Monday, August 23, 2010

Ok...I'll Eat Cake

Jenna and Weston came up for the weekend and the kids absolutely had a ball. Our weather is PERFECT and the kids played outside from daylight till dark. My dad's garden is starting to come off so we had a big dinner on Saturday night with grilled chicken and veggies from the garden. I made texas sheet cake for desert and the kids seemed to like it. On Sunday morning Jenna got up and had a sliver of the cake and was eating it when Bailey asked her what she was eating and Jenna told her cake. I walked into the kitchen just as Bailey was pushing a chair up to the table saying "ok...I'll eat cake" Jenna and I both laughed. It was like the ONLY choice of food for the day was cake and if she had to she would eat it. She is such a quirky little thing she truly makes me laugh all of the time.
Jenna said that Bailey told her that her baby was crying and Jenna said maybe it needed to burp and Bailey came back with "no, she hasn't chewed on me yet." (This is what she thought Brinley does to Jenna when she is nursing - chewing on her)

Kamryn was soooo excited when I told her Gunnar was coming. She truly loves him and she really loves Weston. They played and played. Once in a while they would get cross ways, I think there's just a bit of competition going on.

Weston took Gunnar and Bailey fishing at Nelson's and at first it was a slow fish day but then after about 20 minutes, Weston said the fish started hitting. Gunnar caught 10 and Bailey caught 1, Weston 0. Gunnar told his dad "you aren't a very good fisherman are you dad?" They did catch and release because usually the fish at Nelson's taste "mossy". The kids didn't mind, they had a lot of fun catching them.

Brinley is so new we mostly stayed at home so the kids didn't get to go to the park this time. Jenna's kids love the Eagar park, I think mostly because of the weather and it is a really nice park with lots of activity centers for the kids.

When they left yesterday evening I was sad. I miss all of the activity going on and my house gets so quiet when I'm there alone.

Tomorrow is the primaries - don't forget to VOTE!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brinley Lyn

Made her entrance at 7:59 a.m. Wednesday, August 4th. Weighing 6 pounds, 9 ounces and 20 inches long - perfect in every way. I had the opportunity to drive down that afternoon and spend a week with Jenna and family. I am so blessed to be a grandmother once again. Gunnar and Bailey were starting to dote on her as I left and I knew she was in good hands (if they can just keep their mother away from that sleeping baby) :o) Seems they enjoy holding her while she sleeps. Poor Brinley is so loved she doesn't know what to do.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lessons Learned

Kamryn and I have been reading in the Book of Mormon Reader and I was trying to explain the words "wicked" and "righteous" and I used words like "obedient" explaining Heavenly Father is happy when we are obedient...when we do what our mother and father asks, when we help our little brother, etc. Pretty soon she said, "and Heavenly Father would be really happy if you would share your coke with me". How do you argue with that? She took the concepts, figured them out and made them work in her little world. She LOVES reading the Book of Mormon reader and loves going to Primary. Sr. Finch is always so prepared and the little ones love her. I'm gonna have a coke and I'm not gonna share :o)

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