Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Day of 2009

Today is New Year's Eve - the last day of 2009. What a year! Everyone has been hit by the economic crunch in one way or another but have still been blessed.

Jenna and Weston moved into a new home last December and have been slowly painting and making it theirs. Gunnar turned 3 and Bailey turned 1. In a short while they will be having birthdays - Jenna's is in December; Weston and Bailey's are in January and Gunnar's is in February. They are expecting baby no. three in August.

Tad has been guiding mostly in New Mexico. He does all kinds of stuff to make a living, he's quite handy that way. He hopes to get on in the mines this coming year. He really liked his job down in Morenci.

Troy and Maggie moved to Gillette, Wyoming in November for a temporary job. I know that you have to do what you have to do to make a living, but I cried for days when they took Kamryn and Trentin so far away. I still miss them like crazy. Kamryn turned 3 in May and Trentin turned 1 in March. Troy had a birthday in December and it was he and Maggie's anniversary in December, too. Maggie's birthday was in September. I can hardly wait for them to get closer to home.

Loriel moved back to Tucson because it was so expensive to go to school in California. Adam is working out there so they go back and forth when they can. She does so well in school and is doing it all on her own.

I love being mo mo sadie to Gunnar and Kamryn; sadie to Bailey and mamaw to Trentin. Don't care what they call me, just love them so much it makes my heart hurt.

I had a good Christmas in the Valley with Weston and Jenna. It was fun to see the kids have Christmas - I've never done that before. I hated to have to come back home to an empty house - but somebody has to do it.

I hope for my family and friends a Happy New Year full of prosperity and peace and the blessings that only our Father in Heaven can give. Thank you for being you and being in my life.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brrr...Baby's It's Cold Outside

Man the weather is something else...we're expecting the temperatures to drop even more through Tuesday and they even say we could get some snow. Friday night it was 12 degrees when Velda and I were coming home from Show Low. That morning everybody reported temperatures in town ranging from -6 to -2 below. Tad who NEVER gets cold even moved to the couch in front of the fire. He had the junk that was going around a couple of weeks ago, must have weakend him.

I've been trying to get ready for Christmas. I don't want Christmas this year. I want ALL of my babies home for Christmas, ALL of them. They will all spend Christmas either at home, in the badlands of Wyoming or hunting something. Ed offered to have me go to the Valley for Christmas. He said he would watch the dogs for me. Depends on how the month goes. I would like to spend Christmas with the grandkids. When I went out to get wood in I looked up and saw the star on Flat Top. I am so glad that the youth in our stake make the sacrifice to carry gas up the hill every night in December for us to have that glorious star! I loved that star when I was growing up and even more now.

Kamryn told me the other day, "Gramma, I come your house, THIS ISN'T FUN!" Made me laugh and cry at the same time. No it isn't fun sweetheart, but this will be good for all of us. How come that that doesn't kill us makes us stronger in so many ways?

I've been reflecting on the last year and it has been a really hard year for my family in many ways. The economy has affected all of the kids in different ways. Loriel was forced to come back to Arizona for school - it was just too expensive in California. Weston's work has been slow, but he is a hard worker. Tad still guides and fills in which gets him by, but that's about it and Troy and Maggie had to leave town for work. I hope that we each learn something from this, put it to use and are better prepared for the future.

I am grateful for all that I have. Grateful for the blessing of being a wife, mother and grandmother. Grateful for my health and the abilities that I still have. Grateful for this country, grateful for those who serve. I am grateful for the gospel and for our living Prophet and for those who serve with him. I am grateful to live in a small town, grateful for dear friends and family.

I hope that this holiday season brings blessings to each of you. Love to all.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yesterday I went to the service for Cody Geisler, my third cousin on the Rogers side. His death is such a sad tragedy but his service was quite nice and was well-attended. I lost it and wept when the police escort left the auditorium parking lot with Chuck (Cody's dad) following them in his big truck and Cody's casket on the low boy. Hearing his air horn and knowing how hard this must be for a daddy to have to do, I just cried. My heart breaks for Dustie and for Chuck. I am so sad for Chelsea and for baby Cache. They have some long hard days ahead of them and the sad fact that his baby who isn't quite a year old won't remember his daddy. When we got to the Rogers Family Cemetary in Nutrioso, there were a lot of people there, too and the snow started coming in and it was cold and yet there was a good feeling around. I stood there looking at my dear family members who have lost loved ones that are buried there. My cousin Charlene had a still-born baby that is there. Sherry's son Shawn McCall is there. My baby, Damara is there. Homer's boys Kaelsy and Steven are there and now Cody. Sherry said, there are too many young ones here and I agreed. Don is there next to Damara; my Grandpa Rogers' brother Albert is there; my Grandma and Grandpa Rogers and Uncle Jimmy are there. My two Aunts, Lela and Marie are there. And time will bring other loved ones there and it made me sad. Of the blessings of the day, I was able to express my gratitude for the Gospel in my life and the hope that it gives me. I am grateful for the Plan of Salvation - the plan of happiness. I gained my testimony of it when I lost Damara. It became so real to me. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we will see our loved ones again. We will be with them again. I am grateful for dear friends and family. To see my cousins yesterday (most of the uncles weren't at the graveside) made me realize just how much I love each one of them. To see good people I have known many years made me grateful to live in a small town. The Geislers are good people. Hank said that it is an honor to have a Geisler in the Rogers Family Cemetary. I agree. They are now family. I am grateful that many people have been so kind to Dustie and Chuck and their families.

I am blessed to live in this land of freedom and choice. I am blessed to have the restored Gospel in my life. I am blessed to be a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a neice, a granddaughter and hopefully a friend. To all of you - I am grateful for the piece of my heart you hold.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

We Gather Together To Ask The Lord's Blessings...

On our dear family and friends on this Thanksgiving Day. Ed, Tad and I went to Nola's to eat today. It is so different not having all of the kids around. Had a wonderful meal, ate waaaaay too much and am blessed.

Jenna and Weston were coming up last night but their truck broke down and they had to literally limp back home and got there at 1:30 this morning. I was disappointed they couldn't make it up here but am thankful they got home safely.

Tad spent the morning meeting with his hunters and target practising as he will guide an elk hunt tomorrow. He had a good time scouting with Gunnar Hubbard this morning.

Maggie and Troy are having Thanksgiving with Kris and Leighann (sp). It will be different for Maggie too, her first time of not having Thanksgiving with some of her family. I miss them, miss the babies. When I talk to Kamryn, we usually both cry. She wants me to fly in an airplane to see her.

Tomorrow is black Friday for shoppers. Red Friday for those of us with no $$ - so what's new? I don't even have a clue what to do for everyone for Christmas and today I'm not even worried about it.

I hope that everyone has a nice Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all that I have and it is nice to kick back and think about my many blessings.

Love to all.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ripped My Heart Right Out...

