Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Spring...(today)

Yesterday I was coming home from Maggie's and as I turned on to 8th Street I noticed that all of the trees were leafing out. Then when I went back to town a little later I looked down main street and all of the big trees are leafing out and the whole town is starting to turn green. It is so pretty here in the spring, summer and fall and on snow days. I thought how lucky I am to live in a small town and not have to be so rushed -I can piddle around at my own speed and look at the trees and flowers that are in bloom and enjoy it.

I am going scrapping on Friday and am planning my work so I get something accomplished. I met my goal of having Jenna and Maggie's wedding albums done for last Christmas and since then I have kind of gotten out of the swing of things. I need to set a goal so that I keep using up all of the pictures I take.

Tomorrow Tanya has to take Bryan to the pediatric dentist in Flagstaff and she has asked if I will either go and help her with the twins or if I want to keep them here at the house. Still haven't decided. Those two little toots are busy.
Larry had gastric by-pass surgery on Monday and is doing great - might even get to come home today. Way to go Larry, I'm happy for you.


Jennifer said...

I have to agree, R.V. is pretty in the spring and all the other seasons...Good luck with the twins, I can relate, sort of. My boys are both walking and getting into everything. If its not one its the other:)I saw Gunnar and Bailey today..haha..everyone in the store had to stop and admire Bailey!

Mike said...

I'm loving all these pictures your putting up.

Ashley Wiltbank said...

Hey! I just wanted to tell you that we're in town! If you're here and you have time, give us a call! We'd love to see you!

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