Sunday, February 20, 2011


She's three. Bailey is the quirkiest, funniest, most adorable little thing ever. You never know what she's going to say or going to do, just be prepared and enjoy the ride. Some of the stuff she comes up with absolutely makes me laugh so hard. This morning she had her mother making "old milk" for breakfast. Translated, Jenna was actually making oatmeal. She loves ice cream, princesses, the color purple the color pink, her brother and her baby sister. Her daddio is the man in her life and she LOVES food. Her blue eyes and blond hair are gonna cause some trouble down the way. Right now Weston is pretty laid back, but I see some changes coming when she gets a little older :o) I LOVE how she has started liking me. She wasn't willing to share her princess power bed with me for awhile but now she's ok with it. She gets mad and just calls me Sadie. She has melt downs that leave you speachless. She owns the rights to "drama queen". She's a girly girl and a tomboy when she has to be but mostly a girly girl. She LOVES dress up and bling. She's bossy and in charge. She painted my toenails once and was quite bossy about where to put my feet and what I was to be doing or not while she was at work. Love her and love her personality because she truly makes me laugh.

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Jenna said...

These guys are getting too big too fast. I for one am not ready to send Gunnar to school and let his world grow. Bailey cracks me up everyday I hope she is always her spunky fun little self!

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