Sunday, April 3, 2011

MoMo Sadie

When Gunnar was just starting to talk, they were coming up to my house and Jenna said something about going to see Grandma. Gunnar said to her "Mo Mo Sadie"...Jenna said what, he said see Mo Mo Sadie. He knew he was coming to my house and he knew Sadie, and somehow he put me with her and from that time I have been Mo Mo Sadie to the grandkids. Kamryn would call me "amma" ocassionally but most they all call me Mo Mo Sadie. If Bailey is mad, she just calls me Sadie. While they were in Eagar, Bailey and I took Kamryn to Maggie and when we got back to my house Sadie was out at the front fence. Bailey looks at her, looks at me and said, "hey, look there are two Sadies..." I said, "two Sadies?" Yes, she said, looking at Sadie, "a little Sadie" and looking at me, "a big Sadie". I told Jenna the kids will be surprised when I die to hear that my name isn't Sadie - Jenna said I need to legally change my name. Don't think I'll go that far, I LOVE being MoMo Sadie to these little chiggers. They ALL make my heart :o) Love to all from Mo Mo Sadie, Mom, Dorlene, Sis or Dor...don't care what you call me, just CALL me!

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Ginger said...

Ha ha... I LOVE it! I hope my grandbabies come up with some cute clever name like that for me. Thanks for sharing that! Love ya!

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