Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One Popular Blog...

Cord & Whitney's blog has a picture of Cord with welts and it is one blog that Gunnar and Kamryn are obsessed with. They want to see the "owiee". I think I have created a monster. I started looking at blogs one day for entertainment for Gunnar and he is hooked. Kamryn is too. I always take pictures and I always put them on a slide show on my computer. Those two will sit on my lap and look at pictures for hours. Gunnar's "girlfriend", Taylor Swuft (no that's not a typo, that's how he says it) had a video showing her toes - he was obsessed with her toes. I guess his new favorite song is by Sugarland. Everytime you get in the car with him the first thing you hear is "one, two, three like a bird I sing..." by Tim McGraw. Both Gunnar and Kamryn like music. Kamryn loves to dance. Gunnar is more into listening than dancing.

It is amazing how smart those two little toots are. They know their family and then most of their extended family members through pictures. See...my hobby of photograph/scrapbooking will pay off in the end. Who knows, maybe they will be photographers. Anyway, they will grow up knowing family and friends through pictures and memories.


6boyzmom said...

Hi Dorlene-I was just checking out your Blog- I love it! I love your choice of music and your design. Also your pictures. Mine looks so boring compared to yours. I should post more pictures. Well , back to reading your blog...........

Jenna said...

Gunnar was very mad about going to pick up your pillows without a trip to the ar-shar.

Nate & Emily said...

Do they know who I am?! Make sure you show them pictures of me so they know who I am next time they see me! It really stinks living so far away... you dont get to know the new additions to the family very well. At least we have blogs! :)

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