Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yum Yum

On Saturday Troy & Maggie asked me to baby sit so they could go to Show Low to a movie. They ended up just shopping around and eating bocci balls from La Venti and then coming back home. Anyway when they got home, Maggie asked Kamryn what she had for lunch and she looked up at her mama and said dog food. That's probably not too far off from what she had. (I fixed her lunch but she didn't eat much, I think she was already full :-) Dang kid, I caught her down on her hands and knees drinking out of Sadie's water dish the other day, and we've caught her chomping on dog food since she was a baby. Yesterday while we were visiting out on Maggie's front porch , she was drinking out of the bird bath! Maggie grabbed her by the arm and was dragging her away from the bird bath and Kamryn kept saying "arm, arm"...I was chuckling and Maggie was telling me it's not funny. It WAS funny...Kamryn being raised around the dogs, thinks she is one. Sadie huffs and puffs when people drive up or go by and once in a while you hear Kamryn huffing and puffing, too.

Maggie's dogs howl when they hear a siren and every once in a while you hear Kamryn howl when she hears the siren. What is she gonna teach poor little Trentin? How will he know what is normal? Will we have to buy Kamryn a flea collar? (and tell her it's a necklace), will we have to buy her a leash? Oh who knows...all I know is that you NEVER know what she is gonna do next and that makes my heart smile. I LOVE the things these babies do...Gunnar likes to strip naked and wreak havoc. Their mothers are in for the run of their life and I love every minute of it!


Marci said...

You're such a good little grandma! Kamryn is so funny! They're right, when they say "kids do the darndest things." I can say that none of my crazy girls like to eat dog food...that is so funny! Your blog is so fun to read!

Nate & Emily said...

I bet you are loving every minute of it, cute story!

Ginger said...

Dorlene! I was excited to find your blog through the "Eagar" link. Your family has really grown and I enjoyed reading about your happenings! I miss the days when I worked with you at the school!

Wiltbank Family said...

Just think Dor; this is just the beginning of Grandmotherhood! Sorry I don't check these neat blogs more often. They are Great! I love you guys.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the cute stories I feel like I know these kids and I wish I could see them more often.

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