Monday, December 27, 2010

Uncle Bobby

My mom's older brother, Bobby Gilliam passed away early Christmas morning. He had been diagnosed with cancer early summer and not too long ago the drs told him there was nothing else they could do for him. He spent the remaining time getting ready to leave. His family became his care-takers and they did a wonderful job.

I spent some wonderful hours with him recently and I know that he was ready to go. As bittersweet as it was to lose him on Christmas, it was comforting to know that he had a wonderful reunion on the other side Christmas morning. I envy him getting to be with Grandma and Grandpa again. I MISS them so much. There absolutely were no two better people in this world than Grandma and Grandpa Gilliam.

My mom was heartbroken and my tears were for her. Her brothers teased and played with her but every one of them treated her like their own princess. They protected and adored their sister and she loved her brothers. Mom and Uncle Dennis are the last two of her family and the sad realization is that their time here is short.

I will miss my Uncle Bobby and his sense of humor. He was a good man and I love him. I am blessed with good people on both sides of my family. I am thankful for my ancestors - oh what a blessing they are!

Christmas Here and Gone

I don't know how it happened but all of a sudden Christmas was coming, got here and is gone. I was in a bah humbug mood for a while then I made myself get ready and then it was fun with Kamryn and Trentin. It was priceless to see their little faces on Christmas morning as they opened their gifts. Santa left Kamryn her doll house - that's all she wanted and she was thrilled. Trentin got every "big huck" (truck) they make, I think and he was beyond thrilled. The simple joy of getting something they asked for made it real for them. We went to Nola's for Christmas dinner and it was yummy. Too much food but oh how we enjoyed it. Jenna and Weston stay home for Christmas and may come for New Year's but who knows. Tad and Chelsea had Christmas with the Peterson's and celebrated Cache's 2nd birthday with the Geislers and Aylors. They had a busy day and then Tad had to leave and go back for work on Sunday.

I am blessed with a good family and wonderful friends. They made my Christmas. I was teary eyed more than once this holiday season. On Christmas Eve I went to town and the luminarias were up and down Main Street in both Springerville and Eagar. I LOVE this service.

The kids and I went out to eat on Thursday and then went to look at Christmas lights. Trentin loved "baby Cheesus" and everytime we saw the holy family he always pointed out baby cheesus. We talked about why we celebrate Christmas and hopefully that will be ingrained in them as they grow up.

I have loved looking out my kitchen window every night to see the star on Flat Top. I will be sad when it isn't lit anymore. It is one of the things I look forward to every year.

Hoping for a Happy New Year - it's coming soon!

Monday, November 8, 2010

We Are Family...

I know I used this pictue before, but there is a reason I am using it again.

Tad gave me permission to do this...on Saturday he and Chelsea were at the house when I got off work. We were chatting in the kitchen when he said, "we've got something to tell you..." they are getting married! I cried. I have prayed for many years for him to find someone to share his life with and to have a family with and it is happening. I can't believe how HAPPY he is. It has been a long while since I've seen him this happy. He truly loves Chelsea and Cache. He will make a good husband and father. I am grateful he wants to help her raise this precious little boy. They are making plans and Jenna our wedding planner went into power mode. It is fun to make plans and envision their future together.

All I know is that Heavenly Father answers EVERY prayer. Sometimes the answer is NO, sometimes the answer comes right away and in this case it has been a long time coming but it is answered and I for one am GRATEFUL.

Hoping that something wonderful happened for each of you today.

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Lot Of Living

It has been awhile since I posted. Life has been so crazy. Working part time, jamboree, grandkids, family, etc. It has been one of the most stunning falls that I can remember. The leaves turned while I was in the valley when Brinley was blessed. She is an absolute doll. Tad, Chelsea and Cache came down . It was fun to have a house full. Troy and Trentin went home Sunday after we ate; Kamryn stayed with me the whole week.

We had the kids most of the weekend so we took them on a ride Friday and took pictures it was almost too late to get any pictures of color - it's amazing how quickly they go from beautiful to gone.

