Sunday, February 20, 2011


He's five. I told him on this birthday that the day he was born I fell in love. I truly did. I had no idea you could love a grandbaby this much and when the next one came it happened all over again. I love Gunnar. He has been my buddy since he was big enough to know me. He named me Mo Mo Sadie. He loves to have me sleep with him in his room. He is sweet and kind and bright and I could go on forever. This is his last year of being totally protected. Once he starts kindergarten his world will grow some more and I personally am worried I might not stay on his favorite list and that bothers me. I am selfish and readily admit it. I LOVE it when Gunnar is excited to see me. I LOVE it that I created the "ice cream and french fries" from In & Out as our place to go. I LOVE it that he loves his family and he loves his cousins. I LOVE it that he LOVES others. I LOVE it that I have been blessed to be his grandmother. His BLUE eyes bring you in and hold you. His heart is soft and big and he is a tease and he is a pleaser and a trickster. He is Gunnar - he is LOVE.

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  • Anything by Neal A. Maxwell
  • Captains & The Kings - Taylor Caldwell
  • Erma Bombeck
  • Heaven & Hell - John Jakes
  • Love & War - John Jakes
  • North & South - John Jakes
  • The Dwelling Place - Catherine Cookson

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