Troy got the call he's been waiting for yesterday...a job. Yes, that's great. But they want him to work in Gillette, Wyoming on Thursday morning. He says yes and then begins the process of packing up their house, their clothes and their kids and heading out for Wyoming today. He's so grateful and excited for his job and while it may last as long as 4 months, that means that they took my two babies and left for Wyoming (ten million freakin' miles away for 4 MONTHS) and all I can do is cry. When I passed them coming from my house today, I turned around and followed them to the Short Stop and leaned in the back seat. Kamryn said, "grandma, we're going on a trip" and I said "I know" and broke into tears. It wasn't long before my little sweetheart was fighting tears and then crying with me. Trentin didn't know what was going on and came over and loved on me too. Man, they just ripped my heart right out. I will miss them because I see them just about every day, some days three or four times a day and now nothing for 4 Freakin' months. I will be calling but I won't be holding.

Last night Kamryn cornered Tad when he came in and started chatting and followed him down the hall. I could hear her talking his leg off and then it got quiet and I went to see what was going on and they were laying in bed watching tv. Checking back a little later, they were snuggled up in bed, both sound asleep and I wanted to cry because I knew she didn't have a clue what was gonna be happening to her little world. Sweet memories of the two of them.

I know this is a good thing, it will be good for Troy and Maggie to be away from here and be on their own together. It is hard to make a living here and in these hard times, you have to do what you have to do to make a living. I get that - I don't get the taking the kids so damned far away from home.

This post is about Kamryn and Trentin and my love for them and how much I'm gonna miss them. This may seem like I have two favorites, which I DO NOT. It's just that I've never gone more than a few days not seeing them and for a mo mo sadie this is something I've never experienced...not having any grandkids in town and this is gonna be a killer.

I'll miss Maggie popping in - I'll miss Troy. I wish them well. I love all of them, but tonight I know that I won't see them tomorrow or the next day...and I am sad.

I love being a grandma. I love talking to Jenna on the phone and having her tell Gunnar (who WON'T talk on the phone) and Bailey Boo that mo mo sadie loves them and then hearing their response. I see them sometimes every month, most times every other month. I love them and love keeping up with their lives. I have a new experience, watching Kamryn and Trentin grow long-distance.

Babies...all four of you, mo mo sadie loves you with all of her heart. I love you "a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck".

Monday, November 16, 2009

Holy Crap It's Almost Thankgsiving

Where in the heck did August,


and October go?

It is now the middle of November - Thanksgiving is NEXT week, I can't believe it. It has been a busy time for me for some reason and I am so far behind that I might never get caught up.

I finally tackled (with Troy and Maggie's help) the garage, the woodpile and the little bedroom. The garage and the woodpile are great. The little bedroom will be great once I get everything put in its place. Kamryn thinks it is neat to have her own room at grandma's, complete with a tv.

Troy and Maggie are leaving in the morning for Wyoming. He has a temporary job there and they are all going. I am so sad. I don't know what I will do not being able to see Kamryn and Trentin, especially during the holidays. I know they need the work and I know it will be good for them, but being selfish, I can't stand it that they are taking the kids away from here.

I've had a housefull for the last three weeks. Velda and Tristan have been staying with me and I think they are almost settled in their rental. Ed and Tad came and went and Grandma Mary was here, too. It's amazing how you can make sleeping arrangements work in a little house when you need to. I just wish my rooms were a little bigger to make it more comfortable for everyone, but you know what, we were all fine and we had what we need.

The cold for the last couple of days hasn't been too fun. I for one, have enjoyed our awesome fall. I dread the cold coming and staying. I hope we get the snow we need for a great spring and summer.

Hope all is well with all of you - Happy Thanksgiving to all.

PS...Kamryn followed me into the laundry room the other day and said, "grandma, what's that smell? I turned to look at her and asked "what smell" and I caught her saying "the one that smells like a skump". I cracked up. If I hadn't been looking at her I would have thought she was saying "skunk" but she was saying "skump". Trentin calls me mahmaw - oh I'm gonna miss these babies.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy 57

Yesterday would have been Don's 57th birthday. I thought about him all day long and how much we miss him and how much he is missing out on. He would have been the best grandpa ever - I would have come in as a distant second as a favorite if he were still here. It's been a long thirteen years in some ways and overnight in others. The twists and turns of life have been interesting, challenging, heartbreaking, joyful, wonderful, educational...I'm sorry he wasn't here to share the journey with us.

I've posted many times about him, so this will be short - I just wanted to say happy birthday, we love you, we miss you.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Snow

Woke up to a beautiful morning yesterday. Fresh fallen snow made everything look magical. I put Ali and Sadie out - Sadie has always loved the snow. This was Ali's first snow and she loved it. Made me enjoy the snow even more watching a dang dog learn about the world around her. It was cold all day long - hated to go out. Hated to have to go get wood in. That's the one thing about winter I don't like. Having to build fires. I wish there was an affordable alternative. By the time spring comes I am so SICK of the ashes, wood, dust mess from fires. Although there is absolutely nothing better than sitting in your easy chair feeling the warmth of the fire and watching a movie or reading a book. I guess I'm nuts.

Bottom line...I'm in awe of the beauties that surround me. I am in awe of the grandkids exploring and discovering their world. I am even in awe of a dog exploring her world. Maybe I have too much time on my hands. Love to all.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Primary Program

Today was our ward's Primary Program. I got settled in and when all of the kids got up on the stand I almost cried. I grew to love those kids when I worked in the Primary and to see them today sing all of the songs we worked on all year and to do their little speaking parts just made my heart miss them so much. They sang so LOUD - thanks to Brother Smith. He has done an amazing job with the kids. It was truly a fun thing to watch and enjoy. I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to work with them and with the teachers and Amie, Jodi and Mia.

Some of the primary kids at my last primary activity. They had sundaes...

Went on a quad ride on Saturday. Todd and Carmen organized a "night" ride - we took part of the Hank Sharp ride and others and rode to Alpine, ate at Bear Wallow and came back home. It was dark when we left Alpine and we made some good time getting home - just about 2 1/2 hours. It wasn't too cold and I had a good time with some good people. We put on our cold gear in the Bear Wallow parking lot - I felt like the little kid on A Christmas Story - you know the one that couldn't move...well that's how I felt with my clothes and cold gear on. I stayed warm, had a good time and that's all that mattered.

This weekend will be Halloween. It will be fun to see the neices and nephews in their costumes. You never know what to plan on for Trick-or-Treat - some years they eat you out of house and home and others you only see a handful. Basha's is doing the hot dogs and hot chocolate in their parking lot and the church parking lot will be trunk or treat. Sonic is doing 50 cent corn dogs that night, too.

Fall is here, and I didn't get out on the mountain to see the fall leaves. Yesterday, most of the leaves were off the trees. I then focused on the possible Christmas trees and if you could get in to get some of them in December, WOW!

I am always amazed and grateful for the beauties that surround me. I love the mountain, love the seasons. I appreciate the desert beauty. I am in awe of the ocean. I know that these creations are only a small part of what Heavenly Father created for us. I am grateful that I am wise enough at this point to appreciate them and love them and to recognize the blessing of them.

Have a great week. Love to all.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home Alone

I got an email on the 28th of September from Sabina (Adams) O'Hara entitled "News"... I opened it at 6:44 p.m. and she had sent it at 6:42 p.m. - in it she tells me that Roland Adams had died that morning - apparent suicide and I just broke down and cried. I called each of my kids and told them and they were all sad and shocked. They know the pain of suicide and when Tad came in he asked me if I had talked to Sabina yet and I told him no - I just couldn't.