The kids had fun skipping stones across the Lake with Ed - mostly just loved playing in the water.
Tomorrow is Trunk or Treat - Kamryn is really excited. It will be fun to see the kids in their costumes.
It is getting late in the day and I want to play so I better get my house work done!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ok...I'll Eat Cake

Jenna and Weston came up for the weekend and the kids absolutely had a ball. Our weather is PERFECT and the kids played outside from daylight till dark. My dad's garden is starting to come off so we had a big dinner on Saturday night with grilled chicken and veggies from the garden. I made texas sheet cake for desert and the kids seemed to like it. On Sunday morning Jenna got up and had a sliver of the cake and was eating it when Bailey asked her what she was eating and Jenna told her cake. I walked into the kitchen just as Bailey was pushing a chair up to the table saying "ok...I'll eat cake" Jenna and I both laughed. It was like the ONLY choice of food for the day was cake and if she had to she would eat it. She is such a quirky little thing she truly makes me laugh all of the time.
Jenna said that Bailey told her that her baby was crying and Jenna said maybe it needed to burp and Bailey came back with "no, she hasn't chewed on me yet." (This is what she thought Brinley does to Jenna when she is nursing - chewing on her)

Kamryn was soooo excited when I told her Gunnar was coming. She truly loves him and she really loves Weston. They played and played. Once in a while they would get cross ways, I think there's just a bit of competition going on.

Weston took Gunnar and Bailey fishing at Nelson's and at first it was a slow fish day but then after about 20 minutes, Weston said the fish started hitting. Gunnar caught 10 and Bailey caught 1, Weston 0. Gunnar told his dad "you aren't a very good fisherman are you dad?" They did catch and release because usually the fish at Nelson's taste "mossy". The kids didn't mind, they had a lot of fun catching them.

Brinley is so new we mostly stayed at home so the kids didn't get to go to the park this time. Jenna's kids love the Eagar park, I think mostly because of the weather and it is a really nice park with lots of activity centers for the kids.

When they left yesterday evening I was sad. I miss all of the activity going on and my house gets so quiet when I'm there alone.

Tomorrow is the primaries - don't forget to VOTE!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brinley Lyn

Made her entrance at 7:59 a.m. Wednesday, August 4th. Weighing 6 pounds, 9 ounces and 20 inches long - perfect in every way. I had the opportunity to drive down that afternoon and spend a week with Jenna and family. I am so blessed to be a grandmother once again. Gunnar and Bailey were starting to dote on her as I left and I knew she was in good hands (if they can just keep their mother away from that sleeping baby) :o) Seems they enjoy holding her while she sleeps. Poor Brinley is so loved she doesn't know what to do.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lessons Learned

Kamryn and I have been reading in the Book of Mormon Reader and I was trying to explain the words "wicked" and "righteous" and I used words like "obedient" explaining Heavenly Father is happy when we are obedient...when we do what our mother and father asks, when we help our little brother, etc. Pretty soon she said, "and Heavenly Father would be really happy if you would share your coke with me". How do you argue with that? She took the concepts, figured them out and made them work in her little world. She LOVES reading the Book of Mormon reader and loves going to Primary. Sr. Finch is always so prepared and the little ones love her. I'm gonna have a coke and I'm not gonna share :o)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blogging vs. Facebook

I've noticed over the past year that no one blogs anymore. Everyone is doing Facebook. I enjoyed reading the happenings in friends and families lives and somehow Facebook seems "fake" in many ways. Random posts about weird things in many cases makes me wonder. Going private for many is strange to me when you read some of the stuff they post on Facebook...and the games, holy moly how do these people function? I mean they are on the computer 24/7. I barely check Facebook or blogs anymore and I am inundated with a million requests for stuff from apples to zebras.
Oh well, I will continue to blog as it may turn out to be my life's journal when I am done.

Worked my butt off Saturday trying to catch up on three weeks of yard work - with the summer rains, I'll be behind again on Monday. I am so grateful for the rains, though - I have loved the summer. I always appreciate the beauties that surround me.

