Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blogging vs. Facebook

I've noticed over the past year that no one blogs anymore. Everyone is doing Facebook. I enjoyed reading the happenings in friends and families lives and somehow Facebook seems "fake" in many ways. Random posts about weird things in many cases makes me wonder. Going private for many is strange to me when you read some of the stuff they post on Facebook...and the games, holy moly how do these people function? I mean they are on the computer 24/7. I barely check Facebook or blogs anymore and I am inundated with a million requests for stuff from apples to zebras.
Oh well, I will continue to blog as it may turn out to be my life's journal when I am done.

Worked my butt off Saturday trying to catch up on three weeks of yard work - with the summer rains, I'll be behind again on Monday. I am so grateful for the rains, though - I have loved the summer. I always appreciate the beauties that surround me.

Just a short time until Jenna has her baby and I am so excited to be a grandma again. I can't believe it is almost time for this new little one to make her appearance. I don't know how Jenna is gonna do it - raise her from a distance. I have a feeling that Bailey will like her until she realizes that the new baby is a permanent fixture :o) - Bailey tickles me - I LOVE her quirky personality. Gunnar is quiet and reserved and I LOVE that he is kind. Kamryn is a talker and is starting to blossom and loving meeting and talking to people. I LOVE that she is HAPPY and Trentin is a sweet, quiet little guy. I LOVE that he is SWEET.

Jenna and Weston are doing well - he is such a hard worker and good husband and father. So GLAD he picked her! Tad is loving the mines again and is happy in Morenci. Just need to find him a wife so he can start a family...any ideas?
Troy and Maggie have had some struggles and hopefully can overcome them. I worry to death about Maggie and she doesn't seem to get it. She will be the death of me and I thought that was all behind me when she got married. Guess it shows, you truly never get a break from the worries of your family.

Hoping all is well with everyone. Much love and have a happy week.

I told all four of them to "smile" and this is what I got. Sadie's expression says it all!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raining Cats and Dogs

I went to pick up Kamryn and Trentin on Sunday night after work and it had come a turd floater in town. As I went in the house I said, "it's raining cats and dogs outside", never giving that statement another thought. As Troy and I were loading the kids into my car, Kamryn asked Troy, "where's the cats and dogs it rained?" we laughed and he said, "I guess they melted". Little stinks hear everything and are so funny.

I had a late work schedule on Tuesday so I brought Kamryn and Trentin to play in the ditch. They had a ball. Had a quick lunch and off to work again. I miss my summer. I am enjoying the rains, everything is so pretty now and the rain makes the world fresh and clean. LOVE IT!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Love 7 Gypsies

One of my FAVORITE scrapbooking companies is 7 Gypsies. They have the COOLEST stuff on the planet.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

31 And Counting

2:32 a.m. July 3, 1979 I became a mother for the first time. A long awaited event to end in hurt beyond imagination. A life experience where I knew for sure that the plan of salvation was true, that my Heavenly Father was aware of my needs and that everything would be alright. My little sweetheart, perfect in every way, I missed her more than words could say. That life experience helped Don become a good father. When Jenna was born, he held her to get to know her, he was cheated of that chance with Damara. So today, I celebrated Damara's birthday. I am still the one that misses her, would love to have had the opportunity to watch her grow and become an adult as my other kids have done. I know I will have that opportunity still, depending on my worthiness and some days it doesn't look so good.

This morning I was out early weed eating when Kamryn pops out in her pajamas and looks at the mail box and said "grandma, I'm going to check your e-mail, ok?" - I chuckled because I know more than once she has asked me "what are you doing grandma?" only to hear, "I'm checking my e-mails".

Rode in the parade with the ATV club once again and gosh there was huge crowds up and down main street all the way to the Springerville Circle K. The most awesome float of all was the Abraham Lincoln by the Eagar 3rd Ward. He stood and he sat all under the direction of Dale Goodman and Steve Hamblin. Breathtaking, in a word!

After the parade we went for our annual cook out at mom's and dad's. Lynns family was there except Tim who was working. Met Jay's wife, Lynea (sp) beautiful girl from Mexico and she and Jay are HAPPY!

Had a cookout at my house for supper and then we waited for the fireworks to start. Kamryn and Trentin thought they were pretty cool. Sadie on the other hand, was just about to have a melt down. Freak dog! The final display was absolutely awesome, and I didn't get a picture of it. Want a good camera so I can mess with settings and get some good shots.

I have tried to explain to Kamryn we are celebrating America's birthday. Not quite there yet, but if we keep discussing it, maybe one day it will stick. I talked to her about Aunt Damara, she has heard of death, and in some ways she is worried about it and others curious about it. She thinks only old people die and sometimes worries when I tell her I am getting old that I am going to die. I reassure her that I won't any time soon. Oh these little people and the things they worry about.

Jenna and Weston camped with his family for the 4th. Didn't get to see them and was disappointed that I didn't. I know the kids had a ball camping and playing with Matthew and Lauren.

Tad had to work and only has the 4th off so he didn't come home. I haven't seen him in a while and I miss him.

Loriel had to work, too. Haven't seen her since October at Ralph's funeral. Time flies and life is so demanding sometimes.

I hope all had a good 4th. I did. Many moments to reflect on my blessings and am grateful for each and every one of them and of you!

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