Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Am Blessed

Don't know if I worked too hard or what but I didn't sleep good last night and woke up late this morning and ended up ditching church. So here I sit updating my blog like that is really important but if I count this as journaling does that kind of keep the Sabbath day? (Somebody tell me yes)I am not the first to say it and it really is a strange phenomenon but the Wallow Fire kicked my butt and I feel like I have lost a whole month somewhere. I am so far behind that I will never catch up.

Speaking of the Wallow Fire, it has been one of the most emotional times of my life. The mountains that I have grown up on and raised my kids on will never be the same in my lifetime, my kids lifetime and probably my grandkids lifetime. I am truly saddened and heart broken by this realization. I am humbled and grateful with Heavenly Father's answer to prayers that no serious injuries happened; no "only homes" were burned (they were all second homes and as bad as that is, no one is homeless); our towns were protected as much as they could be with the winds and conditions firefighters were dealing with; and I add my loud THANK YOU to all of the fire personnel who put their very lives on the line to protect us. My neice Kresta and nephew Tim were on the lines and some of the things they reported brought me to tears more than once. I was truly afraid for their safety more than once. I am grateful to Jenna and Weston for opening their home to my band of gypsies...90 year old Uncle Leo "Son"; 88 year old Uncle Richard; 87 year old Aunt Virginia; 78 year old Dad; 74 year old Mom; me, Troy, Maggie, Kamryn and Trentin and three dogs. One of Jenna's neighbors said it looked like a nursing home...we had oxygen machines; walkers, canes, and old people everywhere. None of them could hear worth a damn and they would have the tv cranked up past 50 (how they managed that I don't know) and then try to talk to each other. I'm sure that any neighbors out for a walk thought that there was a family feud going on inside. I know I said "talk" but they were really yelling just to be heard over the tv. That was an experience for the journal.We got back home and nothing seems normal...gardening, yard work, you name it is all behind. Most of us are doing deep cleaning (not that we wanted to) and then the 4th of July came. Because the forest is closed it was couldn't go for a drive or go fishing or anything.

We still managed to have a good time...Jenna and Weston bought a new Polaris Ranger and it is one sweet ride. It has a jammin' stereo system and most every trip to town was in ranger. They also brought their air up splash pool and the kids were in the water all weekend long. They had a great time. They rode with me in the parade and then we went to Nola's for a cookout. Jenna and Weston had to leave on the 4th and I was sad.

On the 6th, Chelsea was induced and Rose and I got to be there. It was a short night and long day...1 1/2 hours of sleep and Ryker Damar Allred arrived at 8:02 a.m. on Thursday, July 7, 2012. He weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces and was 21 inches long. He has lots of dark hair and is a beautiful baby. I had the honor of being in the room when he was born and saw my Tad when he saw his son. It still makes me weep with absolute joy to have been able to witness this truly spiritual moment.

I am humbled and grateful for Jenna, Tad and Maggie. I made so many mistakes as their mother and I hope that they know that I love them beyond words. I am grateful for Weston, Troy and Chelsea and the good people they are. I am humbled and grateful for Gunnar, Kamryn, Bailey, Trentin, Cache, Brinley and Ryker. They are my heart and soul. I am thankful for Loriel and Adam. Loriel has accomplished so much and she's done it on her own. I am blessed!

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Ginger said...

We did lose a whole month. I'm almost a little resentful about that. :(

It has been quite a month for your family it sounds like. I'm so glad you could be there with Tad and Chelsea. What a neat experience. You are a wonderful mother. You have great kids and it shows how much you love them. Don't sell yourself short. :) Love ya!

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