Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday coming down...

It's 6:05 Sunday evening and I am reminiscing about the weekend. Weston and Jenna came on Friday to spend the weekend and to finally see Trentin. I love having the kids home, even though it is a lot of work. It just seems like the time flies so quickly and boom...they are gone again. I spend a lot of time playing with babies and cooking. I love to treat the kids to some of their favorites - we always have biscuits and gravy for breakfast at least once. This morning I told Jenna I was thinking of making muffins - I told her I could make blueberry, banana nut and lemon poppyseed (all from a mix) and she asked about the chocolate ones I used to make...the ones that had the fudge in the middle. I dug out the recipe and also ran across the "Holy Cow" recipe. Jenna ran to Bashas and got the ice cream toppings we needed so today we had two old "favorites".

My grand babies are the joy of my life after my kids. Gunnar and Kamryn seem to be a little jealous of the time I spend with the other. On Saturday afternoon both babies needed naps so I went into the little bedroom and laid down with Kamryn and Trentin and Jenna had Bailey and Gunnar in her old room. Gunnar started crying and Jenna said he wanted "ma mo" so I told her I would be in as soon as Kamryn was asleep. I didn't want her waking Trentin up. I could still hear Gunnar crying and when I went in, Jenna told me that he was crying for "ma mo Sadie" - well, how could you NOT let him call you Grandma Sadie...(yes, Sadie is the dog)... I lay on the bed with him until he fell asleep - he kept touching my arm to make sure I wasn't pulling a fast one on him. Oh, I love these babies! I had Kamryn and Gunnar in the tub after Sunday dinner and when I pulled Kamryn's shirt off it hung up on her little ear lobe (she has pierced ears) and it must have pinched a little because she cried just a second. I hugged her and told her I was sorry and looked at both ears again. She felt her little ear and then checked her hands to make sure her ring was still on her finger. She is a "girly" girl...wears a little turquoise ring.

Jenna brought Kamryn a gift when she gave Trentin a gift. My hearing is going and when I was looking at baby Elmo, Jenna told me to "slap its hand" - so I did. Then she told me to "slap his hands together" which I did...guess what she told me to do? "Snap" not slap. Anyway the girls are sure I'm ready for a keeper and they are worried about leaving babies with me unattended. Poor baby Elmo! :(

I made both Bailey and Trentin "fringed" fleece blankets on Saturday. Now I have to finish Trentin's "camo" flannel blanket.

I am getting more organized - slowly but surely. Want to get my house painted before it's time to play outside - guess we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hoppy Easter??

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and even though today seems like it might be nice, it certainly doesn't seem like Easter to me. I think it is because my kids are all grown up and on their own and I don't have little one's excited about egg hunts, etc.

Spent last weekend in the Valley with Jenna. It was fun. We went to the mall on Saturday and it turned out to be a pretty good trip. Bailey was a star shopper, Gunnar not so much. He did good for a while but then got tired and was ready to go home. When he laid down on the mall floor and refused to go any further Tad watched with interest to see what I would do. My kids will tell you that if it had been them, I would have yanked them up, busted their butt and we would have gone on...seems like I was a mean mom. I just stood over Gunnar so the mall crowd didn't step on him and let him decide what he wanted to do. After a while he was ready to get up and be the Gun man again. Funny, I am so much more patient with grand babies than I was with my own :(

Wednesday was my dad's birthday - turned 75. We are getting together at my house tonight and having mexican food pot luck. Guess I should finish cleaning house and quit messing with the computer..

Anyway hoppy Easter.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Getting The Hang of Things

Well, after spending most of yesterday afternoon playing around on this site, I am finally getting the hang of things. I looked at a few other blogs and in awe of the creativity out there.

Maggie has had quite a week. Trentin has a little jaundice and she has had to take him in for blood tests every morning. She hates having his little heels poked. She says that he is very good for the lab tech. Kamryn has had a week adjusting to baby brother, "tentin" but all in all a good week.

Jenna on the other hand has come close to being the mother of only one! Seems Gunnar has been pushing the limits this week - I can laugh but I know how frustrating it is to have two babies crying and wanting mommy at the same time. I know both girls have their hands full, but they will get through it. We all do even though there are times we wonder if we will survive the next minute.

Kamryn is running a temp this morning and not feeling well. It's so hard when the babies are sick - we really worry that the new baby will get something. Hopefully it's just a 24 hour bug. Trentin has to go in at 5:00 p.m. today to be circumcised OUCH! - they wouldn't do it at the hospital so Dr. Bigham will do it today.

Jenna is finally "out of the house". Her pediatrician always tells his patients to keep new babies in 8 weeks and Bailey Boo is 8 weeks old and Jenna is so excited to finally leave the house. Hope that Bailey likes to shop...

Tad is going to the Valley for the weekend and I am riding down with him to spend time with my two babies, Gunnar and Bailey Boo. I can hardly wait!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gosh, getting this thing set up is harder than I thought. A lot of fun, though. I'm still working out the bugs and then I want to customize my page...lots of fun for a computer nut.

These are the days worth living. I am so blessed to be a mother and grandmother and these are truly the loves of my life. We were blessed to get both Bailey and Trentin here safe and sound and now we have two of each! Bailey was born on January 22, 2008 and Trentin was born March 08, 2008. Gunnar turned two on February 11, 2008 and Kamryn will turn 2 on May 26th.

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  • The Dwelling Place - Catherine Cookson

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