Just a short time until Jenna has her baby and I am so excited to be a grandma again. I can't believe it is almost time for this new little one to make her appearance. I don't know how Jenna is gonna do it - raise her from a distance. I have a feeling that Bailey will like her until she realizes that the new baby is a permanent fixture :o) - Bailey tickles me - I LOVE her quirky personality. Gunnar is quiet and reserved and I LOVE that he is kind. Kamryn is a talker and is starting to blossom and loving meeting and talking to people. I LOVE that she is HAPPY and Trentin is a sweet, quiet little guy. I LOVE that he is SWEET.

Jenna and Weston are doing well - he is such a hard worker and good husband and father. So GLAD he picked her! Tad is loving the mines again and is happy in Morenci. Just need to find him a wife so he can start a family...any ideas?
Troy and Maggie have had some struggles and hopefully can overcome them. I worry to death about Maggie and she doesn't seem to get it. She will be the death of me and I thought that was all behind me when she got married. Guess it shows, you truly never get a break from the worries of your family.

Hoping all is well with everyone. Much love and have a happy week.

I told all four of them to "smile" and this is what I got. Sadie's expression says it all!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raining Cats and Dogs

I went to pick up Kamryn and Trentin on Sunday night after work and it had come a turd floater in town. As I went in the house I said, "it's raining cats and dogs outside", never giving that statement another thought. As Troy and I were loading the kids into my car, Kamryn asked Troy, "where's the cats and dogs it rained?" we laughed and he said, "I guess they melted". Little stinks hear everything and are so funny.

I had a late work schedule on Tuesday so I brought Kamryn and Trentin to play in the ditch. They had a ball. Had a quick lunch and off to work again. I miss my summer. I am enjoying the rains, everything is so pretty now and the rain makes the world fresh and clean. LOVE IT!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Love 7 Gypsies

One of my FAVORITE scrapbooking companies is 7 Gypsies. They have the COOLEST stuff on the planet.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

31 And Counting

2:32 a.m. July 3, 1979 I became a mother for the first time. A long awaited event to end in hurt beyond imagination. A life experience where I knew for sure that the plan of salvation was true, that my Heavenly Father was aware of my needs and that everything would be alright. My little sweetheart, perfect in every way, I missed her more than words could say. That life experience helped Don become a good father. When Jenna was born, he held her to get to know her, he was cheated of that chance with Damara. So today, I celebrated Damara's birthday. I am still the one that misses her, would love to have had the opportunity to watch her grow and become an adult as my other kids have done. I know I will have that opportunity still, depending on my worthiness and some days it doesn't look so good.

This morning I was out early weed eating when Kamryn pops out in her pajamas and looks at the mail box and said "grandma, I'm going to check your e-mail, ok?" - I chuckled because I know more than once she has asked me "what are you doing grandma?" only to hear, "I'm checking my e-mails".

Rode in the parade with the ATV club once again and gosh there was huge crowds up and down main street all the way to the Springerville Circle K. The most awesome float of all was the Abraham Lincoln by the Eagar 3rd Ward. He stood and he sat all under the direction of Dale Goodman and Steve Hamblin. Breathtaking, in a word!

After the parade we went for our annual cook out at mom's and dad's. Lynns family was there except Tim who was working. Met Jay's wife, Lynea (sp) beautiful girl from Mexico and she and Jay are HAPPY!

Had a cookout at my house for supper and then we waited for the fireworks to start. Kamryn and Trentin thought they were pretty cool. Sadie on the other hand, was just about to have a melt down. Freak dog! The final display was absolutely awesome, and I didn't get a picture of it. Want a good camera so I can mess with settings and get some good shots.

I have tried to explain to Kamryn we are celebrating America's birthday. Not quite there yet, but if we keep discussing it, maybe one day it will stick. I talked to her about Aunt Damara, she has heard of death, and in some ways she is worried about it and others curious about it. She thinks only old people die and sometimes worries when I tell her I am getting old that I am going to die. I reassure her that I won't any time soon. Oh these little people and the things they worry about.

Jenna and Weston camped with his family for the 4th. Didn't get to see them and was disappointed that I didn't. I know the kids had a ball camping and playing with Matthew and Lauren.

Tad had to work and only has the 4th off so he didn't come home. I haven't seen him in a while and I miss him.

Loriel had to work, too. Haven't seen her since October at Ralph's funeral. Time flies and life is so demanding sometimes.

