Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Little Catching Up

I was sick from the middle of December through the first part of January so that part of life is a blur.  I went to the Valley the 18th of January to celebrate Bailey's 5th Birthday!  I can't believe she's that old already.  She was in such a hurry to get here (she wasn't supposed to come until February) and life has been on the fast track ever since. She is a beautiful little girl who finally decided she likes me like Gunnar did and now when I'm down there she sleeps with me.  We celebrated her birthday on ther 19th because I needed to go back home for a few days before coming back for the February birthdays.  She had a fun party.  Jenna's kids love having the bounce house at their birthdays and it worked out that I was able to take Kamryn and Trentin with me and then drove them to Globe on Monday to meet Troy and Maggie and go on home.      
the bounce house

Bailey at her party

Party Animals

 They also are a part of the birthday tradition at Jenna's house - they go every chance they get.  All of the cousins love to play together.  Came home for a few days and went back on the 2nd of February to celebrate Presley's 1st birthday.  Tad says he is chopped liver now because I don't celebrate his birthday anymore.  We celebrated Presley's birthday on Sunday the 3rd because Gunnar has wrestling on Mondays.  She is such a sweet baby.  Reminds me so much of Jenna.  She has Jenna's eyes and Jenna's hair.  She can walk, but mostly won't.  I guess she can cruise faster on her knees.  She is a joy to be around - a good baby and for the most part a very happy baby.  Jenna said it's cause she has to be.    

Her favorite gift a pink monkey
We had a few days off then on Saturday the 9th we celebrated Gunnar's 7th birthday.  Holy Cow!  First of all there's no way he's 7 and second of all there's too many birthdays in there...did I mention that Weston has a birthday on the 17th?  Poor guy must feel like chopped liver, too.  Gunnar invited kids from school, from wrestling and from church...he had a big party and there were lots of boys! Gunnar is such a sweet boy...genuinely good and quiet.  He is out numbered by the girls but they all love their big brother and he is so good with all of them.   Tad came to the valley and brought Kamryn and Trentin and they got in on the party, too.  I brought them home with me on Sunday.  Gunnar had a bounce house and even though it was a little chilly, the kids had a ball.

The old bounce house again
Making a wish

Kamryn told Jenna she is bringing her friends down for a swimming party for her birthday.  That would be so fun.  We came home on Sunday to have it snow on Monday.  It is to stinking cold that if I had the means and my parents were gone, I would be in the valley all winter and up here all summer.  I guess I finally figured out I want to be a snowbird when I grow up. 

It has taken forever to upload these photos I keep getting a message I've lost connection to the server - I think blogspot has issues today so with that I'm mad and going to quit.  So much is life... I love being a mom and a momo sadie. 

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