Thursday, April 17, 2008

What Do You Mean It's Not Up-to-Date???

Where did the last two weeks go? Looked in at Jennifer's blog and saw Harlee's birthday party - how fun :-) All of a sudden there was this picture of my Gunnar and I got teary eyed. Oh I love these babies so much it makes my heart hurt. Tad may go fishing again this weekend and if he does I might ride to the lake with him and have Jenna pick me up and spend the weekend with her - gotta see Gunnar and Bailey! Tad has been catching some nice fish and we have been enjoying them yum! Dang wind is blowing today and it is a cold wind so I am making homemade chicken noodle soup and rolls for dinner. Read Jenna's blog about the ceiling fan :-)

Gotta put our nickels together and buy a place at the Lake and a boat - as Don would say "why aren't I rich instead of good looking?" Oh I miss his wit.

Kamryn is such a crack up - quite the drama queen. Little Trentin is starting to fill out and has little rolls on his arms and legs. Gunnar never even got close to having a roll. Kamryn likes to have "dip dip" with everything she eats - depending on what it is the "dip dip" is ketchup or ranch dressing.


Ashley Wiltbank said...

I love your updated pictures!! Isn't it crazy how this blogging makes you feel not so out out of touch w/ people??

We just saw Bailey for the first time at Harlee's have SUCH cute grandkids!! Hopefully we'll be able to see Maggie next time we come down! We haven't seen Trentin yet! We'll definitely have to get together and do some blogging too! It's lame how much I love it! ;) Thanks for the updates!!

Jenna said...

Finally!!! You update the blog. You would almost think nothing exciting is going on up in the Beave as weston would say... Ive told Gunnar mo mo sadie is coming so you better come now although he does want Pamryn to come too!

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