At about 6:30 a.m. on the 29th I got a call from Cindy Sanchez and she told me that Ralph had just passed away - such sadness and again I cried. Ralph bravely fought ALS - Lou Gerigh's disease for over 5 years. Cindy took care of his every need to the very end. She asked me to call Ed and Loriel. Ed was quiet - I know even though you think you are prepared - you aren't prepared for it to finally end.

Roland and Don were quite good friends - when our kids were little, we did a lot of things and had a lot of fun with Roland and Sabina. Amber was three years older than Amity and Jenna - but they all played well together. After Roland and Sabina's divorce, I remained friends with Sabina; Don with Roland. Mine and Roland's relationship became a little uncomfortable for him so I didn't see him much. I have to say that I appreciate so much his support of my three kids when they each married. As hard as it might have been for him, he still came to each of their receptions. Sabina and I call each other once-in-awhile; we send Christmas cards back and forth and always news of events for our kids.

Ralph and Ed were best friends since 3rd grade in Safford. Ralph was a down to earth kind of guy who had the biggest heart ever. He became Loriel's "Uncle Ralph", helping Ed raise her off and on until she was grown. Ralph was Ed's best man at our wedding 12 years ago - I met he and Cindy just before we got married and Cindy and I became friends.

On Saturday the 3rd of October, Ed and I drove to the Valley for Ralph's memorial service. I'm so glad we went - both trucks gave us trouble so we weren't sure we were gonna make it. His family and friends paid a wonderful tribute to Ralph. Tad, Maggie and I went to Roland's memorial service in Greer on the 10th of October. We visited with Sabina and the girls and with Sabina's sister Lisa and her husband Stan. The people of Greer gave a very nice memorial for Roland - each of the three kids spoke and Amity gave her thoughts on her life with and without her dad. I applaud her for being honest and saying what many needed to hear.

I've reflected on these two men and the impact they had on each of my husbands. Seems kind of strange that Don's good friend and Ed's best friend died a day apart. Through Roland and Ralph I've learned some good things and appreciate what they did for Don and Ed and for our kids.

I went to the Valley on the 11th for my dr. appt. he says I'm doing well. As it gets colder I will slow down and kind of "hole up" for the winter. The new "biomedics" that are advertized on tv sure do look wonderful and from what my dr. tells me, they are. Just cost $1500 and up every 4 to 6 weeks. IF you have fantastic insurance, that might be the way to go. But for way.

I hauled some craft stuff down to Jenna and she spent Monday and part of Tuesday doing them. She painted her ghost candle holders and they were so cute. Maybe Maggie will get hers painted one of these days. Jenna's magnet board looks nice too - we did a fall layout and a couple of calendar pages today and she was pleased with them.

I came home on Wednesday - Gunnar rode with me to Show Low. I followed Jenna and Bailey up the mountain. We stopped in Show Low because Bailey was SCREAMING - I put her in the car seat in the front of my truck and she chattered all the way to Eagar. We've had a busy few days - the park; playing with Kamryn and Trentin; canning beets; Grandma Doris' birthday; baking cookies, playing; sleeping; eating; playing; camping out in the living room; - my living room looked like a bomb went off and it looked that way for days. Amanda came over to watch a movie with Jenna on Friday night - she might have been shocked to see a tent set up in the living room and every toy the kids had in the middle of the floor. The kids had fun and that's all that matters.

Ed left at 1:00; Jenna and the kids left at about 3:30; Tad has been gone since Wednesday morning guiding in New Mexico and Maggie and her kids are at home. I'm home alone and the quiet is way toooo quiet.

These four grandkids are the best thing that has happened to me. I love each of their personalities. Gunnar is quiet and laid back; Kamryn is talkitive and fiesty; Bailey is talkitive and spunky; Trentin is quiet and sweet. Put them all together and you have somebody doing something every second of every day. I LOVE them.

I haven't had time to blog stalk - hope all is well for all of my friends and family. I love all of you.

Not as an afterthought - just so far behind in blogging I forgot...My mom celebrated her 72nd birthday on Thursday. Nola, Tanya, Sarah, Jenna, Maggie and I took mom to lunch at Booga's. It was fun to get together - that night Mom, Dad, Lynn, Laura, Larry, Nola, Ronnie, Kaylinn, Ed and I went to dinner at Safire. Mom had a big day celebrating. I love my mother - she will do anything for anybody. She is "grandma Dora" to Kamryn - grandma to everybody else. Love you mom.

Monday, October 5, 2009


My sister is 50... can you believe it? I can still remember when she was born. I don't remember much about her being a baby, just the day she was born. I remember being about 9 in this picture and she would have been about 4. I still remember the dresses mama made us - Easter was a BIG dressy day for little girls. I got new shoes and socks and they even make gloves anymore? Nola's dress was just like mine but she got a FULL slip and her skirt stuck out more than mine. She had naturally curly blonde liked to play with Toni home perms so I got a perm whenever the mood struck her :o( My little sister was cute and everybody loved her. I can't remember life without her. As we grew up, she was lots braver than I was and got into more trouble. She loved to eat peanut butter and her favorite meal of all time was french fries. She became a picky eater and I don't know how, because we ate everything at home. Now she won't touch an onion, peas, carrots, etc. She's a great cook and a good mother and grandmother. She's the best sister ever, has the BIGGEST heart and will do anything for anybody at any time. This was taken in 1973 - just before Don got home from his mission. Those were the days when I was thin. Nola was always the prettiest of the two of us. I think I might have been jealous. She had tons of friends and was a good friend. A crappy room-mate for me though. She was a pack rat and collected rocks and had them in egg cartons under her bed. I would get mad at her messes and finally moved out to the den because we didn't use it anyway. Went to work and when I got home that night, she and mom had moved Nola into the den with me! Got a call from her a few years back when she told me she and the girls were going to Vegas to see "George" Strait. I said cool...she said, you're going too. We did - had an absolute ball. She and the girls were up 24/7 - I had to take a break and get some sleep. We went to Krispy Kreme and sat on the floor of the casino and had donuts and milk. Nola always has a laugh - she enjoys life. Her life hasn't been easy, she has had to work TOO hard for too long. She is still kind and generous and loving. I am honored to be her sister. There was a song out in the 60's "Norman" - it was her favorite song and she called herself Norman. Another song, "Just Walk on By" had a line "wait on the corner" - she always sung LOUD - "wait in the cellar". That's her point of reference. There weren't any corner's in Nutrioso, but we dang sure had a cellar. After moving to town - we (Lynn, Nola and I) went to a movie one night and on the way home stopped at Burt's liquors for one of the "roasted" chickens and took it home and ate it. After we finished it off, Nola said, "well, we just raped a chicken"...we just about choked. That's Nola. You never know what she's gonna say or do, just be prepared for anything. I love you!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Baby Is 25

Do I feel old? Not EVERY day, but some. I'm in deep (#%U with Maggie. I left town at 6:00 a.m. on the 18th and spent the weekend at Sprucedale. I didn't take my cell phone and didn't get her called on her BIRTHDAY :o( and she was MAD. In my defense, she won't answer her phone before 10:00 a.m. so how could I call her and wish her a happy birthday? Any hooo...I did remember her birthday, and thought about her through out the day.
Her hospital birth announcement picture. A nice, healthy baby with red hair and blue eyes. Her dad had chosen "Andrea Elizabeth" as her name but when she got here, he said it doesn't fit. We were waiting on the nurses to clean her up and bring her to us in the recovery room and I started naming names...when I got to "Maggie" - Don said "that's it". Maggie didn't get a middle name (I don't have one either) but we always called her Maggie Mae - even thought of officially adding "Mae", just never did. Known as "Mags", "Baggie Maggie", "Margaret" "Magpie"...the list goes on and on. I've always said her song is "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart.

