Saturday, September 26, 2009

Catching Up

I left town on Sunday and spent the week with Jenna and the kids in the Valley. We canned peaches and pears...left the applesauce for her to do or she's bringing the apples with her next weekend. Had a great time and hated to come home. Troy brought Kamryn down on Monday when he took Shannon and Saul to the airport so she spent the week with us too. The kids had a great time together. Kamryn loves "Uncle Weston" and always has. He took us out to Peter Piper Pizza on Wednesday night for pizza and games and the kids had a ball. They were too pooped to pop when we got them home.

I got home at about 5:00 yesterday evening, just in time to make it to Nola's for her "No Surprise" 50th birthday party. The girls had made red and green enchiladas, beans, salsa, guacamole and Lynda (Larry's sister) brought a really yummy squash caserole. Even though I just started my second round of HCG diet, I ate a spoonful of each and still lost weight!

This morning, Mom, dad and I finished the last of the corn. 35 more bags in the freezer. I picked Maggie up at noon and we went to the Stake Relief Society Christmas in September...missed lunch, which I understand is good, because there wasn't anything that I could eat there. We went to sonic and I had the grilled chicken salad sans everything but the lettuce and chicken. Not too bad and now I have to get back in the meal preparation mode so that the diet is easy to do.

I got a couple of signs for the girls to do and a couple of the ghost candle holders for them, too. They will have fun doing them.

Tad just got back into town from a hunt and will be going again. He likes to guide, I've always said he "lives to kill"...

Ed will be home next weekend - maybe on the motor cycle. Said his truck is leaking anti freeze and doesn't know why or how much $$. If it isn't one thing it dang sure is something else.

I am so far behind that it doesn't matter anymore. I have to start one day at a time, and before I die, I won't be caught up, but at least I will be one day closer. I missed the "fall" freeze so I was loving looking at the Escudilla yesterday coming into town. I have to get out on the mountain to see some color before it's gone. Amazing how quickly things change.

Have a good weekend and good week.

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