Friday, April 15, 2011


While in the valley for 2 1/2 weeks with foot surgery we watched "Tangled" more than once :o) and it is so fun to watch the kids watch that movie. Bailey now belts and I mean BELTS "mother knows best"...while we were at Down East Basics she and Jenna were in the dressing room and all of a sudden the whole store is in smiles when they hear her rendition of "mother knows best". The smiles get bigger when she crawls under the door of the dressing room and they actually see this little toot. A comment during the week..."mom when we get our next baby and if it's a girl we can name her "Punzel"...Jenna said "yah, that would be a good name." A later conversation was from Gunnar who said that if they get another baby and it's a boy, his name could be "Flynn Rider"...there ya go. No problem naming another baby, the kids have given it a lot of thought and have come up with two acceptable names. (By the way, Jenna is not pregnant, this was the kids view of life). Bailey was such a good little nurse when I got home from surgery. Weston had taken CNA courses and his (what the heck are those things called that listen to your heart?) anyway those things are there and Bailey plays with them. Jenna told her that she needed Bailey to help take care of MoMo Sadie when she got home and I guess she found the "heart" things and was ready to take charge. I'm sad Jenna didn't get a picture. On Saturday I had packed and was headed home when Ed called and said the weather is nasty, stay another day. Jenna, Bailey and I had gone back to Down East Basics to exchange something and pick up the girls their wedding outfits for Dustin's (Weston's brother) wedding. Michelle and Dustin's colors are purple and green and Jenna found a couple of cute matching purple dresses for Bailey and Brinley. Bailey left the house that morning in purple leggings and her "Punzel" dress (She now has all of the Disney princess dresses but one and wears them ALL of the time). People everywhere were smiling at her and little girls were telling their moms "look...she has a Tangled dress on". Bailey was impressive! One mother of a little girl told Jenna that she would give anything if her little girl would dress like that...her little girl is into trucks. You know, I don't think I would have ever been the mom to let my little girl leave the house in a princess dress and I am so PROUD of the mother that Jenna is. Bailey was happy and she made others happy in her outfit and that was fun to see. Gunnar is doing so well in school. Can't believe he and Kamryn will be in Kindergarten this fall. Where did the time go? Gunnar is so smart and he loves to tease. He is kind and compasionate and I love my little buddy. I love it that Gunnar LOVES me! Brinley is changing EVERY DAY! While I was there she went from army crawing to all fours, to slumping over when she sat to straight sitting and then to pulling up and standing up. She was also exposed to forbidden things like real people food (THANK YOU MoMo Sadie) and LOVED it. If she saw me hobble through with food or drink she was hot on my trail. She is a good, happy baby. I think she's gonna be a talker like Bailey. Brinley is always making noise. Weston made a wonderful Sunday dinner on Conference Sunday. Jenna made homemade rolls, cinnamon rolls and an apple pie... none of which lasted too long. Towards the end of the cinnamon rolls, Jenna and I were having one one evening and out of the blue here comes Bailey to have a bite. There is not a thing that is eaten in that house that she doesn't have a bite and it is so funny. Jenna was a good nurse to me THANK YOU and THANK YOU, Weston for putting up with me. He is such a hard worker for their little family. I missed Kamryn and Trentin. Why can't all of the grandkids live close? The kids truly love each other and that is good to hear and see. Kamryn and Trentin spent the night with me when I got home Sunday. It felt good to have them with me and for the first time in a long time, they didn't crowd me out of a king bed to go to another bed. They were concerned and caring about my foot...Kamryn is caring and sweet in that way. Trentin is sweet and laid back. I love his "right, Mo Mo Sadie, right"? when he says something and wants to confirm it is right. I am truly blessed with wonderful children, and 6 1/2 of the truly cutest and most amazing grandkids on the planet. Tad considers little Cache as his own and I do too. While he is Dusty and Rose's grandson, I couldn't treat him as if he weren't mine, too. He is excited for his baby brother to get here and we are too! "Mother knows best"....

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