I hope all had a good 4th. I did. Many moments to reflect on my blessings and am grateful for each and every one of them and of you!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The grandkids are always saying something that makes you wonder just where did that come from and makes you realize their perspective of this crazy world they live in.

With the plane crash on Friday, the whole town was a buzz with the news and total disbelief of what just happened. I personally got weepy when I sat on the porch at Safeway and watched fire engines from three neighboring communities come to our rescue. How blessed we are that in times of trial, it doesn't matter who you are or what you need, it is taken care of.

On Saturday night I was waiting for the news to come on and Kamryn was just about ready to wind down and go to sleep when the anchor man gave the little blurb of "up date on the plane crash in Eagar" news starting at 10:00. Kamryn looks up, sees the pictures, listens to his comments, looks at me and says, "just how did he know all of that?" She lives across the street from the auditorium so she knew the pictures, she heard about the crash and on Saturday we still couldn't get past their driveway to see the damage, but she was well aware of what was happening. I think I realized that she didn't quite understand how tv works, that news could be about here, too. Maybe she thought the guy in the tv lived there or who knows what she thought, but her comments tickled me and made me laugh.

On Sunday Trentin was saying "high school", trying to tell me about the school by his house. Big news for little guys.

My heart goes out to the families of the family that died in the crash and I am so grateful that as bad as it is, I realize how much worse it could have been. Makes us all think. Hoping all is well.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

She's Four Going On Fourteen...

Wednesday was Kamryn's birthday - I can't believe she is four. All of a sudden she and Gunnar are not "toddlers" any more - they are kids and it makes me sad. In a short while they will be in school. I was there when Kamryn was born - saw her mommy and daddy cry when they first saw her. I've been there for a lot in her little life and have enjoyed every minute (almost).She has blossomed and changed so much over the past year. She wanted a princess cake and her birthday party theme was princess and she loved it. She even got a crown and she wore it all evening.

Jenna, Weston and the kids were up last weekend for Emily's baby shower. It was so much fun to have them here and Kamryn could hardly wait for Gunnar to get here. She truly LOVES him and she spent a lot of time here with him. Gunnar and Bailey are growing so fast, too.

Mo Mo Sadie loves these little ones with all of her heart.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung (Maybe)

Went to the Valley for Easter. It was fun to spend time down there in the nice weather. Helped Jenna paint Gunnar's room and get him moved into it. He is excited to get a "ladder" bed (bunk) but Jenna doesn't want him to have one. I say he gets one just because.

Bailey and Gunnar are two funny little toots. They are constantly on the go and Bailey is quite quirky. Quite the dresser too, and she does it all by herself. Black and Orange flowered skirt, purple and pink flowered leggings, a pink t shirt, yellow cinderella high heels, and a pink bling purse. Weston had to take her into the bank in that outfit and I think he might have been a little embarrased. While Jenna and I were sorting piles of baby clothes in her room, she puts on a pink bomber style winter hat and a pink pair of mittens and adds to the outfit along with some necklaces or whatever. You NEVER know what she will wear. She said "mo mo sadie do you want to see my owie?" and I said "yes". Off comes the underwear then the flowered skirt and I'm looking at Weston and said "she's making me a little nervous, where is that owie?" we watch in amazement as she sits on the kitchen floor and shows me the scratch on her KNEE. Weston said, "she stripped for that?"

Quite the talker, we were coming out of Lowe's on Monday morning with paint, Jenna is telling Bailey something and Bailey says very matter of factly "yeah right" - I just about busted a gut. WHERE did she hear that?

Gunnar is quite competitive (we didn't realize that) and on Easter morning while they are doing their first Easter egg hunt and starting to realize that it is kind of fun you can see him wanting to get more than Bailey. They hunt for eggs three or four times and the last time we go into the living room and I'm sitting on the little couch watching everybody. No one is paying attention (he thinks) and while they are all looking at something else, Gunnar reaches in Bailey's basket and takes an egg. The look on his face was unforgetable and I just started cracking up. Jenna and Weston literally thought I was cracking up and then I quietly told them what just happened. If I hadn't seen it, no one would have ever known, it was so sly, so smooth and so sneaky and he did it with a smile!

