Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quite Simply...You Are the Love of My Life

3rd Birthday 2nd Birthday

1st Birthday 6 Months Old

Gunnar Neal Farnes...YOU are the LOVE of MY life. Baby boy how you have grown from that tiny new infant into one funny character. From the moment I first held you I loved you in a way that I could never imagine. You are the first of my grandchildren - the first great grandson on the Allred side of the family. The first grand child on the Farnes/Young side of the family. You will always be the oldest cousin, the first to do everything - the path that the others will follow. I KNOW your mama and daddy will teach you to always to the right thing and we saw that you are obedient at an early age. On the day of your first birthday, we had you in your high chair and then I noticed that once everybody was standing around the table you folded your arms and bowed your head. I was in awe! You have done so many things that have tickled me, made me cry, made me laugh and ALWAYS, ALWAYS love YOU!

I was able to spend your third birthday with you and on Tuesday night the 3rd, you came and sat by me on the couch and wrapped your arms in mine and said, "mo mo Sadie...I don't want you to leave." We weren't even talking about me leaving and it made my heart hurt with love for you once more. We have become very close and I am so THANKFUL for the honor and privilege of being your grandma...your "mo mo Sadie".

The phases of your interests tickle've gone from Elmo to Cars to Incredibles and now you are into "dinosuares" and for your birthday you got two more dinosaurs and a v smile.
You like to watch the Land Before Time, Cailou, Sid the Science Kid...and you are getting to be quite the talker (kind of like your Uncle Tad) did I mention that you are so darned smart? It doesn't take long for you master just about anything. Before I left town on Valenines day you were up and making homemade Valentines for everyone.

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Wiltbank Family said...

Made me cry. Tadpole, Jennapoo, Magpie, even Bugspray. Decode if you can.

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