Saturday, March 7, 2009

Counting Our Blessings

I got a call from Keith at about 4:30 p.m. on Saturday the 28th asking if I had heard about his mom and dad to which I replied no...what's happening? He then told me that they had rolled their atv down a cliff on Eagle Creek and were both being flown by helicopter to Tucson. He was on his way from the Valley to Tucson and said that he would call me as soon as he got there. This was the first of many calls back and forth that night to help us decide whether or not that we needed to get to Tucson. Keith said that as soon as he knew anything he would let me know and so we waited and not too patiently to hear something. Keith said that first responders from Morenci were concerned with Laura having a broken pelvis, broken leg, broken ankle, plus cuts and scrapes. Lynn had internal injuries as he was bleeding from his mouth and Keith said that the first responders were quite concerned about Lynn. After his call, I called daddy and we discussed whether or not we needed to leave and I told him that as soon as Keith got to Tucson and we had an idea of what was going on we would make that decision. Daddy was having trouble with his leg and feet and said he didn't think he could travel, I told him that if they were bad enough that we needed to go, he would damn well be in the car. I'm sorry I snapped at him but I was so concerned about Lynn that our personal troubles were the last thing we needed to be thinking about. After I hung up with dad I sat and cried and prayed that Heavenly Father would watch over them and help us make the best decision. Many calls back and forth and finally about 9:30 that night Keith told me he was leaving the hospital to get Hunter settled in for the night. Both Lynn and Laura were stable and were both in trauma rooms. I asked if their injuries were life threatening and he said he didn't know but thought that we could wait until morning to make the trip if necessary and if anything at all changed he would call me. My dad called at about 8:00 a.m. Sunday and said that Jay told him that they were supposed to meet with the drs. at 9:00 or so for a status report. I went on to Church and after I got home I called and dad told me that Laura was doing ok but they were quite concerned about Lynn. He had some broken ribs and he wasn't breathing deep enough and they were trying to keep him from getting pneumonia. I called Keith Sunday afternoon and he told me that yes, they had finally been able to get Lynn and Laura priesthood blessings Saturday night. Ronnie had been trying to get them set up, I talked with Hank and he made a couple of calls and when I went to bed Saturday night I wasn't sure it was going to happen that night. Prayers were said, gratitude expressed that Lynn and Laura were alive and pleading with Heavenly Father to bless them to recover... I talked to Keith Sunday evening and he told me that Laura had just been released from the hospital but that she would stay that night with Lynn. As a family, we were trying to make arrangements for all of us to get down to see Lynn when he could have visitors so we decided to go down on Tuesday morning.

My mom, dad, Ronnie, Nola and I made the trip to Tucson Tuesday to spend the day with Lynn and I am happy to report a slow but steady recovery.

On Saturday afternoon Lynn and Laura, Jay, Tim & Kresta were riding their quads down to the pump station on Eagle Creek near Morenci. When they were on the last deep curve near the bottom, a couple of trucks were coming out at a pretty good clip so Lynn slowed way down and pulled to the right to allow them to pass. While still moving slowly, his rt front tire got into the soft shoulder and it just kind of pulled them right over the edge. Lynn said he knew he couldn't let them tumble sideways, so he tried to "ride it out" and did for a ways before they hit a huge boulder and then he lost control and they bounced on, off, with, without the quad and finally came to an abrupt landing some 150 feet down. Thankfully the rocks they landed in kept them from going the other 150 feet to the bottom.

Laura's injuries: two cracked ribs, two cracked vertabrae, lots of owiees, bruising and broken glasses. Her legs were pretty scratched up and at the scene she said she couldn't feel her legs and there was concern about broken back, etc.
Laura was released from the hospital on Sunday night but stayed with Lynn.

Lynn's injuries: seven fully detached ribs, a large cut under his rt. eye, three fingers that he thinks are broken (they sure are swollen) and a possible broken rt. elbow. He too has cactus rash all up and down his body. He was moved from icu Monday night and is doing better. Due to the extreme pain, he wasn't breathing properly and they were concerned with him getting pneumonia. Until he is able to take meds orally, pee/poop, get up/down he will remain in the hospital. After yesterday I'm thinking another three or four days at least.

I'm the oldest of the four and you know, it does something to me when one of my brothers or sister is in need. Telling him I loved him yesterday as we were leaving, I fought tears. (But I did tell him I WON'T ride with him again :o)

I have to say that I know that much of their recovery is due to their kids being with them when they wrecked and were able to get them medical help. Both were taken by helicopter from Morenci to University Medical Center in Tucson. AND absolutely and positively I KNOW that the priesthood blessings they both received on Saturday night made the difference. Your prayers, and the prayers of many others have made a difference and I want to thank each of you for your love and concern.

I called Lynn at about 5:00 p.m. yesterday to check on him and he told me that he had just been released from the hospital and would be going to Jay's until Sunday then Jay would drive he and Laura back to Morenci and pick his truck up. (The radiator had a leak in it as he was trying to get from Morenci to Tucson last Saturday) They are concerned still with his breathing, it will be a long healing period as he ended up breaking 10 of 11 ribs on his right side. His blood pressure shot off the charts and they aren't sure why, stress? They want him to stay close until they can determine the cause. Mom and Dad think he was released too soon.

We have volunteered to take turns going to Morenci to help out as needed - glad to be able to do that for him. Kresta told me Saturday night that if no one had been there with them when they wrecked that no one would have found them. I think that with what we know now, we probably would have lost Lynn and I couldn't stand that.

So today I am counting my blessings once again and my heart is full.

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