Born at 11:02 p.m. on Tuesday, September 18, 1984. (She shares being born on Tuesday with her sisters, Damara and Jenna.) My fourth and final child, she was different from the get go. Because she would be our last, Don finally agreed to come into the delivery room with her. He sat at my head and kept his head down on the pillow most of the time (he wasn't into blood and guts). Don and I had high risk pregnancies and I wasn't supposed to get pregnant with her but we did and she was my healthiest baby. She had B+ blood, different from Don, Damara, Jenna and Tad who all had A+. A fiesty attitude from day one, nothing has changed. She was a joy as a baby and I am so glad that we had the blessing of being her parents. Maggie has challenged me in more ways than I can tell but through this, she is my most compasionate kid. She is at ease with old people, I guess due to Mimi. A beauty at 5 months - red hair and gorgeous, big, blue eyes.An adorable three year old. I think Kamryn looks an awful lot like her mama.

Third grade - 8 years old. A joy to be around (most of the time)

She has had some real challenges in her life due to the choices she made and has overcome much. I am proud of her and the good mother she is. I am proud of her house-keeping. Her house is usually always neat and tidy (kid messes don't count because they never go away).

She is non-judgmental, but she does like a good fight, even if she has to start it or keep the (*#$
stirring. I am always after her for that, but I don't know if that will ever change.
Her wedding announcement pictures. Maggie has turned into a beautiful young woman and I am so honored to be her mother. We lock horns quite a bit, but she doesn't hold a grudge. She has so many good qualities - I hope she uses them to make life good for her family and herself. She is tall and thin and in many ways, reminds me of her dad.

I LOVE her beautiful red hair and blue eyes. She has Don's eyes and I see it more and more, the older she gets. I LOVE you, Maggie and hope that you know I do even when we butt heads. Happy birthday - Mom

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Catching Up

I left town on Sunday and spent the week with Jenna and the kids in the Valley. We canned peaches and pears...left the applesauce for her to do or she's bringing the apples with her next weekend. Had a great time and hated to come home. Troy brought Kamryn down on Monday when he took Shannon and Saul to the airport so she spent the week with us too. The kids had a great time together. Kamryn loves "Uncle Weston" and always has. He took us out to Peter Piper Pizza on Wednesday night for pizza and games and the kids had a ball. They were too pooped to pop when we got them home.

I got home at about 5:00 yesterday evening, just in time to make it to Nola's for her "No Surprise" 50th birthday party. The girls had made red and green enchiladas, beans, salsa, guacamole and Lynda (Larry's sister) brought a really yummy squash caserole. Even though I just started my second round of HCG diet, I ate a spoonful of each and still lost weight!

This morning, Mom, dad and I finished the last of the corn. 35 more bags in the freezer. I picked Maggie up at noon and we went to the Stake Relief Society Christmas in September...missed lunch, which I understand is good, because there wasn't anything that I could eat there. We went to sonic and I had the grilled chicken salad sans everything but the lettuce and chicken. Not too bad and now I have to get back in the meal preparation mode so that the diet is easy to do.

I got a couple of signs for the girls to do and a couple of the ghost candle holders for them, too. They will have fun doing them.

Tad just got back into town from a hunt and will be going again. He likes to guide, I've always said he "lives to kill"...

Ed will be home next weekend - maybe on the motor cycle. Said his truck is leaking anti freeze and doesn't know why or how much $$. If it isn't one thing it dang sure is something else.

I am so far behind that it doesn't matter anymore. I have to start one day at a time, and before I die, I won't be caught up, but at least I will be one day closer. I missed the "fall" freeze so I was loving looking at the Escudilla yesterday coming into town. I have to get out on the mountain to see some color before it's gone. Amazing how quickly things change.

Have a good weekend and good week.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pre Jamboree Ride

Before the Jamboree started, Ed, Todd, Kamryn and I went for a short ride. I haven't been out for awhile and I loved it. Kamryn had the best time...I thought that she would probably ride with Ed because when he is around she does everything with Ed. When she saw that I was riding my "nn nn", she wanted to ride with Grandma :o) - she talked about the "jungle" and then I explained we were in the forest like in Bambi and then she wanted to look for a daddy deer. Never saw one, but she saw a squirrel cross the trail and climb a tree and she thought that was awesome. We stopped for a break and she had to ride on Ed's shoulders.We rode from my house up Water Canyon Road to Milligan Valley Road down the Maxwell Trail and through Sipes Ranch and across Picnic Hill and into the Rodeo Grounds. Kamryn got tired just before we got to Sipes Ranch and I could tell she was about to fall asleep and we got Ed's army coat out and made her comfy and sure enough before we got through the ranch she was out and just out of the ranch we saw this nice little buck still in velvet. She missed seeing the daddy deer :o( We had a great time and the mountain is beautiful right now. When we got to the Rodeo Grounds she was still sleeping......Grandma in her "doo rag" kind of sloppy looking, but who cares, I had a great time!...Kamryn modeling the "doo rag". I am so glad that we can get out on the mountain once-in-awhile. Sure does alot for my outlook to see the beauties that surround me. I'm glad the kids like riding the "nn nn's" too, great family activity!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Post Script

I guess I forgot to tell you who the new Primary Presidency is - Amy Smith; Jodi Brown 1st Counselor and Becky Crosy, 2nd Counselor. They will be great and they have a really great new Chorister...Kyle Smith. He is a hoot and the kids LOVE him! Yesterday they got to cut his tie off at the knot if they sang loud enough and by cracky - it is gone. Talk about a visual lesson - Kamryn is still talking about it!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


We were released from the Primary Presidency today. It was a day of mixed emotions. I have truly enjoyed serving in the Primary and LOVE the children. Some of them really tug at my heartstrings and I will be sad to not be with them every week. On the other hand, I'm surprised they kept me this long. When Bishop Talbot and Br. Haws showed up at my house in January I told them they had the wrong person...I cuss like a sailor. I only cussed once after a Scout activity - I had all of the boys in my truck and they were buckled in (thank goodness) and had just dropped a couple off and we were on 2nd Street heading west to Main street when the chick in the green car with pink hub caps pulled in front of me heading to the Library. (Must have had a first-come, first-serve something or other, because she was hell-bent to get there). I was at the turn, a white van with a mom and her children were coming out of the library and the nut cut right in front of me...come on, how hard is it to not see my red truck? I slammed on my brakes, put my arm out to restrain any air-borne kids and said "SHIT!"..."Sister Maloy!" comes from the back seat. The nut goes to the library - the lady in the white van looks at her, looks at me and throws up her hands, I am about to have a heart attack. I hate the responsibilty of hauling anyone's kids, I am always worried that something could happen and I would never forgive myself if something did. If I hadn't slammed, and I mean slammed on my brakes, I would have pushed the green car into the white van. Ditz...don't know who she is, but man, when I see her now, I give her a wide berth.

