Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Time and It's Crazy

Here it is the 7th of July and Ryker's first birthay.  This spring/summer has been so crazy and now it feels like summer is almost over.  Gunnar will start school the end of this month and Tad will start guiding again in August.  There have been many changes in our lives.  In March Chelsea told Tad that she didn't want to marry him and has moved on.  While this is heartbreaking for me as a mother to see my son devistated, he will come out of it and do fine.  His number one priority is to continue to be a father to Cache and Ryker and as of this post he and Chelsea are working to make sure that happens.  Maggie and Troy have divorced and she is pregnant with number 3 - hopefully this baby will bring she and Troy back to where they need to be.  Kamryn and Trentin are beyond excited.  I was in shock and couldn't say anything but as the days have passed I know that there is a purpose in this.  Jenna and Weston continue to be busy with his business and raising their family.  The grandkids are growing up so fast I can hardly believe it.  Gunnar and Kamryn are 6; Bailey and Trentin are 4; Cache is 3, Brinley will be 2, Ryker is 1 today, Presley is almost 6 months old and I have to stop and catch my breath.

In May we started a small remodel here in my house that took on a life of its own.  Now a bigger than we thought is starting to wind down.  I love what we have done and could not have done what I did without Weston, Jenna, Tad, Troy and Maggie.  They have all put some man hours into this project. 

I feel tired all of the time - I guess its starting to set in that I am getting old.  I missed the last step on my step ladder or something and ended up "ti*S up" and a split on the back of my head.  6 staples later I was back on the step ladder finishing up my project. 

I'm helping with the Jamboree and the Trophy Elk Contest - maybe I am spread too thin...maybe I goof off too much?  Who knows, all I know is I want a "calgon take me away" moment.

Hope everyone is doing well and I can hardly wait to see the pool at the Farnes' house, even though I will lool like a beached whale!

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