Thursday, September 18, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Where does the time go? Just yesterday it was August and summer was here in full swing and today fall is definitely on it's way. My virginia creeper (yah, the one that Gunnar taste-tested) is turning colors and my rose bushes are in full bloom again. Go month ago today, I took this picture of a double rainbow it was gorgeous - just in the wrong location to get a great shot... and right out my back door, I just heard thunder. I hope it rains alot because my grass sure could use it.

Jenna and Weston came up on the 6th for a wedding reception in St. Johns and on Sunday we had pit bbq beef , coleslaw and corn. Gunnar loves corn on the cob and thank goodness, "papa"(my dad) had a few ears that were ready. I get the biggest kick out of watching him eat corn. It was fun to have all of the babies together. Gunnar and Kamryn get along pretty good most of the time. When he gets that "look" in his eye, that little toot is going to pester, tease, or something come hell or high water.

Tad has Alvin and the Chipmunks movie in his room so I took it to my room where Gunnar and I slept and put it on for him. It quickly became his new favorite. While watching it one afternoon here is what we foundGunnar sound asleep sitting on my hope chest at the end of the bed. Before they could move him, I had to take the pictures :o)

I took Jenna and the babies home on Wednesday and stayed until Monday. A mini vacation that I enjoyed, mostly because I was with my kids. We didn't do much, although on Saturday, Jenna and I went for manicures and pedicures. I'm old and this was my first for either one and gosh, a girl could really get spoiled. It felt so nice and my hands looked so nice.

It was so good to play with Gunnar and Bailey (when she will let me). I'm afraid we have another "mama's baby" with Bailey boo... Maggie says she can feel Jenna's pain. Kamryn was a mama's baby and Trentin will go to anyone. Gunnar is a little more reserved but doesn't go into hysterics the second Jenna is out of sight.

I got back into town Monday afternoon and have been trying to catch up from the last couple of months of non-stop go. I missed my little house and Sadie missed me. Gunnar still calls me mo mo Sadie and I love it.

While in the valley I stay in Gunnar's room with him. We make a pallet on the floor for him but before too long we are sharing a twin bed. I spoil him so when it's time for a nap or for bed, I lay down with him and we watch "Chipmunks" cause, guess what mo mo bought for Gunnar? His very own copy! He soon realized that once he was asleep that mo mo, being the shifty character she is, slips out of the room and goes down stairs to talk to mama, so he got to where he would make me lay down against the wall and would try to wrap his arms around mine so he would know when I left. I still chuckle when I think of how hard he worked to keep me from escaping.

When I got home, Kamryn wanted to see her amma - so she spent the night on Tuesday night. She is spending the night tonight - Troy is taking Maggie out for her birthday. Ed will be home and they will have a ball.

I am so blessed to have the privilege of being a wife, mother and grandmother. These are blessings I do not take forgranted. I love my kids and my grandbabies so much it makes my heart hurt. I cry every time Jenna and her kids leave here or I have to leave them behind. I miss Kamryn and Trentin when I am there and miss Gunnar and Bailey when I am here. What's a mo mo to do?

By the baby (Maggie) is 24 today! Happy birthday. I love you and am so proud of the person you have become! Love you, Mom

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