I'm loving watching these kids grow up. The new baby (girl) will be here in August and we are excited. Trentin and Kamryn had Easter in Eagar and I was sad they didn't get to go to the Valley but they can't always go when I go :o( Kamryn got the pink jump rope she was asking for so she thought the Easter bunny is an alright guy.

There are so many things to be doing (house work, painting, yard work, scrapping) that I feel somewhat overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.

We spent Saturday evening at Laurie's with she and Lauren while the guys went to Priesthood meeting. On Sunday we went over for Easter dinner. Neal and Laurie are so good to Jenna and I love them for that. She is truly blessed to be a part of their family.

We taped Conference since it's really hard to concentrate on the talks when you have toddlers running around so I'll be glad to watch it in the evenings. Gunnar is getting to where he will talk more on the phone but he doesn't hold a candle toKamryn...she will talk your leg OFF. Sorry to anyone that calls my house and she answers.

Mostly meanderings about the weekend, there were just a couple of cute, priceless moments that I will cherish just because I was there when they happened. My family is my life and I hope they know that.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Think She Broke My Freakin' Nose...

Well last month Kamryn gave me a black eye. The night before last she was sleeping with me, plopped her head backwards and hit my nose dead on. Before I can sit up blood is GUSHING from both nostrils. I can't breathe and I hit the bathroom on a dead run. Blood is running everywhere, I get the water on in the sink and after a few minutes I finally get the bleeding to slow then stop. I look in the mirror and I have a cut on the outside of my nose (bridge) and I swear I thought my nose looked crooked. I still can't breathe out the right nostril and Kamryn is nowhere to be found. I think when I yelled SHIT< SHIT...she hid out. It hurt like a son-of-a gun and yes, I was pretty vocal about the hurt. I clean up all of the blood and start a load of towels and bath rugs and find Kamryn hiding in the floor of my room. We crawl into bed and she is careful to stay away from me and falls asleep. Before I fall asleep, I think, "how am I gonna explain another black eye from the same kid?" Hopefully it won't turn black but who knows. Kamryn tells her mother this morning, "you're gonna be so happy... I didn't hurt your mother last night". Ok...Elder abuse is alive and well here in my house. Hopefully not in yours.

Damned wind is blowing and I am just about half cranky - others are in full swing. I'm holding back some till tomorrow when the snow flies AGAIN. Typical Round Valley Spring. Sunshine, wind, snow, calm and that's just in fifteen minutes!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

I can't believe that next weekend will be Easter. Where is the time going? My life has been so crazy since January. I'm hardly ever home and I miss being home. I'm more comfortable being a "barista" because the drinks don't freak me out quite so much. At first I wasn't sure I had what it took to work at Starbucks.

The kids are all busy with their lives. Loriel is in school in Tucson, Adam works in California. Weston and Jenna are raising their little family in Gilbert and he works so hard to provide for his family. I am so proud of him. Tad is living and working in Morenci - the mine is getting ready to crank up the 1st of April. He was home last weekend to get his mine stuff, his fishing gear and his golf clubs. I guess he's prepared for anything.

Troy got a job with MM Sundt in St. Johns and they are back in their house. He too, works hard to provide for his family and I am proud of him.

I love being a grandma and love to see and hear what the kids are up to. They absolutely melt my heart. Being "grandma", "momo sadie" or "mamaw" is the thrill of my life.

I have the day off and I should be accomplishing stuff but the *#&$( wind is blowing (you know the Round Valley springs) and I just want to sit in my chair and watch a good movie and you know what? That's just what I might do!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Black Eye

Well the other day Kamryn wanted me to lay down by her and watch a movie. She got up for something then when she laid back down she just plopped her head back and hit me on the brow bone...OUCH! I saw white lights and got a huge knot. In a few days the knot went down and left this colorful reminder of our little bump. I'm sure a few people have wondered what happened, but none have asked.
I'm doing the Census making Job #4. I work part-time at Starbucks, Census, helping with the newspaper for the Jamboree and Elections. I should really be rolling in the dough LOL, but alas I think all I'm doing is getting too pooped to pop.
Bailey had her 2nd birthday in January during the big storm so I didn't venture out. Maggie and I took the kids and went down for Gunnar's birthday in February. The kids had a ball playing together. The weather was perfect and they played outside from morning till dark.
I am getting a new car soon, so I will be making the trip again and I can hardly wait. Miss those babies.
Other than being tired, I really don't have a clue what is happening around town - hope all is well. Love Mo Mo Sadie