Anyway, pretty good for 8 months. The children have won my heart, especially the Jr. Primary. Those little kids are awesome and loving and smart and everyone of them are CHILDREN of GOD.

Kamryn and I went to Elyse and Marian's baptism yesterday evening. It was so nice. Tammy's four girls sang "Love At Home" (an Allred family favorite) accompanied on the violin by Nate Walter (Emily's husband). Touching and spirtual. Emily spoke on Baptism, Ryan baptized the girls and Tristan spoke on the Holy Ghost and Steve confirmed them. Nate then blessed Hallie so that the girls' ordinances are up to date. I was honored that Tammy asked me to say the closing prayer. I do love my neices and nephews and always am honored when they include me in their family things. Kamryn loved going to Steve & Velda's afterward for the bbq. She and Trentin played hard. She is proud of herself, she is no longer scared of Steve. "Belda" is becoming someone she is comfortable to be around and she loves playing with "my friends"...the girls. The girls are so loving, they hug everyone and you can tell that Tammy and Brando are wonderful parents.

I am grateful for the blessings of the gospel, the blessings of family, the blessings of friends.

Have a good day and a great week.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last of the Kennedys

This week the news that Ted Kennedy passed away brought to mind the Kennedy era in which I grew up. I remember being quite young when John Kennedy was elected president - don't recall the process, just that he was the president of the United States. I remember pictures of his young family, Jackie who was considered beautiful for her time and a classy dresser - her suits and dresses and her hats. I think everyone has seen the pictures of Caroline dressed in her little wool coat and John Jr. dressed in shorts. The times of dressing like that are gone for most people, maybe the people with money still dress their children like that.

I remember watching television and hearing President Kennedy's "ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country" speech. He is quoted from time-to-time. I remember hearing at school that President Kennedy had been assisinated and seeing for the rest of my life those pictures of the motorcade and the pictures of his wife and children. The conspiracy stories live and who knows what the real truth is. That is one of the questions I want to ask on the other side...and not that it's any of my business, but "did O.J. do it?"

A few laters, Robert F. Kennedy, who was running for president was assasinated and then you would see Ted emerging as a senator who made a name for himself through his many years of service. Sometimes the things we heard were not always as a public official should act - his extra marital affairs and the "we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, Mary Jo"...

We heard the stories of extra marital affairs of the President - we watched the family go through many struggles and probably thought they should have been above them. Bribery, accusations of murder, my goodness - their stories could make for a sit on the egde of you chair mini series.

I felt a real sense of sadness when John Jr. died and the horrible wait for the family as they searched the sea to find the bodies of his wife, sister-in-law and himself.

I have watched Caroline serve quietly and watched Maria serve quite publicly. The Kennedys have been known for service and for championing the under dog. They have a lasting legacy, be it good or be it tainted by the actions of some.

I guess we are all pretty much like them - we just don't live our lives in the public eye as they do. We too will have a lasting legacy and it will be known by the choices we made. Hopefully ours, too, will speak of service and hopefully lots of goodness.

I just got out of my truck and heard Ted Kennedy Jr. as he spoke of his father and heard his voice crack with the pain of losing a loved-one and it just made me think.

Today will be a good day...Elyse and Marian are getting baptized this evening. Tammy's girls are so sweet and I am honored that they have asked me to give the closing prayer. Hugs from those girls, ahhhh there's nothing better.

Tad is golfing with Larry and Duane. Ed is in Buckhorn. The kids are running through the house and playing and I'm just thankful for this day. Thankful for each of you. Thankful I hear the neighbor's lawn mower, thankful for the BEAUTIES that surround me.

Have a good day and love to all.

Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 1996

Thirteen years ago today our lives changed, never to be the same. Don's death has affected each of us in ways that we can't even describe. There are times I am so angry, no, mad as hell at him for checking out. He left us at the most critical time of the kids' lives. Jenna was 15 going on 16; Tad was 13 going on 14 and Maggie was 11 going on 12. I always thought the first few years were the most critical in a child's life and they are for learning and gaining the sense of who they are and where they fit in the world. But a teenager needs both parents, even though they don't think so. I know there were times after Don died that my kids wished that it had been me instead of him, heck, so did I. We balanced each other...he was the easy going, wise one. I was the mean, fly off the handle one. I bet the kids can count on one hand the number of spankings they got from their dad.

I get mad when they have trouble and need to talk to their dad. They have no one. Tad has a couple of good friends he will talk to but mostly not. Jenna, I think, talks to Weston. Maggie, I'm not sure about at all. With the recent trouble in Maggie's life, I think she had no one and that's part of her problem.

I get mad when a new grandbaby is born and Don isn't there to be grandpa...he would have been a wonderful grandpa.

I miss him so very much, and I always will. We started dating in High School and married after he got home from his mission. I thought we had it all. We struggled to have babies and he loved Jenna, Tad and Maggie so much. I always felt like I was the one who missed Damara - I carried her for 9 months then she died four days after she was born. He never got to be a daddy to her, so he was a good daddy to the other three.

I learned that you really never have it all. Satan is waiting for us to make one wrong choice and he's in. Unfortunately Don made some bad choices at the end of his life that ultimately took his life and it makes me so sad and sometimes mad. No matter what the choices he made, Don was a good person. He was kind and thoughtful and generous and fun and loved his little family.

I hope that before this life is over, I won't be mad any more. I hope that the sadness I feel for my kids will be replaced by the sweet hope of expectation.

In a short while we will be teaching the grandbabies about their Grandpa...the one that they never got to know here on this earth. They, too, will look forward to the time to see him, because he truly is somone to look forward to seeing again.

Hard as it is at times, it is a good life. Don wanted his kids to have a good life and to do better than he did. I hope that they know this and mostly, I hope they know that their dad loves them. I can promise them without reservation that he loves them and that wanting something better for them was part of the last choice he made here.

Our song was "Baby, I Love You" by Andy Kim...makes me miss him all over again. But hey, I love listenting to the oldies, you know our make out music of the 60's and 70's such fun times and such good memories.

Yes, Don, I love you and I miss you and know that you love and miss us too.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

WOW! The 2nd best day of summer. Yesterday was the best day because that was the first true rain we've had ALL summer, and yes, we're keeping track. Today it came, as Don used to say, "a turd floater" and float it did. We had a little hail and lots of water and I am so excited. If it would do this every day for a week or two, we would be in great shape. I am so thankful for answered prayers.

Another Sunday and we're off to the start of another week. I spent the first half of Primary in Nursery with Kamryn and again I am thankful for good nursery leaders. We spent the second half in Sharing Time for the Senior Primary. The kids are so good and Brother Smith is great with them. He is really getting their interest for music time. Kamryn LOVED it - maybe she'll make a better Sunbeam than she does in nursery.

I just growled at Trentin and made him cry. He noticed Sadie's "bum" because her tail curls up over her backend and he was trying to touch it. I growled "YUCK" and made him cry and now he is in the bathroom hiding from me. (Oh yah...try playing in the toilet) I think he thinks "I'll show you YUCK!" Dang little toot is ALWAYS into something. He is so sweet and we get along pretty dang good. I think Bailey is the one that has to warm up to me before she's ok with the nutty lady that shows up from time to time.

