Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung (Maybe)

Went to the Valley for Easter. It was fun to spend time down there in the nice weather. Helped Jenna paint Gunnar's room and get him moved into it. He is excited to get a "ladder" bed (bunk) but Jenna doesn't want him to have one. I say he gets one just because.

Bailey and Gunnar are two funny little toots. They are constantly on the go and Bailey is quite quirky. Quite the dresser too, and she does it all by herself. Black and Orange flowered skirt, purple and pink flowered leggings, a pink t shirt, yellow cinderella high heels, and a pink bling purse. Weston had to take her into the bank in that outfit and I think he might have been a little embarrased. While Jenna and I were sorting piles of baby clothes in her room, she puts on a pink bomber style winter hat and a pink pair of mittens and adds to the outfit along with some necklaces or whatever. You NEVER know what she will wear. She said "mo mo sadie do you want to see my owie?" and I said "yes". Off comes the underwear then the flowered skirt and I'm looking at Weston and said "she's making me a little nervous, where is that owie?" we watch in amazement as she sits on the kitchen floor and shows me the scratch on her KNEE. Weston said, "she stripped for that?"

Quite the talker, we were coming out of Lowe's on Monday morning with paint, Jenna is telling Bailey something and Bailey says very matter of factly "yeah right" - I just about busted a gut. WHERE did she hear that?

Gunnar is quite competitive (we didn't realize that) and on Easter morning while they are doing their first Easter egg hunt and starting to realize that it is kind of fun you can see him wanting to get more than Bailey. They hunt for eggs three or four times and the last time we go into the living room and I'm sitting on the little couch watching everybody. No one is paying attention (he thinks) and while they are all looking at something else, Gunnar reaches in Bailey's basket and takes an egg. The look on his face was unforgetable and I just started cracking up. Jenna and Weston literally thought I was cracking up and then I quietly told them what just happened. If I hadn't seen it, no one would have ever known, it was so sly, so smooth and so sneaky and he did it with a smile!

I'm loving watching these kids grow up. The new baby (girl) will be here in August and we are excited. Trentin and Kamryn had Easter in Eagar and I was sad they didn't get to go to the Valley but they can't always go when I go :o( Kamryn got the pink jump rope she was asking for so she thought the Easter bunny is an alright guy.

There are so many things to be doing (house work, painting, yard work, scrapping) that I feel somewhat overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.

We spent Saturday evening at Laurie's with she and Lauren while the guys went to Priesthood meeting. On Sunday we went over for Easter dinner. Neal and Laurie are so good to Jenna and I love them for that. She is truly blessed to be a part of their family.

We taped Conference since it's really hard to concentrate on the talks when you have toddlers running around so I'll be glad to watch it in the evenings. Gunnar is getting to where he will talk more on the phone but he doesn't hold a candle toKamryn...she will talk your leg OFF. Sorry to anyone that calls my house and she answers.

Mostly meanderings about the weekend, there were just a couple of cute, priceless moments that I will cherish just because I was there when they happened. My family is my life and I hope they know that.

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