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday Season Begins

Officially birthday season begins on January 2nd with MY birthday. Then we move on to the 17th for Weston, the 22nd for Bailey and fast forward into February with Tad's on the 4th and Gunnar's on the 11th. Moving right along - Trentin has a birthday on March 8th, Loriel on March 14th, my dad on March 19th and then we take a little break until May for Kamryn on the 26th and Grandma Mary on the 28th.

We take June off - Ed has a birthday on July 25th, Jenna's new baby will have an August birthday, September 18th is Maggie's birthday; Grandma Doris is October 16th - Don is November 1, Troy is December 3 and Jenna is December 9.

Scattered in there is Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and anniversaries. Basically there is something going on every month of the year. Some months are like "oh crap..."
But I do have to say I have it easier than Velda...all of her's are March, April and May, except for Cord who showed up in August.

Getting excited about going to the Valley this weekend to have a combined birthday party for Bailey and Gunnar. Her birthday was during the big storm and I was working so I didn't get to go to the Valley. I'm excited that Maggie and the kids will be going too - Gunnar and Kamryn really love each other and they will be fun to watch.

Hope this week is good for all.

Monday, February 1, 2010

And They're Back!

Maggie called last week and said that Troy might be laid off as the job was starting to wind down. Last hired, he would be one of the first to be let go. If he made it through the lay off that week he definitely would be let go on the 9th of February. On Thursday Maggie called with the news that Troy was laid off and could work through Saturday and then they would head home. As sad as I was for them to be laid off, I was so excited to know they would be home soon. Sunday at 5:45 p.m. they walked through the door and I was so excited to see them. Kamryn was first through the door and the rest is history. Trentin changed the most in the three months they were gone - he has gotten a little taller, seems more like a toddler and less like a baby. He will be 2 in March.

We had an early birthday party for Tad (his birthday will be Thursday and he will be in Morenci) so that was fun. He grilled steak and shrimp while we made baked potatoes, broccoli (my kids have always loved broccoli) and a salad. I went all out and let Safeway do the cake :o(

Tad, his boss Brian and his mine boss, Gary left this morning to go back to Morenci. I've watched over the years and he makes good friends.

Troy is looking for work, hope he finds something soon and that they can stay home. Maggie is cleaning up their house so that they can move back in and I am playing grandma today with Kamryn and Trentin. Our agenda includes (in no particular order) bath, shower, making cookies, making punch, tea party, naps, lunch, snacks, hugs and kisses and naps and resting and...I'm looking forward to the day.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Well on the 6th of January I applied on-line to work part-time at Starbucks in Safeway; on the 8th of January I tested with the Census to be a Census worker. On the 11th I interviewed at Starbucks; the 13th I went in for training and the rest is history. I am now a "barista" at Starbucks (20 hours a week) and so intimidated I can't stand it. Doesn't anyone just drink coffee? What the heck is a Caramel Machiato? What's a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte? These and other questions just about did me in. I really wasn't sure I would be able to learn but alas, it is coming slowly but surely. I didn't just wake up one morning and say "I'm bored...I guess I'll look for work". I got notice from the State of Arizona that because I turned 55 on the 2nd of January and my combined years of service with the School District, they were transitioning me from disability to retirement. I'm thinking why? Made a phone call and got the rest of the pay check until March while they get their system updated (or whatever) so I HAD to find work and in this economy it's a crap shoot. I have pursued every avenue available to me - I even thought I might end up as the roller skating car hop at Sonic :o( I'm also thinking I could go to work for the State Retirement System - I KNOW I could figure out a way to speed things up down there - after all I am NOT new to the system and WHAT does it take to switch from disability to retirement - come on, I've been with you guys for 30 years now - I'm not a new comer.

