Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Well summer came and now it's almost over and I am so sad.  I have truly enjoyed summer.  It started out with a bang.  We went to Jenna and Weston's for their last pool party in the old house for Kamryn's birthday.   Jenna and Weston bought a new larger home in their neighborhood so I went down for Memorial Day and stayed and help them move in.  Their new home is very nice - HUGE - bigger than anything I have ever even though of living in.  It will be extra nice when they get their pool in this winter.

The following weekend Jenna and the kids came up and then Maggie came up a couple of days later. All of the kids were here and we got Ryker a time or two but we never had all of them awake and in the same place at the same time so I never got a new picture of all of the grandkids.  Their most favorite thing to do is play in the ditch.  They had a ball from the time they got here until they left.
 The kids are racing sticks down the ditch... pretty serious business.
 Whose stick is in first place?  May be too close to call.

 Tanner loves shoes, ANYBODY's shoes.  The color the size it doesn't matter - it's shoes and it's the key to freedom for him.

 The pictures of Tanner and Callie are my favorite of the summer... the big kids were at the ditch and after Tanner found a pair of shoes, he and Callie escaped and headed to the ditch.  I was right behind them with my camera.
Weston came up for the weekend and they went camping.  Maggie and I went out a couple of times to eat - the kids were in heaven being let loose in the woods.   Tad got the kids' quad running so we could take it out to camp...they rode the wheels off of it.  That was the best $250 I ever spent.
 Jenna, Weston and Callie going for a ride on Momo's nnn.  All of the kids love to ride the quads.
 Weston set up a 3-D archery target for Gunnar and Trentin.  They shot a million arrows.  Well maybe I do exaggerate a bit,  but they certainly enjoyed the great outdoors.
 Cade is such a sweet little guy.  He was loving the outdoors like the big kids.

The week was over much too fast and then there was quiet at my house.  It gets out of control when everyone is here and then all of a sudden total quiet.  I miss the kids when they leave.  Every one of them makes me smile or laugh all of the time.

The 4th was different - none of my kids were around.  I had  cookout at my house after the parade - Mom and Dad, Lynn, Laura, Karyn Murphy, Jay, Lenia, Camila, Sophia, Tim, Alia, Blaine, Stormy, Tatum and Bubba came.  It was fun and then when everyone left - total silence again.  Uncle Leonard was the parade Grand Marshall - he's the oldest living World War 2 Veteran in Round Valley.  That was quite an honor for him.

I had an emergency text from Jenna - could I baby sit from the 22nd to the 29th of July - they had the chance to go to Hawaii.  Of course I was more than willing and they had a great time.  I am amazed at the hours of work it takes everyday for these moms.  The big kids had started school so it was just Presley and Callie and me during the day.  It gave me a chance to catch up on housework, laundry, etc.  When the kids get home from school and did I mention that I carpooled every other day, the crazy starts all over again.  Friends coming and going, music lessons, primary visits, woo at the end of the day I was exhausted.

I just got back from 5 days at Maggie's house.  Her kids started school today.  Tanner and Cade are a handful and she doesn't have any spare time either.  There's someone wanting something every minute of every day.  It was nice to be down there.  We did some decorating, some crafting and just hung out.

Cade is the sweetest little tank.  He's only 2 pounds lighter than Tanner.  He looks like Kamryn and Trentin.

Trentin at Lynn's - out in the barn with the chickens.  The kids enjoyed all of his animals.

Tanner loves farm animals.  He had never been up that close to all of them and was a little intimidated but he loved them.

Lynn's watch dog geese.  They honk and  raise hell when a stranger is around.

Kamryn at Lynn's - she enjoyed all of the animals, too.

Some of the goats - he has 8 or 9 of them.  They are all pets.

I will be busy from now until mid September with the Jamboree.  I am the coordinator and every year it gets a little easier.  I have met some real nice people over the years and count many of them as my friends.

Today has been a busy day - I had Cache and Ryker overnight and all day while Chelsea took her niece to the airport.  I thoroughly enjoyed both of them.  They had open house at school today and I met both of their teachers.  Ryker is so smart and friendly he will do well.  Cache is very quiet and will struggle until he warms up to the kids and teacher.
Jumping on the trampoline.  All of the kids love it.

They are good friends most of the time.  They had fun jumping together.

This little monkey loves to laugh.  I love to have him around.  He is my buddy.

We have had beautiful summer rains starting the 4th of July and it is absolutely beautiful here right now.  I am in awe of the beauties that surround me.  I am grateful that I am an earth person - my soul is tied to the earth.  Fall will come soon and then winter.  I love our late spring, summer and early fall here.  There is nothing more beautiful than this area 9 months out of the year.


Life is good.  I have enjoyed the summer, my kids and my grandkids.  They truly make my life worth living. 

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