I miss Jenna, Weston, Gunnar and Bailey. Why do they have to live so far away? Gunnar won't talk on the phone so I'm limited in conversation to face-to-face. Bailey Boo will talk once in a while. Kamryn will talk you leg off and Trentin grabs the phone and runs.

I am so blessed and I know that I am and I am so THANFUL to a LOVING, Father in Heaven that knows me, knows the desires of my heart, knows my limitations, knows my abilities and knows what I need. The Gospel is central to my whole being and I am thankful to know Him and know that he LOVES me! Trentin stinks. Guess it's time for Grandma to quit playing on the "pooter" and get back to work. Have a great week and love to all.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life Gets Hard Sometimes...

and I don't know why it has to. Troy and Maggie have been having some problems that got pretty serious so I have the kids until they get things straightened out. While the ideal place for them is with their mother and daddy, this is not the time for them to be there. They are adjusting and I am adjusting. I love my grandbabies so much it makes my heart hurt and to think that there is anything amiss in their little lives just about does me in. I am so proud of my girls and the good mothers they are. They are both patient and kind and truly love their children.

I took Kamryn to church with me today because I had sharing time and I couldn't do it with both she and Trentin. Trentin stayed with his mama and daddy and when I went to pick him up he came willingly and I saw the hurt in Maggie's eyes and face. She is so worried that they won't want to come back home, but they will when they feel that it is back the way it should be. Kamryn went to Nursery for the first time ever and I thank Luke and April for being so patient with her. She tried so very hard to not cry, and didn't. She just clung to April everytime she had to take a child to the restroom.

In my calling in the Primary Presidency, I am over Nursery, Sunbeams and Scouts. I do want the Nursery People (Walkers and Eagars) to know I THANK them for what they do. The TWO most important callings in the whole ward are 1) Nursery and 2) Sunbeams. If children don't get that sense of security and stability in Nursery and then Sunbeams, they really struggle. My Sunbeam teachers are Jane Finch and Megan Hamblin. Once again, THANK YOU for being there every week.

I am thankful for my Scout people - Linda Eagar, Becky Crosby, Kathy Koin and Whitney LeSueur. I know absolutely zilch about scouting and thank goodness we have people willing to make it good for the boys. They are cute little guys and a couple of them really tug at my heartstrings. They have good Scout leaders and good Primary teachers to help them through.

We have a new Chorister in Primary, Brother Kyle Smith and the kids LOVE him! He has always wanted to be the Primary Chorister and by cracky we called him and he teaches the children so much about the gospel while teaching them their songs. Today he did a train whistle "toot, toot" followed by the "shhhhhhh" and had the kids totally quiet. They were so in to doing what he asked them to do and it was so much fun to watch. I had sharing time that bombed, because of my lack of spirit and almost lack of preparation. The thing I have found this week, is that you don't have two minutes to call your own. While I apologize for the bomb in Sharing Time, the most important calling I had this week, being Grandma to Kamryn and Trentin was never half-done. My rationalization is that I don't always bomb in Primary, but this week Kamryn and Trentin's needs over-rode every other thing I did or didn't do.

Yesterday I was in charge of our Primary Activity Day. We have had an Article of Faith challenge going since May. We challenged the Sunbeams to learn 3 Articles of Faith; the 5 - 8 year olds to learn 6 Articles of Faith and the 8 and Up to learn all 13. Little Skyler Willis, one of our cute Sunbeams has learned 2 and almost has his 3rd. He will have it by next week and I will still give him his award. He has earned it! Emily Willis and Daniel Pena both learned 6 Articles of Faith and then we had Makenli Haws, Janelle Pena, DJ Bigelow, Caleb Willis, Katie Bigelow, Chanelle Pena and Lauren Willis learn all 13! Leaders meeting the challenge were Amie Bigelow, Jodi Brown, Suzanne Willis, Becky Crosby, Denise Harris, and Stephen Pena. The reward...
an Ice Cream Sundae Party. Every person got a bowl with one scoop of ice cream. If you learned two articles of faith you got to put two more toppings on your ice cream and the kids had a ball. Lauren Willis got six scoops of ice cream and 7 toppings! I gave candy bars with Big 3 for the Sunbeams; Big 6 for the younger children and Big 13 for older children and leaders. The kids had a lot of fun. Today I took candy bars to all of the children to reward them for their efforts. I am so proud of them and have learned so much from them. I have loved being in Primary for the past 8 months. How did I do? 7...lack of effort on my part.

Life does get hard and we all have to have accountability for choices we make or don't make. Sometimes they bite us in the butt and sometimes we barely get by. I hope that I make a conscious effort to make better choices, because every choice I make affects someone else.

I love all of you and hope that you all have a good week.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9, 1956

Well, wasn't my little world turned upside down on that day 53 years ago? That's when Lynn was born. Now I'm guessing I wasn't the happy camper that everyone thought that I should be - come on, the world DID revolve around me and all of a sudden I have to share with a baby. Everybody knows babies get ALL the attention - WHAT were they thinking, bringing him home? We were 19 months apart and really did get along pretty good until he was home for about 2 hours. Then HE became the MEANEST little *#%! on earth. I ALWAYS played trucks with him. I ALWAYS played at the creek with the boys. When it was time to play dolls... that little (#*$ would hang them in trees, pull their heads off - you name it. The boys ALWAYS cheated - I got one or two strikes and I was out - they got however many they wanted. Needless to say, I got tough and I got mean. I could take care of myself, thanks in a big way to Lynn.

We used to get in some pretty mean fights and I could hit with the best of them. I wasn't much of a screamer or pincher, just down right knock his block off. When we were still quite little, he pestered me until I could not take another second, hit him in the head with a pop can (they used to have the rims on them like vegetable cans and had to be opened with the "church key" can openers) and lucky me, I cut his head open and we had to go to town for stitches. I didn't get in trouble, I didn't deserve to get in trouble. I will always remember going to town for stitches.

That kid probably got a spanking a day for the first five years of his life and I say he never got one he didn't deserve and probably didn't get as many as he needed. He tested my mom's patience to no end. The warning of "don't go to the creek" was NEVER heeded - thus a spanking with a willow or a flyswatter, or a belt or her hand. Man it didn't take me long to figure out NO meant NO. The warning of "don't run off" was NEVER heeded - thus a spanking. My mom got to be a pretty good shot with rocks - Lynn thought he could out run her when he was in trouble so he wouldn't get a spanking - she nailed him with a rock. He says he was abused.

We got closer when we were getting in/out of High School. When we were all first married, we used to go bowling or to pizza or the movies or out on the mountain all of the time. Then one day kids started coming along and it was harder to go and do.

I've always known if I really needed something, all I had to do was call. Lynn has had some rough times over the past ten years and this spring he was almost killed in an ATV wreck. That really shook me up - the thought of losing my brother was too real and too close. I do LOVE Lynn. He is a grouch and has a soft heart. He has a witty sense of humor. He sometimes has a lot of patience and other times explodes like a bomb. He loves animals and has quite a zoo going down in Morenci. He is a hard worker and a hard player. He learned something that my dad never learned - how to play. He has spent countless hours hunting and fishing and wood hauling with his family. He spent countless hours involved with Little League when his kids were little.