Some mornings I am up at 4 and to work at 5 to sell coffee - other days I am mid-day and still others I am 12:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. LONG hours on my feet, no breaks, no food and once-in-awhile samples of drinks so that when I get home I am one tired poopsy.

Tad went to Morenci for an interview on the 19th and I called him and told him to not come home...I had a combined total of 13 inches of snow at my house last week and then it snowed again this week. I like the snow, I know we need the moisture, but...

Troy was laid off yesterday and will work through Saturday and then they are on their way home. I'm sorry the lay off came so soon but the selfish part of me is so excited that they are coming home that I can't stand it.

The neighbor dogs are outside the fence driving Sadie and Allie nuts and I'm about ready to load the shotgun with rock salt and let Sparky and Jackass (not their real names) have something to yip about. Then I'm gonna knock the poop out of Sadie and Allie for barking and carrying on with them.
Did I tell you that Jenna is expecting? August 17 and we are so excited. She wants a girl to be close to Bailey and Weston wants a boy. Doesn't matter - it's gonna have to live with me because I can tell you know that Bailey WILL NOT LIKE IT! Weston took Gunnar Javalina hunting and left Bailey at home and she was mad ALL DAY long and let him know about it when he got home.

Oh...Weston had a birthday on the 17th and Bailey turned 2 on the 22nd. I didn't get to go to the Valley for her birthday. I hope to go in February so maybe we can celebrate both Bailey and Gunnar's birtdays. He turns 4 on the 11th of February. I can't believe how fast they grow up. Trentin will be 2 in March and Kamryn will be 4 in May...yikes!

Anything else? Gosh...this month has flown and so much going on but we are doing well. Tad got a new truck (used and no payments) and is looking forward to his move to Morenci. Life moves forward - life is good. Hope all of you are well.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting Out With a BANG!

So after a calm, uneventful scrap-filled New Year's Day I was thinking...not too bad. A rather quiet birthday on the 2nd (now I qualify for Senior Discounts?) again, thinking not too bad. I went to eat with Tad and Robert on Sunday (yes, I broke the Sabbath and my fast) then on to church. As each person bore their testimony, I reflected on my own testimony and on my many blessings. Got home from church, noted that Tad's bag was no longer by the front door (did he really put it up like I asked?)picked up my cell phone, dialed Tad and no answer, then went out the back door while it was still light and warm (yah, like there has been any warmth for the last month), got a load of wood in, watered the dogs, went back in took my Church clothes off and went into the bathroom. The phone rings. I don't get out in time and it rings again, I answer to hear Janessa say that Tad has hit a tree and they (George & Lacey) are bringing him to the ER. I asked in shock, what happened, she didn't know. They didn't have phone coverage, I was at church and her job was to let me know what was going on. I hurriedly change clothes and get ready to meet them at the hospital. I hear my answering machine beeping take a minute to see what it is and it is Janessa telling me that I need to call her as soon as I get this message.

I drove to the hospital and they aren't in with Tad so I sat in the parking lot. I thought about calling Jenna and Maggie but I didn't know what to tell them. My phone rings, it is Lacey saying that Tad doesn't want to go to the ER - I told her he has no choice. My phone rings and it is Jenna and I tell her what I know. Hang up and my phone rings and it is Maggie and I tell her what I know. I am thinking that what are the odds that both girls would call within seconds of each other while I am waiting for them to bring Tad in.

