Sunday, April 27, 2008

3 Days And Counting...

...till I'm on my way back to the Valley. Maggie and I are going down on Wednesday so we can play and do some cooking for next weekend. Bailey is getting blessed next Sunday and we will all be together, can hardly wait. Sounds like Weston and Troy have a quad ride planned - don't know what the girls have planned. I am staying until the 9th - and then Jenna is coming back to spend a week up here. Maybe I'll put the girls to work helping me paint??

I had Jordan and Kevin on Thursday and they are so darned cute. They look so much alike that most people can't tell them apart. I have been wrong only three times. I see them once-in-awhile and still they know me. Jordan called me Dorlene and Kevin called me Grandma - you should have seen them "looking" for dog poop for me to rake up in the back yard. I would hear "Dorlene...poop" from Jordan and "Grandma...poop" from Kevin. Kamryn came to play with them, I noticed that she thought she was in charge and would try to herd them where she wanted them to go - with two of them it was kind of like herding cats...(it CAN"T be done). Jennifer, I still can't tell which is which with your boys and sweetie I don't know how you do it. I was one tired poopsy on Thursday evening.

I am SO blessed. I have a big family (I count all sides) that I love. I have enjoyed "stalking" all of them on their blogs to see what is going on in their lives. I feel like I'm in touch, does that make sense? I have some very dear friends that enrich my life immensely. We enjoy doing things together like attending weddings, funerals (hey here in 4th Ward we have three funerals to every other ward's one so they become a "social activity" and could almost be a ward activity, how easy would that be for the activities committee?), musical programs, shopping, birthday lunches (Nadine and Linda, you're next), SCRAPPING (isn't that the coolest hobby ever???) and thanks to my dear friend, Darlene, I even get to Curves on a REGULAR basis :-)

If Ed doesn't go to work soon there will be yet another funeral in the 4th Ward :-( Having him around is messing up my routine.

Better get my Sunday dinner on the table - I invited Troy & Maggie up. Kamryn is the cutest when it comes to eating...she will fold her arms and wait for the "amen" meaning the prayer. IF by chance you start without the "amen" you get the "look" and go back and do it right. "and the little ones shall lead them..."


Nate & Emily said...

You sure have some cute grandkids! You know what they say about why grandparents and grandkids get along so well... its because they have a common enemy! :) Its great to read on how your doing, thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad someone else can feel my pain:)...I don't know if Jenna can go with you..She is supposed to help ME paint! Just kidding, I'll see ya at the Bailey's blessing.

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