Friday, April 10, 2009

Traffic School, Feeding Ducks & Mud Mania

I had to go to the Valley to see my arthritis Dr. on Saturday and while I've kind of been holding my own, Dr. Fairfax would like to see me in better shape because it is still quite active (so would I) but the new wonder drugs called "biomedics" cost up to thousands (NOT a typo) each month. Of course I don't have insurance coverage for that so he would like for me to go back on a trial drug and see how I do. I'm thinking about it...down side is I have to travel back and forth at least once a month and that gets expensive.

Maggie and the kids drove down with me and we spent several days with Jenna and had lots of fun. Jenna spent Saturday in defensive driving school (she supposedly didn't signal a turn in Globe and an off-duty cop said she almost caused a wreck and the STATE was going to suspend her license unless she went to traffic school) any hooo that was a bummer day for her.

On Monday Gunnar had his first swimming lesson so I went and watched it while Maggie and the kids went to Grandma Mary's then Jenna and I met her there. Gunnar did real well for most of the lesson and then he got a little scared and cried a little. He tried to be so brave, and he did everything his instructor asked him to do. We spent time at Grandma's and then went home. I had all four kids in car seats in Jenna's jeep and they all fell asleep on the way to Jenna's. Talk about a job getting four kids out of car seats without waking them up...Gunnar & Bailey, Bailey & Trentin,

Kamryn in the 3rd seat back...the girls went to the mall and to the grocery store because I was making my special chicken strips and Maggie was making Troy's favorite mashed potatoes.

Tuesday Jenna needed to pack up the last of her office to be through with work so I went and helped her for a while. As I was heading out the door on Tuesday morning, I see Gunnar with his pants dropped to his ankles, peeing on Jenna's new hibiscus plant yelling, "Jenna, I helping you"... I had my camera in my purse but missed the peeing part, this is what I caught and I said, "Gunnar, what are you doing?" He said "helping it grow..." (does it matter if it isn't water out of the hose?) At the office, Gunnar and Bailey played while Jenna and I boxed the last of the office up. Here's Bailey boo...
borrowing the line from Runaway Bride..."don't know where she's going, but she'll get there by 10:00 a.m tomorrow." It was fun watching Bailey figure out how to get into the box without falling in.
After lunch at Jack in the Box, we headed to Freestone Park to feed the ducks and ALL of the kids loved it. Jenna and Maggie were nervous with so many kids running loose around that mucky water, THANKFULLY no one fell in. I think it would have been paper, hammer, scissors to see who had to go.
After the park, the kids were hot and wanted to play in the water so Jenna turned the sprinkler on under Gunnar's trampoline. She doesn't have grass in her back yard yet so it was a MUD PUDDLE! and the kids LOVED it. It was hard to leave on Wednesday morning. Gunnar asked me to stay and it melted my heart. When we got to Show Low we let Kamryn and Trentin out to stretch and the wind was blowing a hundred miles an hour...Kamryn said "what's the wind?" as it blew her pony tails out of control. My thoughts were more along the lines of "damed wind."
Had a great time but now it's time to pick up the pieces at home. Sadie missed me and hopped around like a kangaroo. I always post a picture of Sadie on the blog, the grandkids like to look for "Sadie Sue." I guess "mo mo Sadie" stuck, even Kamryn calls me Mo Mo Sadie now. Hope all is well with all of you. Have a Happy Easter and a good spring.

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grandmadebbie said...

I love to hear about all the fun things you have been doing. I miss seeing you. You have such cute grandkids and sounds like your really enjoying them. Hope you get to feeling better. It the pits I know. Hang in there. Happy Easter love deb

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