Friday, November 28, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It's the day after Thanksgiving and the skies are cloudy and when I came home from feeding Maggie's dogs a while ago you could see snow on the trees on the mountain. Looked like they had been dusted with powdered sugar. Saw the first Christmas tree of the season, too and called Jenna. If she wasn't in the middle of trying to move her tree would have already been up. She LOVES Christmas.

Yesterday was a good day. We all cooked and took dinner to mom and dads. Had so much food and it was great. I enjoy getting together with family and friends and enjoying each other. I reflected last night on my many blessings and made me even more grateful to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Today Tad is guiding and elk hunt. Ed is at work and I'm not getting too much done. Troy & Maggie are in the valley. They spent Thanksgiving with Grandma Mary. I'm glad they were able to go.

I have a dr. appt on Monday so I am going down on Sunday. I will stay a few days and see if I can help Jenna with her move. I am so far behind on Christmas this year (so what's new?)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Love all of you.

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grandmadebbie said...

HI so happy to hear from you.Hope your ok.Sure miss you. Logan is so cold..Brrrrrrrrrrr. Sure miss Eagar. Tell Ed I said Hi
Love Debbie

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