Monday, November 8, 2010

We Are Family...

I know I used this pictue before, but there is a reason I am using it again.

Tad gave me permission to do this...on Saturday he and Chelsea were at the house when I got off work. We were chatting in the kitchen when he said, "we've got something to tell you..." they are getting married! I cried. I have prayed for many years for him to find someone to share his life with and to have a family with and it is happening. I can't believe how HAPPY he is. It has been a long while since I've seen him this happy. He truly loves Chelsea and Cache. He will make a good husband and father. I am grateful he wants to help her raise this precious little boy. They are making plans and Jenna our wedding planner went into power mode. It is fun to make plans and envision their future together.

All I know is that Heavenly Father answers EVERY prayer. Sometimes the answer is NO, sometimes the answer comes right away and in this case it has been a long time coming but it is answered and I for one am GRATEFUL.

Hoping that something wonderful happened for each of you today.


Ginger said...

That's so awesome! They are such a cute couple. Chelsea was one of my Mia Maids. She is a sweetie and I'm happy for both of them! Congratulations to your family!

Mike said...

Alright Tad! Congratulations!!!

Nate and Emily said...

Well that was a fun announcement to read- Congratulations! Way to go Tad!

grandmadebbie said...

so happy for Tad. He came to Brenda's the other night with chelsie and he was so polite. My daughter Becky said wow you never hear anyone say yes mam and no mam to anyone these day's. He looked so happy.. so happy for them.

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