Friday, July 18, 2008

Hotter Than the Hubs of Hell

They're finally here...those hot, muggy days that come with the summer rains. On rain days the weather is perfect. On the days building up to rain you sweat gallons of water (how come I'm not shrinking???) feel sluggish, and get meaner than hell (so what's new?) Must be the full moon, the heat and my even-tempered personality - boy I have a short fuse. Wish I could use the rage for energy :o(

Kamryn and I were watching Bambi (for the millionth time) and she heard "thumber" = thunder and said, "I keered" = I'm scared. When we were in the valley at Jenna's the electricity went out and both girls freaked and so Gunnar and Kamryn both say "I'm scared" now.

Every body on my block is mowing yesterday and today in anticipation of Saturday's promised rains. I got most of my yard work done yesterday - when I came in the house I was as red as my truck. I over-heated and it took forever to cool down. I got a lot done though - just forgot to drink (and I'm gonna start on the hard stuff) enough.

I have these two kamakazi black birds that live in my back yard. They had babies and one fell out of the nest and Sadie got it so now every time Sadie is out in the yard, they dive bomb her and are making this awful scolding sound. After three months of the noise I'm tired of them and am thinking bb gun...Sadie is tired of getting hit from all sides when they attack her. Today, while my fuse was lit, I threw Sadie's water bucket at one of them and broke her bucket - now wasn't the smart thing to do? Sadie will be mad when she realizes what I did and the dang bird is still scolding and dive bombing...birds 1 Dorlene 0...

I always tell Sadie, "those birds will poke your eyes out" so now Kamryn says "birds poke eye" or "birds eye" - she isn't really sure what is going on, just repeating what she hears...which brings me to my little repeat. For any of you that know me, you know I throw a few swear words in every day I said son of a (%*#) and guess who says the "b" word. Her mama is ready to kill me and I tell her to ignore her because when you react she is sure to say it again. Any other ideas? (No, getting me to quit now isn't one of the ideas)

Well, Trentin is crying again and I better see what has made him mad this time.


Jenna said...

Whats Bailey gotta do to get a picture posted?

The Nelson's said...

I am so glad you found me! im going to add you if thats ok? I am also happy I got to see you, and I know colby had fun playing with you grand kid!! she is such a cute little girl..

Ginger said...

You crack me up! I vote for the BB gun!

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