Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He's 3

Trentin turned three yesterday. He has been so excited to have a birthday since he was in the valley to celebrate Bailey and Gunnar's birthdays. He had an idea that birthday means presents and insisted that Santa would be bringing them and FUN! Finally it was two weeks then a week then two days before his birthday. On two days before I said , "guess who's having a birthday in two days?" - he got a grouchy look and tone and told me his birthday would be in "two weeks!!!" arguing only made him madder :o( On Monday I said, you have a birthday tomorrow and he seemed pretty excited. On Tuesday when I sang "happy birthday to you....and had the line you belong in a zoo" he smiled.

Trentin is so sweet. He is super shy and pretty laid back. If he's in the mood, he will terrorize Kamryn until there are tears (usually ends up with both of them in tears). He loves ANIMALS. I watch him talk to Ali and I've caught him more than once petting and talking to her and then giving her a kiss, yes a kiss and yes, on the lips! He calls himself Trentin dooey and it melts my heart when he says his prayers and blesses Trentin dooey. He loves his mama and his daddy and Kamryn. He loves his Aunt Jenna and Uncle Weston. He's an outside kid and is pretty stubborn about potty training. He's so close and yet so far. He is dead-serious when he is telling you something. He gets his feelings hurt and he is stubborn about admitting he did something he shouldn't. He is cuddly and he tickles me when he says something and then quickly adds, "right, Mo Mo Sadie, right?" He was doing good in Nursery then he missed a few times and now I can't get him to stay. He comes to my class or stays at home with his dad. He is smart, he is kind, he is shy, he is loving, he is a joy and a blessing. I am once again humbled at the blessing of being a grandmother and on his special day, his grandma, his "Mo Mo Sadie" - I don't know where the time went but he was born, one, two and now three. I close my eyes and he's grown.

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