Sunday, June 1, 2008

Family Reunion

I didn't get a lot of pictures taken at the family reunion. Everybody went to the lake on Saturday except Velda and I. From the pictures I have seen, that was one fun activity! We had a great time and THANK YOU, Velda for planning and dragging. I know it is a lot of hard work, but it was definitely worth it. The Saturday cook out at Nate & Jen's house was a lot of fun and the kids loved playing on the GIANT water slide. Heck if I wasn't so old and fat, I might have gotten in on that one, but I'm afraid I would have looked like a beached whale :-(
Sunday was great, too. Sunday morning we kind of kicked back and then on Sunday afternoon most of us met at the Temple to view the Joseph Smith film. Mike & Ashley were so great to take photos and they are awesome! The prime rib dinner was wonderful! - Velda got a dang good scald on cooking prime rib. Even though it was delicious, we still missed Brando & Tammy.
The guys did a four hole scramble golf game on Sunday evening and the rumor was that Dal, Steve, Weston & Tad won.
I had to laugh as Tad and Weston reported their "walk" back to grandma's. She lives down "Ashton". They said (hunting terms) they were off one "ridge" and found themselves coming down "Gayridge" to Grandma's. They said they looked at each other and asked if they should hold hands and skip - I would have paid good money to see that.
Coming home on Monday, Tad and I talked about the good time we had and he was glad that he went, and I am glad that he stayed. He did have a good time, we all did. Now everyone is saving their nickels to go on the cruise. (Did someone say sea sick?)


MIUMIU said...

Nice to meet you. Great blog!
Please link to this site.

Jennifer said...

It was so fun! I'm so glad you guys could pull it all together.

Nate & Emily said...

It really was some good times! I'm glad we are doing these now, its great to see everyone! The cruise is going to be great! :)

*Ashley said...

That was fun! I'm glad we got to see you!!! It seems like it's been forever!! Did Mike get you all the pictures you wanted? I think I have a few more on my camera of you, Grandma Mary, Doug and Velda. Let me know if you want anymore! :)

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