Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Here..It's Here...Summer's Finally Here!

After all of the griping and complaining about the d($*ed wind, this afternoon was a true June summer day and if I could (physically) I'd turn a cartwheel. I am so excited. You'd think I'm a farmer or something the way the weather has affected me this past month. Back to the cartwheel, I never could turn one of those things, my legs were too darned long...

Yesterday was Father's Day and I had sharing time in Primary. The kids were wound up a little tight but thank goodness it's over for another month. Last night we had dinner at Nola's. They fixed red and green enchiladas, beans, spanish rice and guacamole. I LOVE all of those but I am on a diet and I DIDN'T cheat! I am determined to make 15 pounds in three weeks. I am so close I couldn't blow it so when I am on maintenance, I will once again have a REASONABLE amount of the things I love. I have never done Phase 3 of any diet, EVER...and I am DETERMINED to make it this time.

My dad, Robert Hank Rogers, was born on March 19, 1933. The fifth of six boys and the sixth of seven children born to Floyd and Zola Rogers. Raised in Nutrioso, daddy grew up knowing how to work. His dad died when he was 14, much too young to lose his dad. Daddy is very talented - he can play just about any kind of musical instrument, all by ear. He can't read a note. Left handed, he played the guitar right handed like the rest of us. He is a talented wood worker. He built the first home that he and mama lived in in Nutrioso. After we moved to town, he added a new living room, dining room and kitchen onto the little house we lived in. Daddy worked hard every day of his life. He has a beautiful little garden (did I say little...) it's a big garden and his pride and joy. He loves knowing that the grandkids are so excited to have some of his fresh vegetables and this year planted five extra rows of corn for those that want it.

Daddy always has a project of some kind going. He has worked this spring and summer irrigating for Wink Crigler. He's getting crippled up with arthritis, losing most of the sight in one eye due to a torn cataract that can't be corrected, and after all of the years using air wrenches, his hearing is going too. The other day he was getting ready to set the water up at Uncle Rennie's when he stumbled onto a couple of rattlesnakes. Dad said he could hear them but didn't see them for a minute...worries me because of his impaired vision.

Daddy is close to Uncle Richard - they talk on the phone EVERY day. Uncle Leo will be 89 in July and I had the horrible thought the other day that one of these days my uncles will be gone and it made me sad. They are getting up in years and it is inevitible.

I love my dad and I love visiting with him. I love working with him. He has lots of wisdom to share, hopefully I have the wisdom to listen to him. I love you dad.

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