Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Snow

Woke up to a beautiful morning yesterday. Fresh fallen snow made everything look magical. I put Ali and Sadie out - Sadie has always loved the snow. This was Ali's first snow and she loved it. Made me enjoy the snow even more watching a dang dog learn about the world around her. It was cold all day long - hated to go out. Hated to have to go get wood in. That's the one thing about winter I don't like. Having to build fires. I wish there was an affordable alternative. By the time spring comes I am so SICK of the ashes, wood, dust mess from fires. Although there is absolutely nothing better than sitting in your easy chair feeling the warmth of the fire and watching a movie or reading a book. I guess I'm nuts.

Bottom line...I'm in awe of the beauties that surround me. I am in awe of the grandkids exploring and discovering their world. I am even in awe of a dog exploring her world. Maybe I have too much time on my hands. Love to all.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Primary Program

Today was our ward's Primary Program. I got settled in and when all of the kids got up on the stand I almost cried. I grew to love those kids when I worked in the Primary and to see them today sing all of the songs we worked on all year and to do their little speaking parts just made my heart miss them so much. They sang so LOUD - thanks to Brother Smith. He has done an amazing job with the kids. It was truly a fun thing to watch and enjoy. I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to work with them and with the teachers and Amie, Jodi and Mia.

Some of the primary kids at my last primary activity. They had sundaes...

Went on a quad ride on Saturday. Todd and Carmen organized a "night" ride - we took part of the Hank Sharp ride and others and rode to Alpine, ate at Bear Wallow and came back home. It was dark when we left Alpine and we made some good time getting home - just about 2 1/2 hours. It wasn't too cold and I had a good time with some good people. We put on our cold gear in the Bear Wallow parking lot - I felt like the little kid on A Christmas Story - you know the one that couldn't move...well that's how I felt with my clothes and cold gear on. I stayed warm, had a good time and that's all that mattered.

This weekend will be Halloween. It will be fun to see the neices and nephews in their costumes. You never know what to plan on for Trick-or-Treat - some years they eat you out of house and home and others you only see a handful. Basha's is doing the hot dogs and hot chocolate in their parking lot and the church parking lot will be trunk or treat. Sonic is doing 50 cent corn dogs that night, too.

Fall is here, and I didn't get out on the mountain to see the fall leaves. Yesterday, most of the leaves were off the trees. I then focused on the possible Christmas trees and if you could get in to get some of them in December, WOW!

I am always amazed and grateful for the beauties that surround me. I love the mountain, love the seasons. I appreciate the desert beauty. I am in awe of the ocean. I know that these creations are only a small part of what Heavenly Father created for us. I am grateful that I am wise enough at this point to appreciate them and love them and to recognize the blessing of them.

Have a great week. Love to all.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home Alone

I got an email on the 28th of September from Sabina (Adams) O'Hara entitled "News"... I opened it at 6:44 p.m. and she had sent it at 6:42 p.m. - in it she tells me that Roland Adams had died that morning - apparent suicide and I just broke down and cried. I called each of my kids and told them and they were all sad and shocked. They know the pain of suicide and when Tad came in he asked me if I had talked to Sabina yet and I told him no - I just couldn't.

At about 6:30 a.m. on the 29th I got a call from Cindy Sanchez and she told me that Ralph had just passed away - such sadness and again I cried. Ralph bravely fought ALS - Lou Gerigh's disease for over 5 years. Cindy took care of his every need to the very end. She asked me to call Ed and Loriel. Ed was quiet - I know even though you think you are prepared - you aren't prepared for it to finally end.

Roland and Don were quite good friends - when our kids were little, we did a lot of things and had a lot of fun with Roland and Sabina. Amber was three years older than Amity and Jenna - but they all played well together. After Roland and Sabina's divorce, I remained friends with Sabina; Don with Roland. Mine and Roland's relationship became a little uncomfortable for him so I didn't see him much. I have to say that I appreciate so much his support of my three kids when they each married. As hard as it might have been for him, he still came to each of their receptions. Sabina and I call each other once-in-awhile; we send Christmas cards back and forth and always news of events for our kids.

Ralph and Ed were best friends since 3rd grade in Safford. Ralph was a down to earth kind of guy who had the biggest heart ever. He became Loriel's "Uncle Ralph", helping Ed raise her off and on until she was grown. Ralph was Ed's best man at our wedding 12 years ago - I met he and Cindy just before we got married and Cindy and I became friends.

On Saturday the 3rd of October, Ed and I drove to the Valley for Ralph's memorial service. I'm so glad we went - both trucks gave us trouble so we weren't sure we were gonna make it. His family and friends paid a wonderful tribute to Ralph. Tad, Maggie and I went to Roland's memorial service in Greer on the 10th of October. We visited with Sabina and the girls and with Sabina's sister Lisa and her husband Stan. The people of Greer gave a very nice memorial for Roland - each of the three kids spoke and Amity gave her thoughts on her life with and without her dad. I applaud her for being honest and saying what many needed to hear.

