Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life is Uncertain At Best

I spent a week in the valley with Jenna and the babies and then they came home with me for the weekend. Weston had to check on a cabin in Overgaard on Friday so he had to work for a while and then we played. While I was in the Valley, I ticked Gunnar off. On Sunday night he was tired so I went up to lay down with him when he went to sleep but just before 8:00 he got a new burst of energy and started playing. I went back downstairs and asked Jenna if she was watching the tv and she said no so I turned to Cold Case and then went to do something. Gunnar was right behind me and put Mulan on the dvd player and I said I thought you were going to bed and he said "watch Mulan". I asked him if he could watch it after mo mo watched her show and he said no. Jenna took Bailey upstairs to put her down and Gunnar followed so I switched back to Cold Case. Along comes Gunnar and says "watch Mulan". I pause Cold Case and offer him some ice cream and he eats it and while he eats it I watch Cold Case. I'm sitting on the couch and he gives me this look as he walks past me to the stairs and I said "where you going, bud?" he says "I talk to my mom" and up he goes. Pretty soon Jenna is coming downstairs and asks me if I pushed the "bumpuns" = buttons on the tv? I said yes, why? She said Gunnar came up and told her "mo mo is mean, she pushed the bumpuns on Mulan" Jenna asks him if he wants her to get me and he says yes. Little toot never indicated he was ticked. We both laughed at his thought process. He didn't care if he was downstairs or not...he turned Mulan on and wanted it playing just in case he did come back.
Gunnar and Kamryn played the best they have ever done. They are finally starting to enjoy playing with someone their own age.They played chase, jumped on the trampoline, played in the water, played with the toys and just had a great time.

Bailey and Trentin are just starting to size each other up...Bailey is such a drama queen - she just cracks me up. She and Trentin kind of played around each other, they basically are too busy exploring this big world to play too long.

Trentin's favorite fishing hole (toilet) gets closed as fast as we find him there. Seems if you miss him for half a second you know where to look. If he hears you coming he stretches as far as he can stretch and swishes as fast as he can.

While I was in the valley heard the news of the little 8 year who is believed to have shot and killed his dad and a boarder in the home. I absolutely cannot believe the details of this heart breaking story. What saddness there can be in this world.

Monday was a rough day. Troy will be out of work before long, the house they are building is just about finished and his boss doesn't have anything else lined up and they did a big lay off at the mine on Monday. Tad was one of the 406 layed off. Times are hard and looks like they could be getting harder. I hate for my kids and grandkids to have to go through these things. Tad said that he felt that things happen for a reason - he had a better attitude than I thought he might. Maggie has been having terrible headaches and with everything else on Monday I thought that I would like to sit in a corner and cry. I normally don't let things get me too down, but for some reason all of it together was light a HUGE pile of crap all at once.

Tuesday was enrichment and I was asked to do my class on cooking with pumpkin. I did pumpkin soup, dinner in a pumpkin, pumpkin rolls and pumpkin pie squares. My kitchen is too small for very many so we did it at Sister Reece's house and traveling I didn't have everything I am used to using. I did the dinner in a pumpkin using a pumpkin out of dad's garden. The rind was really thick so it didn't cook as quick as it should have. We kind of had the pumpkin class in courses. Sorry, sisters.

We are going to the valley this weekend. Troy's favorite football team the Giants will be in the valley to play the Cardinals and they bought tickets in March when he found out they would be coming to Phoenix. I am going as the baby sitter so that Troy and Maggie can go to the game. They are excited. It will be fun to let the kids play together again.

Tad killed a nice little coues deer on Tuesday and came home this morning. Tonight he grilled the backstrap on the grill with potatoes and onions and I fixed frozen corn. It was a yummy meal. The kid is a pretty good cook. We will cut his deer up when I get back from the valley.
Thinking ahead to Thanksgiving, I can hardly wait. It is my FAVORITE holiday of the year. You get together with family and friends and enjoy a wonderful meal and each other WITHOUT the pressure of gifts, and worrying if you bought the right gifts or not. We are doing Thanksgiving at Mom & Dads and as usual anyone and everyone is invited. That's how we like it best!

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