Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday, Trentin Dear...

I can't believe it. Trentin is one today. Where in the heck did the last year go? I spent the night at Troy & Maggie's the night before he was born so that Kamryn could sleep in her own bed and we woke up the next morning waiting for news. Velda called me that morning and we rode to Show Low together after Trentin was born to see him. Kamryn was such a pill then - she would NOT go to anyone but her mother, her daddy, Ed or me and that was it. Velda tried so hard to be of help with Kamryn but she wouldn't let her.

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In many ways, Trentin has been the easiest of the four babies. He has the sweetest disposition and always has a smile for everyone. He is a good eater, a good sleeper and an extra sweet cuddler. At about 6 months he reminded me of Don's baby pictures but Trentin has a little rounder face. Talk about round - he is getting to be a chunky monkey :o) He wants to do anything that Kamryn does and last Sunday he started walking. If he's in a hurry he crawls, but it is so darned cute to see him walk. I love to watch these babies growing up. Gunnar and Kamryn's personalities are a little stronger now and they will talk your leg off. It will be interesting to see what Bailey and Trentin do. It will be fun to watch them play together now that they are both walking. Hope their mama(s) have good running shoes to keep up.

This blog is about Trentin but I have to add this story...Kamryn is into Batman - the cartoon and the Dark Knight movie. She LOVES Batman "holy twisted metal, Batman". She says the joker is not nice... yesterday she was playing in my living room and she was Batman when all of a sudden she grabs Trentin and said "Come on, Robin"... we all cracked up. The point being, I think Trentin will always be Kamryn's little side kick through good or bad. Hopefully, more good.

Yes, sweetheart, Grandma loves you with all of her heart. I am so pleased to be your Grandma and I love to watch you learn and grow. Happy birthday to one very sweet One Year old! Enjoy your cake, and eat it too.

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Jenna said...

Happy Birthday Tin Tin

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