Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break

Well it's been a few years since I've done Spring Break.  This year I went to the Valley on the 8th of March to baby sit the girls so Jenna and Weston could go to Prescott with Gunnar for the Rocky Mountain Nationals Wrestling Tournament.  I had all three girls and I think Jenna was a little nervous leaving them with me but we did fine.  Best news was that Gunnar came home a national champion with a 1st place trophy taller that came past his shoulders!  On Sunday we got up and loaded up and headed to California...staying in Carlsbad about 30 miles north of San Diego and 60 miles south of Anaheim and 10 minutes from the beach it was perfect.  Monday was beach day number 1- a little cool but the kids loved it.  They played in the sand and water for hours.  Tuesday we got up and headed north to Disneyland and it was a long day - 9:00 a.m. until closing 10:00 p.m. Our first place to go was to take Brinley and Bailey to see the princesses.  They both put on their princess dresses as we entered the castle but up to that point there were three little girls with tears and snotty noses.  Didn't look like they were that happy to be there they just aren't good waiters.  From there on it was hit and run, hit and run.  The kids had a great time but I'm not going to lie, I'm older than I think and by the end of the day I was as tired as Brinley and Presley.  Wednesday morning we chilled a little and went to the beach again.  It was colder and cloudier and Presley wasn't feeling so great (neither was I) so we ended up hanging around the pool and room for the day.  We hit Kmart and the kids got a few toys to keep them busy.  Thursday we were up and going again this time south to Sea World.  It was a beautiful day and the kids enjoyed it so much.  There aren't as many people at Sea World so the kids could get on rides easily without long lines.  They loved the Shamu show until Shamu soaked them.  Presley and Brinley broke into tears and the rest of us just laughed.  Gunnar was asking if we were going to get wet when all of a sudden we were soaked - twice! Friday was beach day number three and we had a great time again.  The kids loved the sand and water and it is so peaceful by the ocean.  Too bad the kids needed watching  because it is a great place to nap. Saturday we got up loaded up and headed back home.  Got a call that Trentin was in his first wrestling tournament in Show Low and he ended up taking 2nd place.  We were so proud of him.  The kids were glad to be home on Saturday night.  Sunday Weston had to work, I was sick and so Jenna took the kids to Stake Conference by herself.  She came home a little early, guess the girls gave her fits.  We loaded up on Monday and came to Eagar for the week.  The kids played non-stop every day.  We had Kamryn and Trentin around a lot and Ryker a little, too.  On Saturday Gunnar and Trentin wrestled in St. Johns and it was fun to yell for both of them.  Gunnar took 1st place; Trentin lost first place by one point!  He was so fun to watch.  We got home after noon and rested a little and then went to Boogas for a birthday party for my dad.  He turned 80 on the 19th.  My Aunt Myrtle died on the 19th and her funeral was on Saturday.  I couldn't be in 2 places at once so I chose the wrestling tournament.  It was a busy fun two weeks and I really miss all of the kids.  They are a joy and I love them so.  Little Tanner turned 1 month old on the 21st time is just flying by.  This weekend is Easter and if past years is any indicators the chances are better than not we will have a crappy weekend.  Troy and Maggie went to the Valley so they will be with Jenna this weekend.  I still have my cold/alergies and didn't feel like going.  It will be quiet but it will be more fun to go when I feel better. 

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  • Anything by Neal A. Maxwell
  • Captains & The Kings - Taylor Caldwell
  • Erma Bombeck
  • Heaven & Hell - John Jakes
  • Love & War - John Jakes
  • North & South - John Jakes
  • The Dwelling Place - Catherine Cookson

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