They arrive, I get out and George and Lacey get out. Tad gets out, he is bloody and not able to stand and I can tell he isn't doing well. He is adamant that he isn't going in there and I told him that it was not his decision to make. We get him in the ER - I sign him in and the nurse (Kelly Crowther...?) takes him in and asks us to wait. I then try to find out what happened and here's what George told me. Tad decided to go to Morenci (George nor I knew this) hit some ice, slipped off the road and was stuck. Had cell phone coverage and called for George to come and help him. Knowing that I was in church, Roberta was out of town, George called Lacey (his daughter-in-law) to go with him in case they needed the help. In the meantime, someone comes along and pulls Tad out and Tad then decides to turn around and go back home. He said that he was driving too fast, he wanted to get to the top of Turkey Burn/Campbell Blue and let George know he was out and coming back and that George didn't need to come. Tad hit an icy spot on a bad curve and went off the right side of the road. Tad told George his truck was bad. A couple that lives in Alpine was coming up the trail and picked Tad up and was heading toward Alpine. Tad was in and out of it but came in again to see George and asked the people to flash George. George loaded Tad in his truck and started home with him. Officer Hererra from the Town of Springerville shows up and he is allowed in. Tad is angry and tells the nurse to get him out of there. They finally tell me I can go in and Tad is throwing up. They have pigtails for iv in his left arm, his head is bleeding. He continues to throw up for a long time and finally he is through. They put the iv stuff (don't know what it was) in and Tad is laying back, saying that his chest hurts. He tells me that he 1) crawled out the passenger side window 2) was ejected and watched his truck roll down the cliff 3) doesn't have any idea how he got his coat because he didn't have it on in the truck. They are wanting to take him for a cat scan and for xrays. The policeman is waiting to talk to Tad. We shuffle in and out and the best we can figure is that Tad was going too fast, maybe looked down at his cell phone, looked up and it was too late and hit the ice and over he went.

Deputy Dayson Merrill from Apache County shows up and said that DPS will investigate. Chad and Robert show up. Chad calls other friends and Officer Taylor and his wife come down. Jolene, Cheyenne and Austin come in from the ranch. Many people are concerned for Tad. Somewhere after nine or so they have the xrays done, the cat scan done, etc. and they tell us that Tad has a concusion (that is why he is throwing up and can't recall some things) and that after observation he will go home.

It's 11:00 and I am in a daze. Tad and I are talking, he feels like crap and we go to bed. I wake up on Monday morning and the realization of the last day sets heavy on my heart and mind. We call the insurance company, the towing company, George and head to Alpine to get the stuff out of Tad's truck. We round the curve to Alpine Garage and my breath caught when we saw this... not even recognizable as Tad's truck. Tad walked down to the office to give Rex his insurance info and George and I just looked at the truck in disbelief. The two guys that towed it in told us that they spent an hour looking for bodies in the snow, there was no way that anyone survived this wreck. Zack, the young kid that went up and down the mountain with Tad's belongings in the cold and snow crawled in the truck and handed us things we could see that Tad wanted. His cell phone, wallet, ipod, gun, etc. They were all there, unbelievable. On the way home we had to pull over for Tad to throw up. The realization of what he survived was starting to set in. He didn't even recognize his own truck at first. He is blessed and I have tried to counsel with him of that knowledge and what responsibility that he has. A long week in front of him, he will be ok. He walked away with thisrequiring 4 staples. He has no serious internal injuries, just lots of hurts and shortness of breath. He still has a hard time with some memory things (my gosh, is he gonna be on the short bus?) He is lucky, he is alive, he is a blessing and I'm gonna kill him for taking ten years off my life. Rex told me when I went back Monday afternoon to get Tad's keys and some other stuff in the truck that it was the second worst accident he has seen in twenty three years.

We take it a day at a time - you know one step forward, two steps back...

Jenna and Weston were here for the weekend and it was so much fun to have them here. Bailey Boo is getting to be so much fun - she has kind of taken a liking to me and I love that. Gunnar told his mother that Mo Mo Sadie is wild...(what does he mean?)

Bailey had several tea parties for Teddy Ruxpin, baby, Elmo and herself. They wanted to "eat"chips, cereal with, fruit snacks, water... she was so cute and would give everyone something to eat then go around the table and eat what she wanted out of their plates (marshmallows out of the cereal for example :o) Ali was grateful for messy babies because every once-in-awile something would hit the floor. She has learned that with Bailey and Trentin there is always a strong possibility of something hitting the floor. With Trentin it was on purpose, a bite for him, a bite for Ali.

At night time, Bailey's babies had to go to bed with her too. I LOVE being a grandma to these babies. They make my heart smile.

Troy and Maggie have only been gone two months and it seems like forever. Kamryn, Trentin and I can talk on the phone now and I don't cry the whole way through. By the time I get used to them being gone, they will be home (I hope).

I'm alone again at the end of the weekend when the kids have been here and it is sooooo quiet. I miss all of them and wish they lived closer. I wish for all of you a good week with love and laughter.

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