I've reflected on these two men and the impact they had on each of my husbands. Seems kind of strange that Don's good friend and Ed's best friend died a day apart. Through Roland and Ralph I've learned some good things and appreciate what they did for Don and Ed and for our kids.

I went to the Valley on the 11th for my dr. appt. he says I'm doing well. As it gets colder I will slow down and kind of "hole up" for the winter. The new "biomedics" that are advertized on tv sure do look wonderful and from what my dr. tells me, they are. Just cost $1500 and up every 4 to 6 weeks. IF you have fantastic insurance, that might be the way to go. But for way.

I hauled some craft stuff down to Jenna and she spent Monday and part of Tuesday doing them. She painted her ghost candle holders and they were so cute. Maybe Maggie will get hers painted one of these days. Jenna's magnet board looks nice too - we did a fall layout and a couple of calendar pages today and she was pleased with them.

I came home on Wednesday - Gunnar rode with me to Show Low. I followed Jenna and Bailey up the mountain. We stopped in Show Low because Bailey was SCREAMING - I put her in the car seat in the front of my truck and she chattered all the way to Eagar. We've had a busy few days - the park; playing with Kamryn and Trentin; canning beets; Grandma Doris' birthday; baking cookies, playing; sleeping; eating; playing; camping out in the living room; - my living room looked like a bomb went off and it looked that way for days. Amanda came over to watch a movie with Jenna on Friday night - she might have been shocked to see a tent set up in the living room and every toy the kids had in the middle of the floor. The kids had fun and that's all that matters.

Ed left at 1:00; Jenna and the kids left at about 3:30; Tad has been gone since Wednesday morning guiding in New Mexico and Maggie and her kids are at home. I'm home alone and the quiet is way toooo quiet.

These four grandkids are the best thing that has happened to me. I love each of their personalities. Gunnar is quiet and laid back; Kamryn is talkitive and fiesty; Bailey is talkitive and spunky; Trentin is quiet and sweet. Put them all together and you have somebody doing something every second of every day. I LOVE them.

I haven't had time to blog stalk - hope all is well for all of my friends and family. I love all of you.

Not as an afterthought - just so far behind in blogging I forgot...My mom celebrated her 72nd birthday on Thursday. Nola, Tanya, Sarah, Jenna, Maggie and I took mom to lunch at Booga's. It was fun to get together - that night Mom, Dad, Lynn, Laura, Larry, Nola, Ronnie, Kaylinn, Ed and I went to dinner at Safire. Mom had a big day celebrating. I love my mother - she will do anything for anybody. She is "grandma Dora" to Kamryn - grandma to everybody else. Love you mom.

Monday, October 5, 2009


My sister is 50... can you believe it? I can still remember when she was born. I don't remember much about her being a baby, just the day she was born. I remember being about 9 in this picture and she would have been about 4. I still remember the dresses mama made us - Easter was a BIG dressy day for little girls. I got new shoes and socks and they even make gloves anymore? Nola's dress was just like mine but she got a FULL slip and her skirt stuck out more than mine. She had naturally curly blonde liked to play with Toni home perms so I got a perm whenever the mood struck her :o( My little sister was cute and everybody loved her. I can't remember life without her. As we grew up, she was lots braver than I was and got into more trouble. She loved to eat peanut butter and her favorite meal of all time was french fries. She became a picky eater and I don't know how, because we ate everything at home. Now she won't touch an onion, peas, carrots, etc. She's a great cook and a good mother and grandmother. She's the best sister ever, has the BIGGEST heart and will do anything for anybody at any time. This was taken in 1973 - just before Don got home from his mission. Those were the days when I was thin. Nola was always the prettiest of the two of us. I think I might have been jealous. She had tons of friends and was a good friend. A crappy room-mate for me though. She was a pack rat and collected rocks and had them in egg cartons under her bed. I would get mad at her messes and finally moved out to the den because we didn't use it anyway. Went to work and when I got home that night, she and mom had moved Nola into the den with me! Got a call from her a few years back when she told me she and the girls were going to Vegas to see "George" Strait. I said cool...she said, you're going too. We did - had an absolute ball. She and the girls were up 24/7 - I had to take a break and get some sleep. We went to Krispy Kreme and sat on the floor of the casino and had donuts and milk. Nola always has a laugh - she enjoys life. Her life hasn't been easy, she has had to work TOO hard for too long. She is still kind and generous and loving. I am honored to be her sister. There was a song out in the 60's "Norman" - it was her favorite song and she called herself Norman. Another song, "Just Walk on By" had a line "wait on the corner" - she always sung LOUD - "wait in the cellar". That's her point of reference. There weren't any corner's in Nutrioso, but we dang sure had a cellar. After moving to town - we (Lynn, Nola and I) went to a movie one night and on the way home stopped at Burt's liquors for one of the "roasted" chickens and took it home and ate it. After we finished it off, Nola said, "well, we just raped a chicken"...we just about choked. That's Nola. You never know what she's gonna say or do, just be prepared for anything. I love you!

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