Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brrr...Baby's It's Cold Outside

Man the weather is something else...we're expecting the temperatures to drop even more through Tuesday and they even say we could get some snow. Friday night it was 12 degrees when Velda and I were coming home from Show Low. That morning everybody reported temperatures in town ranging from -6 to -2 below. Tad who NEVER gets cold even moved to the couch in front of the fire. He had the junk that was going around a couple of weeks ago, must have weakend him.

I've been trying to get ready for Christmas. I don't want Christmas this year. I want ALL of my babies home for Christmas, ALL of them. They will all spend Christmas either at home, in the badlands of Wyoming or hunting something. Ed offered to have me go to the Valley for Christmas. He said he would watch the dogs for me. Depends on how the month goes. I would like to spend Christmas with the grandkids. When I went out to get wood in I looked up and saw the star on Flat Top. I am so glad that the youth in our stake make the sacrifice to carry gas up the hill every night in December for us to have that glorious star! I loved that star when I was growing up and even more now.

Kamryn told me the other day, "Gramma, I come your house, THIS ISN'T FUN!" Made me laugh and cry at the same time. No it isn't fun sweetheart, but this will be good for all of us. How come that that doesn't kill us makes us stronger in so many ways?

I've been reflecting on the last year and it has been a really hard year for my family in many ways. The economy has affected all of the kids in different ways. Loriel was forced to come back to Arizona for school - it was just too expensive in California. Weston's work has been slow, but he is a hard worker. Tad still guides and fills in which gets him by, but that's about it and Troy and Maggie had to leave town for work. I hope that we each learn something from this, put it to use and are better prepared for the future.

I am grateful for all that I have. Grateful for the blessing of being a wife, mother and grandmother. Grateful for my health and the abilities that I still have. Grateful for this country, grateful for those who serve. I am grateful for the gospel and for our living Prophet and for those who serve with him. I am grateful to live in a small town, grateful for dear friends and family.

I hope that this holiday season brings blessings to each of you. Love to all.

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