Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy 26th

Tad turned 26 at 7:22 a.m. and I'm remembering how thrilled we were to have a baby boy. Now we had one of each and what ever happened next would be icing on the cake. Tad had some struggles at birth and was whisked off to intensive care where he spent the first four days of his life. He was and is a joy. Easy as a baby, keep him fed, keep him dry and he was good to go. (here he is at 4 1/2 mos.) He was always early to bed, early to rise. Jenna adored him when he was born and he in turn adored Maggie when she was born. The only boy, sandwiched between the girls, he got along pretty good with both of them. He was and is all boy...blood and guts from the time I can remember. I still see his little hands itching to "help" with whatever was going on. One day a puppy of the kids' got hit by a car and when Don was digging a hole to bury the dog, Tad was just about to explode, wanting to dig the hole himself and get the dog ready to bury. His dad told him that when he was potty trained and no accidents that he would take him horseback down in the Blue Wilderness Area. Sure enough just about the time he turned three they were gone. Don was so proud of Tad...he said Tad only cried once when the horse went under a low branch and caught Tad off guard and knocked him off the saddle. Don said that he had taken grown men down on the Blue that cried more than Tad did! Hunting, bull-*#it*ng, sense of humor, laid back, all are a part of Tad. Today I am grateful for the blessing of being his mother. I love you kid.

Ok, girls, I love you, too. The music on my playlist was chosen because of the love I have for my kids and grandkids, except the Baby I Love You - that was mine and Don's song. Jumped at the chance to add it.

It's been a while since I blogged. We had so much hit at Christmas time, losing Doug. I think his family is starting to pick up the pieces. Erica Boyce, who ran around with Maggie died on the 6th of January as did Dennis Barney (Ed's cousin's husband). Erica is a relative through the Stover side of the family and it was sad to hear of her death. I missed celebrating my birthday on the 2nd due to getting ready for Doug's funeral. Jenna and the kids and I went to lunch at Serano's so that was fun. I went to lunch before my birthday with Darlene and Jane because I was going to be out of town, and when I got back Janie brought a homemade lemon meringue pie and candle. Got to celebrate for a week - not too bad.

On January 17th Bonnie Udall, Marcella Walker, Niki (Udall) and Alisha Walker and I all went to Scrapfest at Scrapbooks, Etc. It was a 12 hour day of scrapping and I got so much done - although not everything I thought I would. I haven't scrapped regularly for months and it was such a good feeling getting some of my pictures on pages and into albums. This morning as I pulled out Tad's box I got a sudden rush of "oh my gosh...I am so far behind" and all I wanted to do was scrap. Weston celebrated his Birthday on the 17th - I missed out on the celebration, but I hope it was a happy day. Bailey Boo celebrated her first birthday on the 22nd but I couldn't go for her birthday so I get to celebrate her birthday and Gunnar's next week when he turns 3.

Jenna says that Bailey Boo is walking except for when she has to be somewhere fast, then she gets down and crawls. I've missed seeing that so I am excited for this weekend when Jenna and the kids come up - yesterday when I asked Kamryn who was coming to Grandma's house she said "Gunny" - her eyes were huge and sparkled with excitement. She LOVES Gunny.

Kamryn spent a couple of hours playing yesterday - we went to Sonic for a coke and I got her an order of tater tots and let her sit in the front seat of the truck while we sat and ate at the "drive in" and she acted so big. When I think of these four precious babies that have been sent to our family my heart physically hurts with love for them. I am in awe of their spirits, their intelligence, and now their personalities. Ed and Kamryn are crazy about each other. He told me the other day that my grandkids were the best thing that have happened to us. I in turn said that I felt like that the one thing I did right in my life was my kids and now these babies. I made lots of mistakes with my kids due to ignorance, due to circumstances, but never with intent. I hope that in time they know this for themselves that I do love each of them the same, entirely differently and absolutely with every fiber of my being!

Aw shucks...I got mushy. Everybody knows that I'm hard as nails.

I was called to be the 2nd Counselor in the Primary Presidency in my ward. I think I met the Bishop and Br. Haws at the door with "holy crap" thinking the "other" - and when they asked me to accept the calling I told them point blank that a mistake has been made and that I cuss like a sailor. They didn't back off so I accepted thinking it won't be long before I'm released, probably when some sweet little guy goes home with a "Bleep" word! I'm over Nursery, Sunbeams and SCOUTS! Are you kidding, Scouts? Here's what I know about Scouting ( )! After reflecting on Friday and as I got ready for bed with my prayers I realized that the new calling was an answer to prayer about getting my life back in order and about learning to be more patient and kind and loving. I KNOW that Heavenly Father DOES have a sense of humor and probably was chuckling when he saw me squirm with my thoughts and emotions. Is this gonna affect my travel - yes to some degree but I already figured I'll come and go during the week only staying for weekends when necessary. I WILL do my best and I am thankful for my testimony and knowledge of the gospel. Ok go ahead and laugh :o)

I'm not getting my housework done so I better quit and accomplish something of worth today - like cleaning those two toilets and tubs and vacuum and mop and....and....the list is long and the day is short.

Haven't blog stalked for a while, hope all is well for everyone. Thanks for the good you are in my life.

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Ginger said...

I'm glad you posted stopped cleaning & scrapbooking to post today! I sure miss you!

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