He loves his kids and his family. I hope he had a Happy Birthday, Love you.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm working on some ATV trail stuff last night, trying to finish so I can go to bed. Sadie is insistent she needs out, so I let her out. I am just finishing my work when I smell skunk. I open the back door and it is STRONG...I call for Sadie and I can tell by the way she is snorting and sniffing she's got a snoot full. DAMNED DOG...I make her come in and start the bath and she starts freaking out because she HATES baths. Chasing her through the house and calling her a *%#$&( brings Tad out of his room. I just about have her cornered when she sees Tad's door open and guess who jumps up on his bed? Cussing a little louder now and threatening her life, I finally get her in the tub and we start washing skunk off. During the chase, I kicked her butt once and grabbed a plastic clothes hanger and gave her a couple of whacks. Sadie is MAD at me but endures the bath. At about midnight I crawl into bed thinking I'm too old for this crap.

This morning Sadie looks at me and walks off. I talk to her and she ignores me. She plays with Ali all around me but totally gives me the cold shoulder. She still has a very faint skunk smell around her mouth so I'm thinking vanilla mouth wash for her. When I'm done with that she's really gonna be pissed.

My dilemma for the I set a trap or do I just get the 22 out and take this little stinker out? He's been in the neighborhood for the past month and frankly, I'm ready for him to be somewhere else, like skunk heaven. (IF there is a skunk heaven). Besides I don't want him thinking this is a nice neighborhood, let's move the family in...

I noticed Tad skipped his early morning shower this morning (probably because I didn't scrub the bathroom at midnight) and maybe he's worried he'll smell like a skunk AFTER his shower, oh who knows.

I rode to Curves with Darlene this morning and she didn't mention "skunk" odor...maybe I didn't get any on me when I wrestled Sadie down and I mean physically wrestled her down. I smelled skunk at the front fence this morning, I'm hoping that means the skunk was outside the fence and not in the yard. Maybe I'll go out tonight and see if he's on the street and do a hit and run...

Got to get off my butt and scrub the bathroom, now doesn't that sound like fun when it's gonna be another hot one here today?

Hope you all have a good day.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Home Again

After spending 8 days in the Valley I am home again. Glad to be here in some ways and sad to leave Jenna and the kids. Gunnar was so sad when Jenna told him I had to go home yesterday. I felt so bad. He wanted to come home with Mo Mo Sadie. I wish that he could have.

From the looks of things, it's been hot and DRY! My yard looks like the gypsies have moved in. I bet Brother Stroud is thinking "what's up across the street?" I know when you look at his yard and then across the street to my yard it's like the grass is greener on the other side of the street.

Kamryn was glad to see her grandma yesterday. I was glad to see her, too. She stayed and played and then we went to get a drink at Sonic. I love being a grandma, it truly is one of the greatest blessings of my life. I always felt/feel so inadequate as a mother and want more than anything to be a good grandma that my grandkids love to be around.

When I saw Trentin yesterday evening he was so cute...that kid has the BIGGEST sweetest smiles ever, he just melts your heart.

Bailey boo is a treasure. She doesn't take crap from ANYONE...and has the quirkiest personality ever. Jenna and Weston are gonna have their hands full with that one and I'm gonna love it.

I have FOUR of the most amazing grandkids ever. I know every Grandma feels that way. I am in total awe of them and their personalities and their spirits. They absolutely and positively make my heart hurt with LOVE.

On a really grand note...I have lost 23.8 pounds and LOVE it! Maintenance is so enlightening and I am learning so much about my body. Hope everyone else doin HCG is enjoying the journey.

I have lots to do today, but I was thinking about my kids and grandkids and here I sit on my butt at the computer.

Hope THEY all have a good day. Hope YOU all have a good day. Love to all.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Family Blessings

The blessing of having a family is one that I am so grateful for. I'm in the valley until Wednesday and then I will go back home. Jenna and the kids may go with me and if they do we are going camping next weekend. She is excited to take the kids camping, I am excited they are going to be on the mountain where the kids can get outside and play.

Went to Shelbi's baptism yesterday and it was nice. Went out to Jennifer and Nate's for a cookout afterwards. It was good to see the Nicolls and Velda's families. The kids had a good time swimming and playing in the water. Gunnar and Bailey were two pooped poopsies...Gunnar fell asleep on the way home and didn't wake up until almost 7:00 this a.m.

I stayed home from church and put Bailey down for her nap. She was a little grouchy so we thought maybe a nap for her was better than a grouch at church. I baked cookies and I've never
baked cookies at low altitude before. They are a little puffy but taste good. I would have to adjust to low altitude in order to function well down here.

Hope everyone is well and having a good weekend. Love to all.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

...Melts My Heart

Gunnar melts my heart when he woke up this morning and realized he was sleeping with Mo Mo Sadie, looks over at me and gives me a HUGE smile.

Bailey melts my heart when I was sitting on the couch watching Secret Agent Oso with Gunnar and she crowds in as close as she can get and sits by me. When she realizes I am watching her every move and reach down to rub her little back, she watches my every move.

Gunnar melts my heart when we are laying in bed playing with the dinosaurs and I am the sharp tooth and he is Little Foot and he makes an earth shake and sharp tooth falls into the earth shake and he laughs.

Bailey melts my heart when she tells me to sit down on the couch so she can sit on my lap and run her hand down my shirt and feel for my garments.

Gunnar melts my heart when he tells me about playing at Kamryn's house and that she has a swide and he helped Trentin swing so very high. He loves his cousins.

Bailey melts my heart when she watches my every move and interacts with this crazy lady that Gunnar seems to be crazy about and she isn't exactly sure why.

I'm here to baby sit - Jenna started a new job today and she didn't have anyone to baby sit so 4 hours later, here's Mo Mo Sadie to the rescue! Didn't have this trip planned but hey, I'm glad I could come and help out. Really glad to spend the time with Gunnar and Bailey. It is too bad they live 4 hours away, but I really appreciate every minute I get to spend with them.

I wish that I could have brought Kamryn and Trentin...they would all have fun together. Sure is a lot of work to have all of them together, but they all love each other and that is the most important thing.

LOVE is the most IMPORTANT thing we have to to all of you.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Again

Where does time go? Last week is a blur and I don't know why. Went to Olive Rothlisberger's funeral on Wednesday...she is Daddy's first cousin. Her mother was my Grandpa Rogers' only sister. Grandpa (Floyd) was the oldest then Noble, Leona, Albert and Tom. From the Rogers family I am related to Noble's posterity (Hazel Donaldson); Leona's (Leona Looker Rogers); Albert's (Farrah Jaramillo) and Tom's (Merrilea McBride). "What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to conceive..." I read that quote once and it makes sense.

We had Primary Activity Day on Friday...a big birthday party for everybody. Jodi planned water games and the kids had a ball. They ate cupcakes and ice cream until they couldn't hold any more and played water balloon toss and relays until they were pooped. It was fun and the kids kind of grow on ya.

Tad and I went to the movie and dinner with Kaylinn & Ronnie on Friday night. We went to see "The Proposal" cute chick flick but Tad and Ronnie enjoyed it too.

