Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This Life Has Been Temporarily Interrupted...

Oh yah...JAMBOREE time! I know, I know...some of my family and friends think I am nuts. I love riding my quad and have met some really nice people and made new friendships through the ATV Club. This is crunch time and for the next three weeks it will be a zoo around here, but I love it. You had to be there in 2004 when Ed won the first quad we raffled off. He gave it to me and the rest is history. You had to be there in 2007 when Weston won the quad... they way I screamed and jumped up and down you would have thought that I won it. Hank even said to me, they didn't call your name...I said, he's my son-in-law! This year we are raffling off another polaris like the one Weston won.
We went for a ride up by Oscar Schultz' grave on the mountain Saturday and it was beautiful. The grass is about a foot tall and the wild flowers are breath taking. There has been lots of rain and there is water running in some of the little streams. 80+ miles and we might go again this weekend.
On Saturday during the jamboree they run an obstacle course that is really fun to watch. Lots of competition and good fun. Want a week chock full of fun? Join us!

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The Nelson's said...

I wish I could go! have fun!!

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