Sunday, April 27, 2008

3 Days And Counting...

...till I'm on my way back to the Valley. Maggie and I are going down on Wednesday so we can play and do some cooking for next weekend. Bailey is getting blessed next Sunday and we will all be together, can hardly wait. Sounds like Weston and Troy have a quad ride planned - don't know what the girls have planned. I am staying until the 9th - and then Jenna is coming back to spend a week up here. Maybe I'll put the girls to work helping me paint??

I had Jordan and Kevin on Thursday and they are so darned cute. They look so much alike that most people can't tell them apart. I have been wrong only three times. I see them once-in-awhile and still they know me. Jordan called me Dorlene and Kevin called me Grandma - you should have seen them "looking" for dog poop for me to rake up in the back yard. I would hear "Dorlene...poop" from Jordan and "Grandma...poop" from Kevin. Kamryn came to play with them, I noticed that she thought she was in charge and would try to herd them where she wanted them to go - with two of them it was kind of like herding cats...(it CAN"T be done). Jennifer, I still can't tell which is which with your boys and sweetie I don't know how you do it. I was one tired poopsy on Thursday evening.

I am SO blessed. I have a big family (I count all sides) that I love. I have enjoyed "stalking" all of them on their blogs to see what is going on in their lives. I feel like I'm in touch, does that make sense? I have some very dear friends that enrich my life immensely. We enjoy doing things together like attending weddings, funerals (hey here in 4th Ward we have three funerals to every other ward's one so they become a "social activity" and could almost be a ward activity, how easy would that be for the activities committee?), musical programs, shopping, birthday lunches (Nadine and Linda, you're next), SCRAPPING (isn't that the coolest hobby ever???) and thanks to my dear friend, Darlene, I even get to Curves on a REGULAR basis :-)

If Ed doesn't go to work soon there will be yet another funeral in the 4th Ward :-( Having him around is messing up my routine.

Better get my Sunday dinner on the table - I invited Troy & Maggie up. Kamryn is the cutest when it comes to eating...she will fold her arms and wait for the "amen" meaning the prayer. IF by chance you start without the "amen" you get the "look" and go back and do it right. "and the little ones shall lead them..."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Spring...(today)

Yesterday I was coming home from Maggie's and as I turned on to 8th Street I noticed that all of the trees were leafing out. Then when I went back to town a little later I looked down main street and all of the big trees are leafing out and the whole town is starting to turn green. It is so pretty here in the spring, summer and fall and on snow days. I thought how lucky I am to live in a small town and not have to be so rushed -I can piddle around at my own speed and look at the trees and flowers that are in bloom and enjoy it.

I am going scrapping on Friday and am planning my work so I get something accomplished. I met my goal of having Jenna and Maggie's wedding albums done for last Christmas and since then I have kind of gotten out of the swing of things. I need to set a goal so that I keep using up all of the pictures I take.

Tomorrow Tanya has to take Bryan to the pediatric dentist in Flagstaff and she has asked if I will either go and help her with the twins or if I want to keep them here at the house. Still haven't decided. Those two little toots are busy.
Larry had gastric by-pass surgery on Monday and is doing great - might even get to come home today. Way to go Larry, I'm happy for you.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Short Trip

Got up at 3:45 a.m. Saturday with Tad and drove to Globe. Met Jay at the light in Globe (he came in from Tucson) and then we met Gunnar Hubbard at the WalMart parking lot and the guys went on to Roosevelt to fish and I went on to the Valley and spent the weekend with Jenna. Jenna and Weston went and picked up the pavers to do their side yard - they worked pretty darned hard and then Jenna was pumped to finish. They have to order sand. Jenna and I did some cooking. She made her first batch of rolls and cinnamon rolls. Pretty tasty.

Gunnar had fun playing with mo mo Sadie. I wore him out so he slept through church. Bailey is growing like a weed. She has the sweetest smile that lights up her whole face. Whew! Short trip and I am feeling it today.

Jenna called this morning and said that Gunnar stood at the door and cried for mo mo Sadie after I left. That made ME cry (doesn't take much). Counting the days till I get back down there 11.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What Do You Mean It's Not Up-to-Date???

Where did the last two weeks go? Looked in at Jennifer's blog and saw Harlee's birthday party - how fun :-) All of a sudden there was this picture of my Gunnar and I got teary eyed. Oh I love these babies so much it makes my heart hurt. Tad may go fishing again this weekend and if he does I might ride to the lake with him and have Jenna pick me up and spend the weekend with her - gotta see Gunnar and Bailey! Tad has been catching some nice fish and we have been enjoying them yum! Dang wind is blowing today and it is a cold wind so I am making homemade chicken noodle soup and rolls for dinner. Read Jenna's blog about the ceiling fan :-)

Gotta put our nickels together and buy a place at the Lake and a boat - as Don would say "why aren't I rich instead of good looking?" Oh I miss his wit.

Kamryn is such a crack up - quite the drama queen. Little Trentin is starting to fill out and has little rolls on his arms and legs. Gunnar never even got close to having a roll. Kamryn likes to have "dip dip" with everything she eats - depending on what it is the "dip dip" is ketchup or ranch dressing.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Already Sunday again???

Wow! I don't know where the last week went. Had a great weekend listening to General Conference. I am always anxious after conference to get the Conference issue of the Ensign to read my favorite talks again. I can hardly wait for spring to finally settle in...I KNOW the wind will have to blow 200+ miles an hour and then suddenly it will be June :-)

Maggie took Kara her sister-in-law to the valley to buy a prom dress. I am hoping that Jenna can come back with her and then I can take her home next Sunday when I go down. Time once again for my arthritis check up. Maggie took Trentin with her and Kamryn stayed home with Troy. I will babysit tommorow until Maggie gets back. If it's nice, maybe we can go to the park?

Tad is at San Carlos lake fishing today with Jay and Lynn & Laura. He left early this a.m. He caught some nice fish last weekend and we had a fish fry on Friday night. It was SOOOO good. I wish that mom and dad still had their place at Roosevelt. We had a lot of good times there.

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