight Geisler, and Wade Allred.  Grandma Mary bore her testimony for the first time in many many years.  It was a special day for my kids and her kids. 

We went to Tad and Chelsea's for lunch and it was nice.  Matt cooked Lasagna and I made a salad.  There were 18 (maybe more) kids ranging in age from 3 months to 16 years there.  At one time all of them were out on the trampoline at once except Amy, Tristan and Ryker. 

Jenna baby sat one morning for Tad and Chelsea then I baby sat on Friday Morning and Saturday morning.  Cache had a good time playing with the kids.  Ryker is getting to be such a cutie...he's filling out and has such a sweet smile.  He seems startled when he laughs out loud, like "who did that?"...

I told Linda at work last week that the best part of being a mother was being a grandmother.  I feel such a responsibility for not being a very good mother for my kids and so truly blessed for the opportunity to be a grandmother and get to know these little spirits that have blessed my life.  I truly love them so much it hurts. 

Here's the little cutie - he turned 3 months old on Friday.  Where does the time go?

I am supposed to be cleaning house and getting ready for the week, but instead I am guess I better get going or I will regret it after while!

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