I'm on maintenance on my diet and trying to manage 2 pounds. I lost 19.4 pounds through the protocol and down to 21. The 19.4 to 21 is the pounds I am trying to manage. One day it drops the next it crawls up...interesting but I am learning a lot.

April is in Missouri and I am going to have Nursery today. Not sure this is the calling for me, but who knows. I love the Sunbeams in my primary and Janie and Megan do such a good job with them.

Went on a quad ride yesterday - Slaughter Circle. Hank and I rode from my house to Big Lake and then the actual ride. Went to PS lookout; PS Ranch and back to Big Lake and home. My carburetor is sticking and I was leaking gas so we bailed a little early to get me back home. The mountain close to the res is gorgeous. WE NEED RAIN! The roads are being beat to death by cars and the dust is horrible. There were campsites under every tree on the mountain - I want to go camping.

I've been so trashy here at yard is dry and the grass needs to be mowed. Maybe tomorrow...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Day of Memories

On Thursday, Darlene and I went to the graveside service of Bobbie Ashcroft Bowdoin. Although we didn't know her well, we knew some of her family quite well. As we were driving to the cemetary, Darlene told me that Darwin Slade had passed away on Wednesday. I thought of Darwin's family and of yet another family, the family of Tracy Miles Pulsipher who was mourning Tracy's death.

Darwin Slade was my 7th grade teacher at the Springerville Elementary School and he called me "Blondie". I know that every year he had a "blondie" but for that year, I was "Blondie". I remember memorizing the preamble to the Constitution with Mr. Slade's encouragement. I remember his patience with the kids that needed extra attention. I remember, too, him teaching Math. I think now, Math was probably an easy subject for him and he tried to help us learn little secrets of math. Math wasn't my best subject but he never made me feel dumb when I didn't get it the first time through. His daughter, Paula, and I went to school from 5th grade all the way through High School. We were good friends and always visited when we ran into each other. Paula has done quite well - she is the Paula Kraemer from Creating Keepsakes - VP of Events. Darwin and Ethel were scrapbooking their lives and the lives of their children. His service on Saturday was so good. Elder W. Douglas Shumway of the 2nd Quorum of the 70 (my former Bishop) spoke and his talk was so good. I felt so very blessed yesterday as I recalled with fondness the association of both these good men.

Earlier on Saturday, Darlene and I attended the funeral service for Tracy Pulsipher. Although I didn't know her well, I have known her mother, Patty since I was in 5th grade. When I worked for the schools, Patty was the custodian at the Primary School and then later at the Intermediate School. Tracy who died suddenly, left five children, ranging in age from 10 to 20, and her husband, David. Her father died a few years back and I thought of Patty now losing her only child, her best friend and I was so sad. Amy Smith spoke at Tracy's funeral and she gave one of the most uplifting, touching talks I have heard in a long while and when I spoke with Tracy's Aunt Patsy today, she said she just couldn't believe how nice the service was.

I thought a lot yesterday and last evening of the messages of hope, of comfort and the promise of peace that comes to us in these hard times. I KNOW that the comforter, spoken of in the scriptures, the Holy Ghost, is with these families healing hearts and spirits as nothing else can.

Today I had a message to call Cindy Sanchez. Cindy is married to Ed's best friend, Ralph Sanchez. Ralph and Ed grew up together in Safford and 5 years ago Ralph was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gherig's disease). Cindy tells me that the end is near for Ralph and it broke my heart.

We had a birthday party this evening for Mickey Holliday. She would have been 87 today and Darlene was a little sad. Linda suggested yesterday that we do a birthday party in her honor and it was good. Linda, Jennie, Whitney & Austin Himes were there along with Darlene, Kristi and I. Good times with good friends.

Today was a day of memories, a day of sadness and a day of joy. We can have hope and we can have peace through the tough times. I have and I do KNOW that our Heavenly Father is always near and that HE knows each of us individually and HE cares about us and what is going on in our lives.

I hope that each of you have a good week. Remember that I love you and am thankful for the part you play in my life.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Fourth and Other Things

My last post was about my Damara who would have turned 30. I have always watched Jennifer (sorry I told your age) and Jay (Jaybird) and wondered about how things might have been different but I am at peace. Velda and I had four babies together...Jennifer & Damara; Jenna & Emily; Tad & Michael and Cord & Maggie. Lynn & I had two together; Damara & Jay and Maggie & Keith. Nola and I had Sarah & Jenna together and Valerie & Maggie. Wade & Nancy got up to speed with Stuart & Maggie the same year. Boy we were busy little mamas and daddies back then. Bottom line, our kids have cousins the same age on one or both sides of the family. Pretty cool.
Well, I had a funderful 4th. Jenna and the kids came home with me after my dr. appt on Wednesday and we had a lot of fun. We took the kids to the park on Thursday morning and they LOVED it! Gunnar loves Mo Mo Sadie's little kid park. We took Kamryn and Trentin with us and it was a zoo with all four kids but so much fun for them. Jenna and I had a brain fart and decided to take them to Short Stop for a corn dog and drink and eat in the store. Well, that was too much distraction and they hardly ate a thing and just about drove Jenna and I over the edge.

Thursday afternoon, Jenna and I sat up tables and decorations for Ronnie & Kaylin's wedding. Yes they finally married after six or seven years. I hope they have a happy marriage. We were a little disappointed they didn't use Jenna's wedding planning services but after the rain came down we were equally as glad we didn't have a ton to clean up.
Jenna's class held their 10 year reunion on Friday night and she was so excited to go and see her old friends. Some she hasn't seen since graduation and when she and Weston got home Friday night she was so glad she went. She and Weston and Nate and Emily went on a night quad ride. I think she had a good weekend. We took the kids back to the park on Friday morning and Gunnar said again he loved Mo Mo Sadie's park. After the park we brought them home and let them race boats down the ditch. That was so fun and all four kids were soaked from head to toe but still wanting to play in the water the next stop was the bathtub...

Saturday morning I rode in the parade with the ATV Club. Holy Crap! I have never seen so many people in Eagar. There were so many people and little kids that the parade was single file until the Eagar Laundromat - I brought candy for the kids to throw but with the huge crowds, we didn't have enough. That was too bad. In Springerville there was still a ton of people but not nearly as many and certainly not as many kids. The parade was awesome from all reports!

We went to mom and dad's for a bbq after the parade. It was fun to eat and chill out. The kids were all hot and tired so it didn't take long before we were all heading places to put kids down for naps. Kamryn and Gunnar spent most of the weekend naked...playing in the water in my back yard they would shuck their clothes in a heart beat. The jumped on the trampoline and played in the water until they were exhausted.

Jenna and Weston left on Sunday evening. It was late and all of a sudden it was so quiet in my house. I love every crazy minute they are here and then the sudden silence is always so sad. I love my grand babies and hope they love coming to Mo mo's. Thanks, Jenna for baking and decorating cookies with Gunnar and Kamryn. They had a ball and the critics raved about the good cookies :o)

I have posted random pictures - they tell the story of love...for each other, for a good time, for their Aunts and Uncles and for Tad's jack russell puppy, Ali - short for aligator. Gunnar loved her. So here's the story of our fourth in pictures. Hope you all had a good one. Love you all.

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