Thursday, November 1, 2012

60? - No Way!

Today Don would have been 60..!  No way!  I can't even imagine him at 60.  I remember him telling me once that he didn't think he would live to be an old man, and he didn't.  I talked to Jeanie McKenzie in May and she told me she was 70 and I was shocked and then she reminded me that she is 10 years older than Don.  Don in turn is 10 years older than Doug which means that Doug would have been turning 50 the end of this month.  It's been a bittersweet day - I love Don with every fiber of my being, always have and always will. I miss him, always have, always will. I think we made a good team. He was my balance.  I don't know what I was to him, maybe a huge pain in the butt. 

This is Don...always had a good time.

Super heroes...Kamryn & Trentin

Yesterday was Halloween - Michael and Ashley's new baby girl decided to make her entrance early in the a.m. - the kids were all excited to put on their costumes and go trick or treating.  I have photos from all of them - I had only one group of trick or treaters...they were all 30 years old!  I had to laugh...Chad Crosby, Jared Crosby and Alan Millet.  They were all in costumes, too.  These special men all have a handicap of one kind or another so they have become part of the fab 5 of Round Valley...Chad, Jared, Alan, Richard Wiltbank and Philip Taylor.  All very special spirits and I am so glad that I know them!

Today was election training day and get my hair colored day.  I just kind of chilled - should be accomplishing something right now, but here I sit on the computer.  One of those days. 

Happy Birthday, Don.  We love you, we miss you.

A Princess (Brinley) Belle (Bailey) and
Green Alien (Gunnar)

Some more super heroes...Cache
and Ryker.

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