Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ok...It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas (again)

So there has been this BIG storm forecast for the last few days and we are supposed to be getting one of the biggest snow storms in years. So far it has spit a little. Wasn't the wind on Friday and Saturday something else? Those people living in the tornado states don't have much on us. So many trees in town blew over. I'm worried about the two big spruce trees in my yard and am thinking of having them taken out before they take my house or somebody elses out :o(

Kamryn is spending the night and so far I've only threatened to beat her with a stick a dozen times. Must be the terrible twos...actually she is pretty good most of the time but once-in-awhile she gives me a run for my money. We played chase with Sadie until Sadie got tired of us and went outside and now I am blog stalking because she wanted to see the pictures of the "owiee" on Whitney and Cord's blog. She and Gunnar are obsessed with the pictures of his welts from paint ball.

I am so far from being ready for Christmas it isn't funny. We decided to work on food supply and not spend money on foo foo this year as a family so it is different. Having a hard time deciding what to get for the grandkids. Don't have the money to buy everything I want so narrowing down to what I can afford and what is available is proving to be interesting.

Kamryn helped me decorate my little tree yesterday afternoon. She enjoyed playing with the "balls" - I bought some shatterproof plastic ones so that the grand kids could enjoy the tree and so far she thinks it is pretty.

Gunnar got a puppy and has started calling her "Sadie Sue" (that's what I call Sadie) and I guess it's gonna stick. Puppy might drive them over the edge - guess it cries non-stop 24/7. Just glad it isn't me.

Bailey wants to walk but isn't quite brave enough to take more than a step. Trentin is getting pretty brave and might beat her.

Tad is working on some remodels and last week had to work on some roofs (snow and all) and this week he says he gets to work inside.

Have to get some inspiration, energy, motivation or something...any ideas?


Ginger said...

That wind was awful, wasn't it? I was crazy and drove to Show Low in it. I think that is a great idea to do food storage instead of the "wants". Gives me ideas for next year...:)!

grandmadebbie said...

Dorlene, Is so good to read all that is going on. No wind here but snow ever am. so cold I stay in the house as much as possible. It just doesnt seem like christmas guess its because no grandkids around. We will Have michael from Provo on christmas. Thanks for being a great friend to me I really love and appreciate you and you family. love debbie

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