Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pre Jamboree Ride

Before the Jamboree started, Ed, Todd, Kamryn and I went for a short ride. I haven't been out for awhile and I loved it. Kamryn had the best time...I thought that she would probably ride with Ed because when he is around she does everything with Ed. When she saw that I was riding my "nn nn", she wanted to ride with Grandma :o) - she talked about the "jungle" and then I explained we were in the forest like in Bambi and then she wanted to look for a daddy deer. Never saw one, but she saw a squirrel cross the trail and climb a tree and she thought that was awesome. We stopped for a break and she had to ride on Ed's shoulders.We rode from my house up Water Canyon Road to Milligan Valley Road down the Maxwell Trail and through Sipes Ranch and across Picnic Hill and into the Rodeo Grounds. Kamryn got tired just before we got to Sipes Ranch and I could tell she was about to fall asleep and we got Ed's army coat out and made her comfy and sure enough before we got through the ranch she was out and just out of the ranch we saw this nice little buck still in velvet. She missed seeing the daddy deer :o( We had a great time and the mountain is beautiful right now. When we got to the Rodeo Grounds she was still sleeping......Grandma in her "doo rag" kind of sloppy looking, but who cares, I had a great time!...Kamryn modeling the "doo rag". I am so glad that we can get out on the mountain once-in-awhile. Sure does alot for my outlook to see the beauties that surround me. I'm glad the kids like riding the "nn nn's" too, great family activity!

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