Sunday, May 18, 2008

Holy Crap...

The last three weeks have been busy! Maggie & I drove to the valley a couple of days early so we could play. Troy came down on Thursday evening and we took the kids to the zoo on Friday.

Kamryn & Gunnar had a good time. Gunnar saw the carousel at the entrance and all he wanted to do was ride the "ashar" = Tiger. Pulling him along to see the animals, he enjoyed them, but never once did he forget about that d*&#ned carousel. Finally Jenna and I took a break and let him ride while Troy & Maggie took Kamryn to see more animals.
We ended up meeting at the water hazzard (the water randomly shoots out of the ground) and both kids were in heaven playing in the water.

We finally drug them out of the zoo and went home for a rest. Friday evening Weston & Troy baby sat all four kids and the girls and I went to the mall. It was a lot of fun. We stopped for pizza and just kind of shopped around. Look at Jenna's blog for the sunglasses story. We took the guys Cold Stone ice cream for being such good sports. Saturday morning the guys went on a quad ride in the desert and Saturday afternoon we went to Grandma Mary's to swim. Grandma and I took care of Bailey and Trentin while everyone else played in the pool.

Oh, I love these babies. I am so blessed and so happy to be "ammah" to Kamryn and "mo mo Sadie" to Gunnar. After the pool, we cooked hamburgers on the grill at Grandma Mary's and Dal's. We had a good time together and then Gunnar & Kamryn were running wild on the golf course ( a no no) but no one complained. Saturday night at 10:30 Jenna and I were in the grocery store so that we could make Hawaiian haystacks on Sunday after Bailey's blessing. I got up Sunday morning and got the chicken going and then Jenna and I cut up all of the veggies and got the rolls to raising. By the time we left for church everything was under control. NOTE: if you are feeding a crowd, leave church right after the blessing and go home and start the rice) I thought of that on my way back to Jenna's. By the time I got to her house there were people knocking on the front door. I started the rice and pretty soon Weston came in and more people were coming, but no Jenna. Guess who the last person through the door was? Weston and I were stressed. By the time we got the rolls and first batch of rice done and people started eating I started to relax. When talking about it on Sunday night, Jenna just laughed as she talked about the death rays that Weston and I shot her when she walked through the door. We looked at each other and said, "she doesn't get it"...meaning that when you invite 30 people for lunch, maybe you should be there when they get there!

Bailey's blessing was beautiful and that was the whole reason we were there.

I spent the week with Jenna so she wouldn't have to be alone every evening while Weston was at class and she came back home with me on Friday. On Saturday we took the kids to the park and I made a batch of chalupa for dinner. It was so good with all of the stuff on top! Sunday I had to teach my RS lesson and Jenna went to church with Troy & Maggie. We were getting ready to eat Sunday dinner when they told me that they had invited the missionaries to my house at 5:00 for dinner. Well, there wasn't going to be enough roast left so we heated up the left over chalupa and I made a batch of brownies. Chalupa is better the second day anyway and the sister missionaries never knew we were eating "left overs".

Monday morning Jenna was ready to start taping and caulking so we could get on with my painting project. It only took 5 days to paint the kitchen and dining room. We had two toddlers and two infants - guess we're lucky it only took that long.

Gunnar was in the terrorist twos last week. No that is not a typo. He and Kamryn didn't get along as good as they have on past visits. There seemed to be a lot of crying (once -in-awhile I swear it was ALL of us) and a lot of refereeing. I personally changed 200 diapers, I swear! On Thursday if having four wasn't pushing the limit, I had Tanya's 2 year old twin boys, too. Now that things have calmed down some, I can laugh. Both Jenna and Maggie were stressed with Kamryn and Gunnar not getting along. It will get better, it seemed every time there was a crisis, the two babies would need mama, too!

Weston found out that his Clinicals were going to start on Saturday so he wasn't going to be able to come for the weekend and pick Jenna up as planned so on Friday afternoon we drove to Salt River Canyon and met Weston. I brought my truck and quad home and they went back home from there. I spent Saturday touching up the paint where needed and cleaning and thinking how much I LOVE my new kitchen/dining room. We painted the walls a rich yellow and one of the dining room walls a "sangria" is so pretty! Thanks, Jenna and Maggie for all of your help!

Today I am kicked back and thinking about the Allred Family Reunion coming up next weekend in the Valley. It will be a lot of fun to see all of the kids, and of course we will be taking a lot of pictures.

Yep...I am blessed and I am thankful for my kids and grandkids. You are my heart and soul!


Nate & Emily said...

Its always fun to read your blog, thanks for sharing! Sounds like all you guys should be tired! :) I'm sure your kitchen looks great. We will be seeing you soon!

Jennifer said...

Wow, you have been busy! Do you have any pictures of the finished paint job?? This makes me want to take my kids to the zoo, I forgot they have that little water area. We can't wait to see everyone this weekend, I hope the weather cooperates.:)

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