Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yum Yum

On Saturday Troy & Maggie asked me to baby sit so they could go to Show Low to a movie. They ended up just shopping around and eating bocci balls from La Venti and then coming back home. Anyway when they got home, Maggie asked Kamryn what she had for lunch and she looked up at her mama and said dog food. That's probably not too far off from what she had. (I fixed her lunch but she didn't eat much, I think she was already full :-) Dang kid, I caught her down on her hands and knees drinking out of Sadie's water dish the other day, and we've caught her chomping on dog food since she was a baby. Yesterday while we were visiting out on Maggie's front porch , she was drinking out of the bird bath! Maggie grabbed her by the arm and was dragging her away from the bird bath and Kamryn kept saying "arm, arm"...I was chuckling and Maggie was telling me it's not funny. It WAS funny...Kamryn being raised around the dogs, thinks she is one. Sadie huffs and puffs when people drive up or go by and once in a while you hear Kamryn huffing and puffing, too.

Maggie's dogs howl when they hear a siren and every once in a while you hear Kamryn howl when she hears the siren. What is she gonna teach poor little Trentin? How will he know what is normal? Will we have to buy Kamryn a flea collar? (and tell her it's a necklace), will we have to buy her a leash? Oh who knows...all I know is that you NEVER know what she is gonna do next and that makes my heart smile. I LOVE the things these babies do...Gunnar likes to strip naked and wreak havoc. Their mothers are in for the run of their life and I love every minute of it!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Troy blessed Trentin on June 1st. I know he was nervous, but he did such a good job. Weston assisted and I felt so blessed to know that my girls have married men who honor the priesthood they hold. Troy wasn't a member when Kamryn was born and didn't get to participate in her blessing so this was a really special day for us to see how far he has come. I am so proud of Troy!

The few days before and that weekend were busy, too. Troy's dad came through from Louisiana on his way back home to Washington state. It was nice to meet Kris and LeAnn. Troy & Maggie had a big cookout on Friday night and then a big bonfire in their pasture. Tad, Jenna & Weston were all there so it was good to see our families being together.

On Saturday we went up to Slade lake on the quads and had a picnic. There was a big herd of elk under the damn that everyone got to see. Gunnar wanted to see them again.

I went to Youth Conference on Saturday night. The Amity Ward chose the Rogers Family Cemetary as their clean up project and did a dvd to honor the Floyd & Zola Rogers Family. It was cool to see what each of the ward's had done as their clean up projects.

Skipping ahead...I set a goal that I would tackle one room a week and deep clean until my house was completely done. This week I started with washing windows inside and out and then hit my bedroom. I was tired of the wallpaper and started ripping it down. HARD WORK - if anyone says wallpaper to me again...thanks to Maggie we got most of it down by Wednesday night.While we were busy doing this, Kamryn was busy doing this..."wimming" in Sadie's dog water dish and this...
playing in the sprinkler buck naked. She is a hoot and you never know what she's gonna do next.

I am finishing the wallpaper removal project today so I can paint. YEA!

Tad came home the other day and was telling me that he was at Short Stop filling up and this lady in this car drove through, stopped and looked at him, drove around and came back again. She did this about three times and he and Chris (his helper) were wondering what was wrong with the lady. On the fourth time through she got out of her car and said that he looked just like Don standing there and she just couldn't believe what she was seeing.

With every wedding, every new baby, every blessing and most recently the Allred Family Reunion, Don is in our thoughts so much. He is missed, he is loved.

I like to check in on friends and family through their blogs. I found this story about a snake on 2 Peas and the crazy lady started a blog. She is one of the funniest people ever. I have her blog "Ava Jo" if you want to read some of her adventures. She is my age, maybe that is why I think she is so funny.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Family Reunion

I didn't get a lot of pictures taken at the family reunion. Everybody went to the lake on Saturday except Velda and I. From the pictures I have seen, that was one fun activity! We had a great time and THANK YOU, Velda for planning and dragging. I know it is a lot of hard work, but it was definitely worth it. The Saturday cook out at Nate & Jen's house was a lot of fun and the kids loved playing on the GIANT water slide. Heck if I wasn't so old and fat, I might have gotten in on that one, but I'm afraid I would have looked like a beached whale :-(
Sunday was great, too. Sunday morning we kind of kicked back and then on Sunday afternoon most of us met at the Temple to view the Joseph Smith film. Mike & Ashley were so great to take photos and they are awesome! The prime rib dinner was wonderful! - Velda got a dang good scald on cooking prime rib. Even though it was delicious, we still missed Brando & Tammy.
The guys did a four hole scramble golf game on Sunday evening and the rumor was that Dal, Steve, Weston & Tad won.
I had to laugh as Tad and Weston reported their "walk" back to grandma's. She lives down "Ashton". They said (hunting terms) they were off one "ridge" and found themselves coming down "Gayridge" to Grandma's. They said they looked at each other and asked if they should hold hands and skip - I would have paid good money to see that.
Coming home on Monday, Tad and I talked about the good time we had and he was glad that he went, and I am glad that he stayed. He did have a good time, we all did. Now everyone is saving their nickels to go on the cruise. (Did someone say sea sick?)

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